Are You Prepared For The Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami? Because when it hits, it’s going to HIT HARD! Please Read This!

The bad news is another Negative Energy Wave is going to hit the earth in November, only this time it will be a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami…

…the good news is I can protect you from it!

I know we just had one hit, and you may be wondering why another one is coming? Well, just like any natural occurrence, they can happen at any time.

The same as tornados, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and even mudslides can happen several times a year, Energy Waves and variations of them can also hit the earth at any time, too.

Since these are caused by the build-up of negative thoughts being sent into the universe, with all the negativity continuing to happen in the world, such as friction and alliances being formed with China and Russia, the continuing war in Ukraine, the ongoing battles about how to teach history, Roe vs. Wade, the banning of books in public school libraries, children being shot by police, an increase in kidnappings, along with many other struggles around the world, around the world, I’m not surprised another one is going to hit again already.

As you read on, you’ll see why it is hitting, and you will also understand why this one will BE WORSE than any that has hit the earth before because…

…as we have been seeing in the past, these Negative Energy Tidal Waves just seem to keep getting bigger, stronger, and more destructive, so much so, this next one will not be a Negative Energy Wave, this next one has upgraded to a Negative Double-Energy Tsunami! (NDET-2).

So, sit back and relax for a few minutes, and let me explain to you what all of this means…

What Makes These Energy Tidal Waves So Destructive? 

I always warned people about Energy Tidal Waves in my emails because this is a topic that is very important that people know about because whenever any type of Negative Energy Tidal Wave is going to hit the planet, it is not something to be taken lightly!

As you may already know, Energy Tidal Waves (ETW) happen as the result of negative energy build-up in the earth’s stratosphere and this build-up of negative energy happens as a result of people’s negative fear thoughts being sent out into the air!

Let me explain…

The planet Earth is surrounded by an Energy Stratosphere. Think of the earth floating inside of a bubble and the bubble represents the earth’s stratosphere.

Thoughts have wings, AND thoughts are also made of energy! So whenever anyone on Earth thinks a thought, it floats out into the universe.

Positive thoughts stay close to the earth, while negative thoughts float upward, getting trapped inside of this bubble, which is the earth’s stratosphere.

As a result of the many negative energy thoughts around the world being released from people’s minds, these negative thoughts eventually build up to the point where the stratosphere can no longer hold them.

When this happens, all of these negative thoughts turn into Negative Energy Rain (NER), which then falls like rain back down to the earth….

…and like any heavy rain, all of this Negative Energy Rain causes a “Negative Energy Flood” (NEF), which then causes what is known as an Energy Tidal Wave!

And just like a tidal wave, this toxic energy rain washes over the entire earth, covering anything in its path with this negative energy.

Although this time, there is so much negative energy build-up in the stratosphere, this upcoming Negative Energy Tidal Wave will be so strong, it will be called a Negative Double-Energy Tsunami or an NDET-2…

…and this is the first time in history that Mother Earth will have a Negative Energy Tsunami that has been upgraded to a Level 2!

Unfortunately, Another Energy Tidal Wave is Coming

Energy Tidal Waves are normal occurrences that happen from time to time. They are as normal as an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane. But unlike an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane, an Energy Tidal Wave actually cleanses away all of the negative energy build-ups in the stratosphere, while at the same time, balancing and realigning the energies of the Earth when they get off balance!

Energy Tidal Waves were designed to cleanse Mother Earth of negative energies but because they were not designed for the benefit of humans, they have a major impact on people’s auras.

But just like any natural event, by knowing about it ahead of time, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from it.

So, it’s important to understand that Energy Tidal Waves do occur from time to time….but this is the first time we are going the earth has ever been hit by a Negative Double-Energy Tsunami (NDET-2)!

What Caused The Upcoming Negative Energy Tsunami Wave? –

This upcoming Negative Energy Tsunami has been caused by many things, such as:

What seems to appear as Russia and China beginning the forming of an alliance, causing lots of fear, worry, and concern, in people’s minds, all around the world!

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade has continued to cause lots of aggressive anger on both sides of the issue, and people all over the world are reacting to it!

Children being by police shot by police in the US, changing the way history is being taught in public schools, the banning of books in public school libraries, government corruption, global warming, the ongoing Corona pandemic, and the list goes on and on!

