An Alien Walk-In Invasion Is Coming And You Need To Be Prepared! {Here’s What To Expect}

Hey there,

What I am about to share with you may be shocking to you, the same as it to me was to me when I discovered it!

And I am sharing this with you because this is something I cannot stop alone!

My Latest Astral Travel 

I wanted to share an amazing thing that happened to me during my most recent astral travel.  And as many of you know, I astrally travel every Saturday from anywhere from 10 to 14 hours.

As usual, I ate a banana and drank some green tea, and when I walked into my meditation room something immediately caught my eye! There was a beautiful sparkling envelope resting on the chair I sit on for my astral travels. It glittered like it was covered in diamonds!

So I picked up and opened it up, I removed what appeared to be an invitation inside, which read: 

Your Presence Is Requested on Planet Matron. 

Close your eyes and you will be guided there. 

Then before I could place it on the table, the envelope and invitation turned into sparkling silver dust and dissolved into the air! It dissolved so unexpectedly it took me a moment to realize what just happened. I have never had anything like that happen before!

But I knew what to do next, so I sat in my chair, closed my eyes, and off I went!

The Beautiful Place I Visited! 

I had no idea where I was going, but in my estimation, it took me less than 12 seconds to land! And when I opened my eyes, I could hardly believe what I was seeing! Everything around me had a white haze and it remember thinking this must be what heaven looks like!

And about 40 feet in front of me was a long table covered in white with the most beautiful flower arrangements on it, and long garlands of beautiful flowers lined the edges of the entire table. It was so beautiful!

As I looked around, I would guess there were over 300 Light Beings there, which included Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, and other highly advanced beings from planets throughout the galaxy.

I was standing there in awe of what I was seeing, when suddenly I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder, as someone spoke the following words into my ear, “Tana, we are so happy to have you here, among us!” 

When I turned around, he said “My name is Gabriel and I am so happy to finally get to meet you!”

And when I saw his wings I realized I was in the physical presence of the Archangel Gabriel – and I nearly fainted! And I then realized I had been invited to something really big!

The Special Meeting 

Archangel Gabriel took me around and introduced me to some of the guests and let me tell you, I was so in awe my head was spinning! He introduced me to Saint Germaine, Quan Yin, Shiva, Ganesha, the Buddha, along with Beings from planets I’d never heard of before.

Gabriel said “’I’m sure by now you’ve realized you are here for a very important reason. and you might be wondering what this is all about? Well, you are at a special meeting that was arranged by The Council of Galactic Planetary Protection (COGPP).

The Greek God Apollo is the leader of this council and in a few moments, he will address the crowd and explain why we have all been requested to gather here tonight… 

…and Tana, you are here for a very special reason!”

Right then, the lights flickered and then a gong was sounded as a signal for everyone to take their seat! And as I started to sit down, Gabriel took me by the arm and said, “Tana, you have a special seat reserved for you at the long white table!” Then he led me to my seat!

As I sat down, I was speechless and a bit nervous because seated here at this long white table with me were all the Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, and Archangels, and other highly advanced beings from planets throughout the universe!

My seat was right in the center of the table, directly across from where the guest speaker Apollo would speak, so I literally had one of the best seats in the house!

Archangel Gabriel also told me the role of The Council Of Galactic Planetary Protection (COGPP) is to watch over all the planets in the galaxy to make sure they are safe and protected. And if any planet in the galaxy is ever in danger, the council will hold a special meeting where they will inform its members about what is happening. along with what needs to be done to protect the planet.

I found it very interesting that the Greek God Apollo was the head of this sacred l council because Apollo’s special powers are the ability to see into the future and he also has power over light!

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Apollo’s Shocking Revelation!

Apollo entered the room and then stood up to make the following announcement, 

“All of you have been invited here today by the sacred council because we need your help and assistance. 

You all know that around 2,0000 years ago several beings from other galaxies visited the earth, became friends with the ancient Egyptians, and taught them their advanced knowledge. This is how the Egyptians learned to build the pyramids, invent the calendar, use irrigation systems, perform surgery, and much more. 

Unfortunately, the Egyptians were also visited by the Urkars and Torkens from the two most evil planets in the entire universe!

When Apollo said their names, the entire crowd let out a huge gasp!

