Psychic Predictions For February 2023

This is going to be a year of unexpected events and historically massive changes in the world. This will be a year that no matter where you live in the world, you will feel the upcoming effects of 2023.




A new sitcom will turn out to be one of the biggest sitcoms in TV history! Many of the cast members will be unknowns, but will instantly become A-Listers overnight! 

Rape charges will once again be brought against another well-known actor, leaving many fans in disbelief. In the end, the actor will be cleared of all charges, but the damage done will take a long time to repair.

A major fire will cause serious damage to the set of movie production, putting the finish time back by several months. In the end, the fire will be discovered to be the result of human negligence.




Water scarcity will become increasingly problematic around the world, forcing many places to rely on ocean water.

Trump will end up losing almost all of his previous supporters, leaving only a mere handful of people who still support him. In the end, he will blame his old base of supporters for his failure, claiming he failed because they didn’t support him.

We will begin to see China becoming less aggressive towards reclaiming Taiwan as part of China. Several nations will be surprised by China’s change of attitude, including Taiwan itself. And this issue will not resurface again for many, many years!

Water shortages around the world are going to become more and more of a problem, forcing many places to get their water from the ocean. Several countries will be unprepared for this change, which will result in several people dying from a lack of water. 

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Rumors of dinosaurs being cloned out of a medical lab, located somewhere in Asia, Africa, or the Middle East, will begin floating around. This lab will never be found, leaving the rumors unable to ever be confirmed or denied.

The names of several pro-life activists will be published, due to the discovery that many of them had secret abortions themselves, but intentionally hide this information from the public. Two of them will even be discovered to have had an abortion within the last 12 months! No comments will be made by several of these women.

Researchers will make new discoveries about the common fly. Once just thought to be a common pest, it will be discovered that the fly plays a major role on the planet in by helping prevent humans from getting sick from certain diseases.


Health And Medicine


Breakthroughs into cancer research will be made, offering hope for cancers that were once thought to be the most lethal.

Inroads into cancer research will be made, showing hopeful promise for cancers that were once thought to be the more deadly types of cancers. People all around the world will hail these inroads as incredible and miraculous.

Major documents will be leaked regarding the COVID-19 crisis and shutdown of 2019. People will be shocked by what they learn from these leaked documents, causing many people not only to lose faith in the medical system but also in the government, too.

A once not-so-common fruit will be discovered to have amazing healing powers not previously known about before. This will be an accidental discovery that will have outstanding impacts on the health of many people.

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Love And Relationships


More and more people will begin exploring same-sex relationships, coming to realize a very fluid side of themselves they never realized existed within them before. Workshops for this kind of exploration will begin popping up around the country.

If you are an Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, this month will be a very good one for your love life and your sex life. Both of these areas will improve for you, and you’ll discover that you are even sexier to others than you may have previously thought.

Pregnancies for triplets will be on the rise, so anyone getting pregnant this month will more than triple their chances of having triplets. More twins will also result from these pregnancies, too.




Diamond prices will begin to fluctuate, causing market instability.

The Euro will continue to remain low, and several Americans will visit the UK for the very first time, in order to take advantage of this once-not-affordable trip. The economy in the UK will boom even more.

Diamond prices will begin to fluctuate, causing instability in the diamond market. During this time of influx will be when people get the best deals on a diamond.

Parts of Asia will offer very promising investment opportunities! So, serious investors should do their research, so they will be able to spot these once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities when they become available!




Parts of Asia are going to be affected by major flooding this year. Power outages will occur, with shortages of food and lack of protection from the weather. Rescue attempts will be difficult, with the elderly and children be affected the most. In the end, the rescue efforts of caring people will minimize a lot of what could have been even more disastrous.

Severe droughts will sweep parts of Africa, especially Uganda, while Jakarta Indonesia will experience some of the worst weather disasters in over 100 years.

Parts of the US will be hit by heavy snow, especially in places like Indiana, Ohio. While Kentucky will be faced with one of the most severe weather crisis it has ever had before.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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  1. Ken Pasco says:

    You mentioned fruit with healing powers. Why not just say what kind of fruit? What’s the big secret?

  2. Mercy Ramirez says:

    As always, I love reading your predictions! Every time something happens, I think :mmm, Tana predicted this”. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  3. Marie Smith-Dean says:

    Your predictions have always been pretty accurate and help resolve concerns and worry. Thanks!

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