With all of this negativity happening right now, it’s causing millions upon millions of people to send their fear thoughts out into the air, and quite frankly, I am surprised the stratosphere has not literally exploded by now…

…Why? Because this is the first time most people can ever remember, that there have been so many negative occurrences continuing to happen in such a short period of time!

Mother Earth Is Reacting For the First Time Ever (And What This Means)

And as a result of this negative energy build-up in the stratosphere, this is also only the second time Mother Earth actually started showing us physical signs that She can’t handle all this negative energy any longer.

In the past, the earth never had physical reactions to the negative energy build-up in the stratosphere. But this time is even worse than the last time is, so we are actually seeing the earth physically react to this negative energy buildup in the earth’s stratosphere!

We are experiencing some of the worst weather patterns in history, all around the world! The recent fires in Maui, El Niño is plunging much of the world into heatwaves, monsoons in India, and tropical storms hitting Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan, just to name a few!  We are having record-breaking fires, killer earthquakes, and continuous volcanic eruptions, which is just the tip of the iceberg!

These disasters keep getting worse and worse, and are happening more and more frequently! We have never seen disasters like these before, and these disasters are Mother Earth’s way of saying, “This time I need a something stronger to cleanse me of this negative energy Build-up because I can’t handle it at the current capacity, much longer! I need a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami!”

So, all of the disasters I just mentioned are Mother Earth’s way of trying to relieve some of the pressure building up in the stratosphere. Otherwise, it would actually explode, and that’s a whole different can of worms we don’t want to get opened!

All of this worry, concern, and fear being sent out into the air is causing a build-up of fear energy, and the stratosphere is literally getting ready to burst! And if it bursts, it will be the worst release of Toxic Energy Rain (TER) the earth has ever experienced before because it will also be at a Level 2!

And believe me, when I said earlier, we don’t ever want that to happen!

To give you an idea of how destructive a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami will be when it hits the earth, all the past Energy Waves were only Level 0, so they could be compared to a peanut, and this Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami would be compared to a steamroller – because the previous ones have been Level 0 Energy Tidal Waves, and this is the first time we will be getting hit by a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami! (NDET-2).

The toxicity of the Energy Rain being released from this upcoming Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami will be more toxic than any Energy Rain that has ever hit the earth before!

To give you an idea of how toxic it will be, all past Negative Energy Rains could be compared to a small wooden mallet hitting the earth. But this one will be like the earth is getting hit by a giant monster train going full steam ahead!

And this is the reason you and your loved ones need to be protected from it!

How A Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami Will Affect You

Any Negative Energy Tidal Waves of any kind will affect your aura!

Your aura is actually an energetic projection of your soul that surrounds your body, and what makes this upcoming Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami so dangerous is that it will completely, 100%, “drain and deplete” a person’s soul of its entire life force, AND it will also cause the person major, massive soul destruction!

Most Energy Tidal Waves only hit the earth at 150,000 MHz. But this upcoming Energy Tsunami will hit at 500,000,000 MHz, (five hundred million), which makes it 5000x stronger than the last Negative Energy Tsunami that hit last month at 48,000,000 MHz. This one will be 5000x more powerful!

Also, when this Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami hits, it will not only change the nucleatic structure of an unprotected person’s soul core AND their chakra system, causing their soul to get off balance, but it will also cause a person severe soul damage, and may even damage their chakras beyond repair!

And you NEVER want this to happen to you or anyone you love!

When a person’s nucleatic structure is changed (which a person NEVER wants to let happen to them!), they will no longer feel like the person they used to be. They lose their motivation, self-confidence, and everything about them begins feeling out of whack, causing a person to feel “dead” inside, walking around the earth like a robot on automatic pilot.

This is caused by the major soul damage they experience from not being protected because it literally shreds a person’s soul! Kind of like what happens when you put a piece of paper in a paper shredder!

And if a person’s chakras get damaged beyond repair, well then, I can’t even begin to tell you how long it would take me to repair that – if it was even possible!

And if this happens to a person, and since this one is a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami, it will take them over 1000 lifetimes of reincarnating back to the earth, over and over again, to get their Soul Core back to where it feels normal again, and their chakras somewhat back to normal!

This is not something anyone ever wants to have to happen to them!! Never!

The Negative Affects Unprotected People Will Experience When A Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami Hits

Here are the things unprotected people tell me they experienced from the previous Energy Tidal Waves that hit. BUT remember…

…this is going to be a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami, NOT an Energy Tidal Wave! So, the effects will be 5000x worse!