The Evil Plan Of The Urkars and Torkens

Apollo said, “The Urkars and Torkens pretended to be friends with the Egyptians by teaching them farming. But in reality, they were only using the Egyptians to help them carry out their evil plans”.

The room became so silent you could hear a pin drop!

Apollo went on to explain “2,500 years ago, the Urkars and Torkens realized they had around 2,000 years before they eventually used up all of their planet’s natural resources, which would mean the extinction of their races. And no other planets wanted to help these evil and untrustworthy races, so they needed to come up with a plan on their own – and it was a very evil plan! 

Their evil plan was to move all of their people to earth, where they would become walk-ins, taking over the bodies of living humans, and using their bodies to live in! 

But they needed to wait 2,000 years for the earth’s population to grow large enough, so they would have enough bodies for all of their people, to successfully begin their “transitioning process”  

Apollo said what they call their “transitioning Process” actually means they plan to walk in the bodies of humans and take over their bodies, allowing their people to use these bodies as new homes, allowing them to survive on earth…

…Apollo said they needed to be stopped immediately! 

What Are Alien Walk-Ins? 

Let me explain what this means…

A Walk-In is when an alien being takes over a person’s body by literally pushing out the person’s soul and then “walking in” and taking over their body.

To understand this more clearly, imagine someone walking into your body, pushing you (your soul) out of your body, and then taking it over. Your body would look like you, act like you, and even talk like you because it’s the same body. Except, you wouldn’t be in there anymore. It would be someone else inside of you, acting and pretending to be you – but it wouldn’t be you!

So, if the person who took over your body wanted to use the “appearance of you” for evil means, think how much evil they could do!

For example, imagine how dangerous this could be if you were the president, a senator, a world leader, a minister, lawmaker, or any other kind of authority figure whose influence reached millions!!

Because this walk-in acts like you, look like you, and talks like you, the walk-in could easily manipulate and trick the people who know you, trust you, and love you!

And what’s even worse is when a walk-in enters a person’s body, the soul of that person goes to another dimension, (think of it like a premature death of their soul) while their physical body becomes the “new home” for the walk-in who took it over.

Apollo made it very clear they needed to be stopped right away – before they are able to enact their evil plan to wipe out the entire human race, as we know it.

Apollo said the Urkars and Torkens have 5 goals for their evil plan:

1. To live inside a human body because it is already adapted to the earth’s environment!

2. To walk in and take over the bodies of world leaders, presidents, politicians, and other world influencers!

3. As walk-ins, to slowly and skillfully suppress and control the human race!

4. To grow their power by having thousands of “walk-in” babies!

5. To create a One-World Government, so they can take control of the entire planet!

6. To create millions upon millions of walk-ins, so they can wipe out the human race as we know it! 

In other words, eventually, millions upon millions of people on earth will look like humans, but they will have walk-ins inside of them! 

They Have Already Began Testing This On Humans 

Apollo said “We recently discovered they’ve have been walking in and taking over the bodies of certain presidents, world leaders, influencers of movements, and other key figures since 2015, so they could see their plan in action! They wanted to test it first before enacting their plan full-scale! And we need to stop this now, to restore world order on planet earth, once again!”.

When I heard him say those words the current world situation suddenly made total sense to me because we are already seeing political figures, world leaders, influencers of movements, and many others, acting like something took over their minds!

Every day it seems like every day now, political figures, world leaders, presidents, and influencers of large groups of people, are saying and doing the craziest things to manipulate, suppress, and control us in ways we’ve never seen before! And knowing about walk-in now explains all this crazy behavior we have never seen before!

Think about the elections, North Korea, China, Russia and the Ukraine, the news outlets, and the list goes on and on! It all makes sense now! And it all started around 2015!

Their plan truly is pure evil, and it’s kind of scary, too!

But there is good news is…

We can turn it all back around and here’s how…

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The Technique the Council Developed To Stop Their Evil Plan

Apollo said the council spent over 400 years developing a technique that will stop them from enacting their evil plan. It’s called Alieno Stoppo Eliminato!

He explained how “The performance of Alieno Stoppo Eliminato will create an energetic wall around their two planets that can never be penetrated for all eternity, imprisoning them within these walls, where they can never travel outside of their own galaxy, ever again.

But the performance of Alieno Stoppo Eliminato can only be accomplished by having a large enough group of people bringing their energy together because it is by accessing and releasing their collective energy together, that gives the power needed to successfully perform Alieno Stoppo Eliminato!

