Psychic Predictions For May 2023

Many people in the world feel like we are living in a world of confusion, and that we are seeing a lot of political smoke and mirrors, which creates a deep sense of uncertainty.

So, this month’s predictions will reflect some of those issues.




Rumors of an A-List celebrities’ sexuality will begin popping up in the tabloids. Although his reps will deny these rumors, pictures showing him in compromising positions with another male will begin to surface online.

The star of a once-loved and adored female celebrity will fade. She will have been known for her work in the 60s, along with some later roles. She will be missed dearly by her fans but this classic actress will be anything but forgotten.

A well-known Hollywood studio will find the reputation of one of its executives come under fire. Rumors of couch casting calls, sexual favors, and even rape, will be some of the accusations made against this individual. He will lose his position and the studio will distance itself from him as he faces serious jail time.




Ukraine flag raised beside a monument

Ukraine will make strides toward holding its ground against Russia.

Donald Trump will not be as affected by his conviction as many people may think. As a matter of fact, his recent conviction will muster up a stronger fan base for him and launch him into a possible winning spot for the next presidential election.

China will make some political decisions and moves that will concern the international community and put countries around the world on alert. Eventually, China will play it off as a misunderstanding and everything will calm back down to normal.

Ukraine will make forward advances toward holding their ground against Russia. International support will gather around Ukraine, and it will all eventually end in a positive outcome for Ukraine and its people.

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Life will be discovered in space, making scientists begin to feel even more confident that there are planets out there that will be able to support human life. Over the next 15 years, there will be talks in the works of sending humans to these planets to begin colonizing them.

Archaeologists will discover human bones that will be the oldest bones discovered to date. The location where these bones are found will surprise scientists, and also their features because will be found to be much different than they have seen before.

An animal species that was thought to be extinct will delight scientists when it is found. And how it is found will be in the most unexpected and unusual way. Animal experts will be excited by this new discovery because it will allow them to learn a lot of beneficial knowledge.


Health And Medicine


strands of virus

This winter, a new virus will develop, which doctors will describe as a mix between COVID-19 and the regular flu.

A new virus will mutate this winter, which doctors will describe as a cross between COVID-19 and the common flu. People who are vaccinated will have little to no effects from this. Symptoms will be mild and they will pass quickly.

A new medical treatment will start being researched. It will show promising results for treating several types of cancer that were once thought to be incurable. This new treatment will offer hope to thousands of people around the world.

A resurgence in leprosy will pop up in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Indonesia will see the greatest resurgence affecting thousands of people. Doctors will be puzzled why this is happening and precautions should be taken by anyone traveling there. 

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Love And Relationships


Shifts in the cosmic rays of the planets this month will cause people to have an incredibly high sex drive, especially Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer, and Virgo.

If you were born on a day with a 5 in it, such as the 5th, 15th, 25th, this month is going to be a lucky month for you because you will see an increase in your finances. Money from unexpected sources will come to you.

If you have been in a relationship where infidelity has been an issue, things will begin to turn around this month. With Pluto and Venus overshadowing each other, this will cause healing in this area of your relationship.




man seriously looking at graphs projected in front of him

This month, use caution while making any international investments. You could lose your entire money if you make the wrong investments.

The US Stock Market is going to have moments of instability and fluctuations that may make some investors uncomfortable. But these changes in the market will not have any serious effects and will stabilize quickly.

Be cautious in any investments related to overseas investing this month. The wrong investments could cause you to end up losing your entire investment. Especially avoid any investments in South Africa, China, and Malaysia!

Gold prices are going to be risky during this time. With gold prices almost as high as they have ever been in history if you decide to invest in this risky market, be prepared to accept heavy losses.




Weather patterns in the US and around the world will be strange and unusual during the spring and summer. Some areas will still have another snowfall coming, while others will experience even more flooding!

China will get to the point of no return if they don’t do something about its smog problem. Health issues are going to increase in certain cities, and an unreported death toll will be on the rise as a result of this.

Some of the most extreme heat in history is going to hit parts of Africa, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Surprisingly, not many lives will be lost, but it will be a very uncomfortable time for the people living there.


These are my latest predictions and I hope you enjoyed reading them!

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  1. Paris Aries says:

    Looking forward to the manifestation of many of these wonderful predictions! THank you so much!!!

  2. Nathan Fleischman says:

    That was a civil case, not a criminal case.

  3. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Trump has not been convicted of anything. He lost a civil case. That is all. His criminal cases are coming up though.

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