– They experienced unexpected problems in their love relationships, which just seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere! Many times causing love problems beyond reparation!

– Their sexual and romantic lives seemed to abruptly stop! Many people said their love and sex lives became almost nonexistent!! Some clients have reported to me they lost their sexual drive even to this day!

– They had a long period, 3 years or more, where they couldn’t meet anyone to date at all – no matter what they did or how hard they tried! Some clients tell me 5 years later they have still been unable to meet anyone!

– After it hit, financial problems, struggles, and difficulties, suddenly appeared out of nowhere! Some clients have reported severe financial loss and hardships occurred!

– They had major career, job, or professional difficulties, like losing jobs, or not finding jobs, along with weird and unusual problems with coworkers who they got along with before! Some clients reported losing their passion for a career they thought was their life purpose!

– Problems and conflicts with their bosses and other higher-ups started to arise!

– Problems with their homes, such as cracks in their foundations, flooding, and other water problems, not to mention major roof leaks, termite invasions, and several other very costly things, began to suddenly happen! Some clients reported financial loss due to poor timing with interest rates rising. They acted at the wrong time!

– Many people told me they suddenly began packing on the pounds – no matter how much they watched what they ate! Some clients tell me it still hasn’t come off for 5 years now!

– Along with a whole list of other undesirable problems.

And the even saddest part is, they had to watch their family members and friends go through these exact same things, too! Dealing with the guilt of knowing they could have prevented all of it from happening!

Remember, this is going to be a Level 2 Negative Energy Tsunami, and we have never had one of these before! So the damaging effects will be 5000x stronger than we have ever experienced before!


As one person told me “Tana, last time one of these Energy Tidal Waves hit, I thought to myself “It won’t affect me, so I don’t need to get protected!” And boy oh boy did I learn a hard lesson! My life felt like it was caught in a destructive tornado! And the fallout afterward felt like a giant hurricane had swept through and tore up my entire world! Never again will I ever ignore your emails about Energy Tidal Waves. I now know they are very real!” 

Update from this same client: “Tana it has been over 5 years now and I am still suffering from the fallout of not being protected from the last Energy Tidal Wave! I WILL NEVER let this happen again! It’s just not worth it!


But there is good news!

This doesn’t have to happen to you or your family! Because you CAN protect yourself and your family from experiencing all of these problems, if you choose to do so, by making sure to reserve your space for a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami Protection

Please Know This:

Every time any kind of Energy Tidal Wave has hit the earth in the past, there are always people who call me afterward, even after being informed of this way ahead of time, asking if they can still get this protection!

And they all tell me the exact same thing: “I don’t want to keep experiencing this fallout you had warned me about, nor keep watching my family members go through all of this, too!” 

And it literally rips my heart out when I have to tell them “If a person is unprotected when it hits, there is nothing that can be done afterward because the damage has already been done!”

It’s like asking me to make their house magically rebuild itself after a hurricane has wiped it out…

…so I always have to let them know they are going to just have to live with it the best way they can!

Also, please know I am not trying to spread fear or freak anyone out. I am simply letting people know about this, just like I’ve always done in the past! 

Sometimes people email me after I send an email like this accusing me of spreading fear. And I always explain to them:

“If I didn’t warn you about this, telling you what to expect and why you need to be protected, then you would be mad at me for not telling you so that you could’ve avoided all of these negative things from happening to you and the people you love!” 

So, I will always let you know what an Energy Tidal Wave (In this case, a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami) of this magnitude will do, so you can decide for yourself if you want you and your family to be protected from it or not!”

Trust Me – You And Your Family Want To Be Protected From This One! 

People who think “I’ll be okay, it won’t affect me!” always surprise me! I often think to myself, “If you don’t want to do it to protect yourself, at least do it to protect your loved ones!” 

But in a situation like this, all that I can do is deliver the warning…then it’s up to each individual to act on it!

The truth is, up to this point, this upcoming Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami is now going to officially be the biggest one to ever hit the earth in over 11.5 million years! These Negative Energy Waves (which are now turning into Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunamis) are getting bigger and bigger, and more and more destructive!

This upcoming Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami that is going to hit will be over 1000x stronger than the one that caused the Ice Age, and 36x stronger than the one that caused the biblical flood of Noah!