Apollo also said Alieno Stoppo Eliminato was developed just in time because within the next 3 years, they would have succeeded enacting their evil plan!

So, they need to be stopped now!

Why I Almost Needed A Diaper For My Astral Pants

Then Apollo invited everyone at the long white table into a special room. And when everyone was in the room, Apollo said something to me that almost made me poop my astral pants!

He said “Tana, you are here because I want to personally train you on how to perform the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato technique because I have chosen you to help find the people to help you save the earth. 

And all of the Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Archangels and other highly evolved Light Beings you see in this room, are going to assist you when you perform the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato technique on others. 

Tana, it will take many people’s combined energy vibrations to properly and effectively perform this powerful technique. So having enough people is the key to performing this! 

I assured him that my clients were light seekers who understood these things and were willing to step up and help in times like these! Then he told me he knew that and this is why I had been chosen by him for this important mission! 

Then he began training me for over 10 hours, and believe it or not, the time flew so fast that it felt only a few hours! It was very exciting to learn!

How Alieno Stoppo Eliminato Will Save The Planet 

As you can see, Alieno Stoppo Eliminato is going to be a very powerful experience! How could it not be when you are going to be in the presence of Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, and other highly advanced beings from planets throughout the galaxy.

The purpose for performing the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato technique on the group is because this technique will build a wall around their galaxy, which can never be penetrated by them. Therefore, forever imprisoning them in their own galaxy!

In other words, it will build a jail cell around their planets keeping the rest of the universe safe by having them contained within their own galaxy.

And here is even better news! 

Alieno Stoppo Eliminato will also kick out any Urkar or Torkens who have walked-in to any human bodies since 2015 and restore those souls back to their original body!

This means all the political figures, world leaders, influencers of movements and other key figures who had their bodies taken over by a walk-in, will have their souls restored back into their original bodies! In other words, it will restore the people who were walked into, back to the people they were before!

And when this happens, world order will be restored back to planet earth as if it never happened. And all of this craziness will stop! People will no longer have others trying to suppress, control, or manipulate them in the ways they have been doing for over the past 8 years! 

With your help, after Alieno Stoppo Eliminato has been performed, it also will actually benefit all future generations by stopping the earth from being taken over by a One-World government!

But I need your help! Because In order for Alieno Stoppo Eliminato to work, it will take the combined energy of several people to help build this wall!

And I forgot to mention the mind-blowing benefits you are going to receive for taking part and helping in this world-changing mission! 

The Hundreds Of Ways Your Help Will Be Rewarded!

Apollo told me “Tana, this is a very important mission! Therefore, anyone who helps with this mission to save the planet will be “heavenly rewarded” personally by me for their caring and compassionate help to save the planet!

I wondered what he meant when he said “They would be heavenly rewarded”? Then when he explained to me what that meant! Whoa! I could hardly believe it! But it made sense to me! Because big rewards should come with a big mission!

When I learned all the “heavenly rewards” that would be bestowed upon a person who helped save the planet, I almost fell out of my chair because I know how powerful these things are. Let me tell you, these “heavenly rewards” are a REALLY BIG DEAL for a person to receive!

So, here are the incredible Heavenly Rewards awaiting anyone who participates in the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato technique to save the planet fly helping stop the Urkars and Torkens evil plan:

You Will Receive The Sacred Mone-Abundo Ectoplasmic Hologram

During the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato, you will have the sacred Mone-Abundo Ectoplasmic Hologram (MAEH) imprinted into your energy field.

The sacred Mone-Abundo Ectoplasmic Hologram will vibrationally match you with an *Ascended Master who will stand beside you for the rest of this life, and ALL of your future lifetimes, protecting your financial wealth, and also the wealth of your loved ones (children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters). Making sure you and your loved ones never experience any type of money-lack in this life ever again!

Think of your Ascended Master as the protector and guardian of your financial assets, along with helping you and your loved ones build even more wealth, so you and then can one day leave behind a legacy.

Once you’ve been matched with an Ascended Master, you won’t believe the incredible things that will happen next for you and your loved ones!

*The name of the Ascended Master who has been matched to you will be given to you during this session and you also be shown how to work with Him or Her to grow even greater wealth!

