Here’s My Psychic Predictions For April 2023

Here are my newest Psychic Predictions for 2023.



Brad Pitt is going to do very well in his role in the sequel to 12 Monkeys. Not only will the movie become a box office hit but he will go on to win an Oscar for his role. Due to his acting role in this sequel it will reignite his career once again and we will start seeing him in more and more starring roles in the future, where we will see him taking on several different types of roles. Fans will see get to different sides of his acting abilities they have never seen before.

 Ryan Reynolds will star in another Marvel movie, and as always, this one will become another hit under his belt. This will secure his name in Marvel History and we will see him in even more promising roles for him in the future! Eventually, he will begin branching out again into more serious roles out of fear of being type cast as only being good at Marvel movies.

Tom Cruise will be announced as the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Records will show he earned over $100,000 million dollars this year alone. Fans will be happy but questions will surface around how much of it he will donate to Scientology.



hand holding lightbulb showing renewable energy source

The use of renewable energy sources will rapidly increase as more and more countries around the world begin to invest more and more money in green energy.

We are going to see China surpassing the United States to become the world’s largest economy. The Republicans will begin pointing fingers and blaming the Democrats, but wise people will realize it was a combination of both parties that caused this.

 Renewable energy resources will begin expanding quickly around the world. We are going to see more and more countries begin investing in green energy resulting in healthier living for the people in these countries and the depression rates in these countries will also drop as a result of this.

We will begin seeing the United Nations become more involved in international affairs, flexing its muscles to move things in the directions it feels strongly about. Especially in the area of human rights. The areas it will show the most interest in will be human trafficking, children’s right, and women’s health care. There will be many conflicting opinions about this around the world but the U.N. will not be swayed.

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Due to scientific progress and improvement, autonomous, self-driving cars (hands free) are soon going to become a common site, sooner than you think, on public roads and highways!

Artificial Intelligence is going to become a common tool used in hospitals and doctor’s offices for the purpose of helping them make more accurate and specific medical diagnosis for their patients. As a result of AI people will be cured from diseases that they may have died from in the past.

A new generation of 5G networks will soon be released and available to people in major cities around the world. Allowing people to access information much faster. What companies will not have taken into account will be how 5G will also help hackers be able to hack things quicker!



Health And Medicine


robot holding a clipboard

Robots will soon be used to automate certain medical tasks that are currently carried out by nurses and physician assistants.

A vaccine will be developed for COVID 19 that will be standard across the board for treating the corona virus. It will be hailed as a major medical victory and this vaccine will become the gold standard of vaccines that will be issued for the Corona Virus.

Robots will soon be used to automate certain medical tasks often performed by nurses and Physicians Assistants. As a result of this, we will slowly begin to see the elimination of these jobs.

 3D printing will no longer be used only for making models and other fun gadgets. These printers will become common devices in hospitals and doctor’s offices. They will be used to make customized prosthetics and medical devices for patients making them able to be more specifically designed for the needs of each individual patient making them more comfortable and effective.

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Love And Relationships

This month the planetary energy of Saturn will become infused with the energy of Mars. This will influence people in a way that causes them to become more expressive their feelings and emotions. Not only with people close to them but also with the people they meet on a daily basis.

This month, if you are in a relationship, the same energy from Saturn and Mars will cause you to begin seeing and appreciating the little things between you and your loved one that makes your relationship so special and unique.

Also during this month, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer, Aquarius, and Capricorn, will discover new ways to communicate and connect with their significant other. This will result in these signs experiencing deeper love connections and more affection between them.



The US stock market will remain unstable. Expect to see the S&P 500 Index remain between 4 – 5,000 points with some fluctuations. The cause of this volatility in the market will be due to macroeconomic factors. This will eventually balance itself out. Then a longer period of stability will follow where people will be able to regain most of their losses.

Oil prices will remain between $50 and $70 a barrel while gold prices will fluctuate between $1,800 and $2,200 an ounce. With this in mind you should avoid investing in any volatile markets for the time being.

The US dollar will continue to grow stronger, outgrowing other currencies in value, such as the Japanese Yen, British pound, and the Euro. As the US dollar continues to grow in strength traveling from the US to Europe and Japan will increase.




dry earth after a drought

El Nino will strike again, but this time it will be stronger and more destructive than the previous one.

El Nino is going to hit again, only this time it will be stronger and more destructive than the last one. We are going to see extreme droughts, flooding, and hurricanes, around the world, as after affects of this upcoming major catastrophe.

Places like Peru, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere are going to experience extreme weather. This is going to affect the lives of many of the people those areas.  Many people will be unprepared for these unexpected weather changes.

The Indian Monsoon this year will be stronger than last year, and bringing with it heavier rainfall! Major flooding will occur, causing hardships for many people. But in the end, it will bring people relief from the extreme heat, and refill their water supplies needed for farming, and people.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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