Psychic Predictions For March 2023

This is going to be a year of unexpected events, where we are going to see more historical changes in the world. So, no matter where you live in the world, you will feel the effects of 2023.




The talented singer Taylor Swift will release a new album and it will be a huge success. Her fans will love it, and critics will hail it as her best, if not one of her best, albums she has recorded yet.

I see A-lister Brad Pitt will play the major role in a movie that will become a blockbuster hit! As a result of it, Brad will be nominated for several awards. and he will win a few of them. After staying behind the scenes for a while, this movie will bring him back to acting more, reigniting a new start in his acting career.

Rihanna will decide to launch a new beauty line, which will be another major success for her. She will be very busy promoting her new makeup line due it being such a major success. Other celebrities will try to launch their own lines, too. But none will be as successful as Rhianna’s.



renewable sources of energy

Third-world countries around the world will gain access to renewable energy resources that were previously unavailable to them.

I see there is going to be a meeting that is going to take place between the U.S and China where finances and the economics are going to be discussed. Afterwards, a powerful agreement will be signed between these two countries, and it will result in growth for both countries. Both presidents will walk away very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

Due to a new coming together of the nations, Third world countries around the world will begin being having access to renewable energy resources, which would not have been available to them before. This new access will become their main source of energy.

In the near future, it will be the goal of countries for most of world’s population will have access to the internet. along with other digital technologies. This will lead to more connections among people around the world and more coming together everywhere.

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Science will be putting more effort and research into renewable energy resources. These resources will become common place in homes around the world. The cost of electricity will go down, supply units such as AC will become more and more efficient, and will be more available than ever in places where access to it was once limited. Health will improve in certain countries due to this new availability of access.

Research in human genetics will be experience some major breakthroughs this year.  with this new information, doctors and hospitals will have the ability to treat a wide variety of genetic diseases more easily.

The advancement of artificial intelligence is going to grow at rapids rates. Robots and will be able to learn better and more easily adapt to the human environment. Robotic people will begin to have even more realistic human expressions and movements. They will eventually get to the point where we will not be able to tell humans from robots.


Health And Medicine



This year, artificial intelligence will advance to the point where it can be used to not only diagnose but also treat a wide range of medical conditions, allowing for more accurate and personalized treatments.

We are going to see  3D printers being used in ways we never imagined. Ways that were once only written about in sci-fi magazines. 3D printers will begin to be incorporated into the medical world, where eventually, they will be used to create human organs that can be customized to the individual patient.

 Advances in Artificial intelligence is going to excel this year to the point where it will be able to be used to not only diagnose but also treat a wide range of medical conditions. This will allow medical professionals to give more accurate and personalized treatments.

Editing our genes will enter more prominently into the medical field. Doctors will be able to print out a strand of your genetic strand and edit it to cure diseases, defects, and also prevent future health issues.

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Love And Relationships

 If you are in a long-distance relationship, it will be due to the influence of Venus this will be the month you will find a way to reunite and you will be happily married by the end of the year.

With the upcoming alignment of the planets people who are in a serious or committed relationship are going to discover a new interest between them causing their love to grow even closer and more intimate.

If you are a Libra, Capricorn, Aries, or Sagittarius, who has been single for a long time, you are going to find true love, being in a committed relationship much sooner than you think!



Around the world there were financial setbacks along with other problems caused by the pandemic. Finally we are going to begin to see improvements in all areas where any damage was cause. People are going to begin feeling more secure and relaxed once again.

There will be a renewed sense of hope among investors are will will see the stock market is going to do well Investors will see the Dow Jones climb above 40,000 points and this will bring a sense of relief to many on Wall Street along with thousands of investors in the country.

 The cryptocurrency market is going to mature, causing it to become a mainstream asset. I see that Bitcoin will reach a value of $100,000. Although things will fluctuate, crytpo will come to be seen more and more as a viable form of currency.




very hot summer

Parts of the United States will have a hot summer, with temperatures reaching record highs in some places.

The United Kingdom will experience a mild winter this year with temperatures rising only slightly above average. This will be a welcomed event, especially since their summer will be amazing weather, too! Many locals will be seen wearing shorts at times when they would usually be in winter clothes!

 Parts of the United States are going to experience a hot summer, with temperatures reaching record highs in some areas. So, make sure your AC is working well!

 Certain areas in Australia will experience a wetter summer with more rainfall than usual in those regions. While other regions are going to experience slightly drier temperatures, with little to no rainfall. This reversal of weather patterns will leave many weather reporters slightly confused.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!


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