You Will Be Enshrouded With The Triple Violet Bands Of Power

Because of the *powerful mantra needed to invoke their powers, the only beings I have ever known to be enshrouded with The Triple Violet Bands of Power were Gods, Goddesses, and other deities! So, I am totally speechless and all I can say is this one opportunity alone is a game changer!

When you say the *powerful mantra, The Triple Violet Bands of Power enshroud you with some incredibly special powers. For example, Triple Violet Bands make wealth sticky. So, just like glue, wealth will stick to you and follow you wherever you go!

People who have sticky wealth are Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others. Almost all really wealthy people have sticky wealth.

Also, and ONLY IF you so desire, you can use the powerful mantra to become very popular and people will begin treating you as such. You will receive invites to parties and events you never dreamed possible for you. As with any popular person, people will just want to be in your presence. And when you walk into a party, people will notice you! *(Popularity will only happen if you so desire it! You do not have to use the mantra for this, but it is an added bonus the mantra can give you if and when you desire it, you get to decide if you want to use it for popularity or not)

*You will be taught this mantra and how to use it during the session!

You Will Receive The Hand Of Cupid 

Most people don’t realize that *Cupid is actually a God. His mother is the Goddess Venus and he was born the god of love!

So, with this Heavenly Reward you will never have to worry about love again because you will be able to call on Cupid for help – 24/7!

So, if you are single, he will shoot his arrow into the heart of your soulmate and draw them into your life within a very short time.

If you are apart from or no longer with someone you still love, either from the past, or even the present, Cupid will help your hearts reunite, giving you the opportunity to explore your love together, once again!

If you are married or in a relationship, with his arrow, he will make any problems you currently have disappear as if they were never there, clearing up all resentment and misunderstandings, replacing them with love, joy, and commitment.

And if you are affected by any infidelity issues, they will disappear like smoke in the wind! Giving you the peace of mind that you will now be the only one! And if you aren’t facing infidelity issues, Cupid can make sure it never happens in your marriage or relationship!

*You will be taught how to call on Cupids help during this session!

You Will Be Bestowed The Power Of Rocketo Excello

Being bestowed The Power Of Rocketo Excello will clear away any and all career blocks or obstacles, making your job, career, vocation, or business take off like a rocket ship that will lead to the growth, promotions, raises, and opportunities, you’ve always wanted!

Your lifestyle will begin to change as you effortlessly climb up the ladder of success. And the best part is, no one will be jealous of your success, including people who were jealous of you in the past. The people will support you on your journey and feel like you truly deserve it. Your bosses, coworkers, clients, and customers will become your allies that want to help and support you in achieving your goals even faster!


your health will improve, you will gain longevity in life, and a whole lot more!

As you can see, the heavenly Rewards of Alieno Stoppo Eliminato are not only incredible, they will benefit your life in a very positive way!

Are You Ready To Receive Your Heavenly Rewards? 

As you may have already realized, participating in the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato is no small thing. Not only will you help prevent the evil takeover of the world and make the world a better place for your children, grandchildren, and other people you love, but as you can see, your life will be blessed in some very incredible ways!

Being matched with an Ascended Master in and of itself is a really big deal! But it doesn’t stop there!

You will receive The Sacred Mone-Abundo Ectoplasmic Hologram, be enshrouded with the Violet Bands Of Power, receive the Hand Of Cupid, be bestowed with The Power Of Rocketo Excelo, improve your health, gain longevity, and a whole lot more!

So as you can see,  being part of Alieno Stoppo Eliminato is going to be a VERY powerful and life-changing event!

But there are only going to be 88 spaces available! So if you procrastinate and don’t act now, you risk the chance of missing out on this one-time opportunity!

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The Alieno Stoppo Eliminato will be the FIRST and ONLY time you will have the opportunity to be in the presence of over 300 Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, and other highly advanced beings from planets throughout the galaxy!

So I guarantee you, this is going to be an incredible experience!

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The Sad Truth 

Sadly, I always end up having to turn people away because they wait until the last minute and miss out. And I don’t want you to be one of those people!

I did not determine the amount of spaces to offer for this, Apollo did. And when a deity tells me something, I would never question it. So, once the spaces fill up there is nothing I can do. 

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I look forward to performing the Alieno Stoppo Eliminato technique on you, along with showing you how to access all of your heavenly blessings, so you can begin experiencing the power of your Heavenly Rewards that are waiting for you!

Thank you for letting me serve you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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