And the reason they keep getting stronger and stronger is that the negativity on Earth keeps getting stronger and stronger, too!

I mean, let’s face it, as crazy as it is that Russia and China look like they are forming an alliance for world domination, this is what causes world wars to happen!!!

And when I explained the power of the last Negative Energy Tidal wave, I explained it by talking about the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004 and claimed several lives!

I asked you to imagine you were one of the people there and you saw the Tsunami coming! Then imagine you decided to grab a canoe, so you could paddle away to safety! Then imagine, what would have happened to you when the waves reached you!

As you know, you wouldn’t have stood a chance because your canoe would have been tossed and turned all over the place by the waves – getting smashed into a million pieces! And you would have been washed out to sea, and probably never be seen again…

…because you and your little canoe never stood a chance!

Well, not being protected from the impact of this upcoming Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami and taking your chances, would be the same as getting into that canoe when the Indonesian Tsunami hit…

…I’m sure you get the picture!

BUT for a person who is protected from it, the impact of this Energy Tidal Wave will have zero impact on their life, NOR the lives of their loved ones!


Zip, nil, nada!

A protected person can be compared to a person who was never there when that Tsunami hit! Because once you are protected, this Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami will wash right past you – never touching you or your family at all!

Get protected now by clicking here!

Are There Things You Can Do By Yourself, To Protect Yourself?

A question some people ask me is if there are things they can do by themselves to protect themselves and their families from these energies.

The answer is “No!”

And I will tell you why.

If you were dealing with something as minor as protecting yourself from Energy Vampires or other negative people, then, by all means, you could surround yourself with white light and protect yourself relatively easily.

But since we are talking about extremely Toxic Energy Rain flooding the earth, causing a LEVEL 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami as powerful as 500,000,000 MHz sweeping the entire earth, this means you are dealing with some VERY powerful energies!

Something like this requires an experienced person to make sure you are protected properly from such high-energy radiation and negative vibrational frequencies that will be released when this one hit!!

To give you an example for comparison, the energy that comes from the thoughts of negative people, or even an Energy Vampire, could be compared to strong winds during a summer storm….

….but the negative energies coming from this Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami on November 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving, will be 5000x more powerful than that devastating Tsunami that wiped out Indonesia.

People sometimes mistakenly think if they have been protected from a previous Energy Tidal Wave, they are automatically protected from this one. And that is totally wrong! Because each Negative Energy Wave is unique, making the protection needed for each one different!! And since this is a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami, we are dealing with a whole different monster than ever before!

Just like any natural disaster, you need to take precautions each and every time, in order to protect yourself. A Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami Wave is a natural disaster, but it happens on an invisible vibrational level…

…just like a Tsunami, you don’t know it’s coming until you see those giant waves headed your way!

But there is one BIG difference between a Level 2 Negative Double-Energy Tsunami and the Tsunami that destroyed Indonesia: You know about this before it hits, so you are able to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family from it!

To get protected from this Level 2 Negative Double Energy Tsunami, you need to have an experienced person who is trained in these things, and who knows what they are doing, to perform this protection on you!

This is why I spend 8 hours in mediation every Friday, and 10 to 14 hours doing astral travel every Saturday. Because during my astral travels is when I receive information about the energies that are going to hit the earth!

During my astral travels is also where I receive training on the techniques, I use to protect people. I am personally trained on these techniques by Archangels and Ascended Masters, along with other highly-evolved beings from other dimensions, galaxies, and planets.

What To Do Next

Those of you who have been protected from an Energy tidal Wave before have already seen what it does to other people’s lives after it hits!

You’ve already seen how the lives of people around you, such as your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even coworkers, fell apart because they weren’t protected from this.

And sadly, unlike you, most of them didn’t know such a thing even exists!

And then there are others who will “take their chances”, believing “it will never happen to me!” And that could not be farther from the truth because everyone, without exception, will be affected by this one!

Some people are even falsely deceived by lower-ranking entities, into believing they are “psychically advanced enough themselves” to protect themselves, their friends, and their loved ones! And this is all fooey!

But for those of you who realize the importance of having a Level 2 Negative Double Energy Tsunami Protection Session, not only for you but for your loved ones too, then now is the time to reserve your space for this by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page!

Spaces For This Are VERY Limited – Especially For This One

I am only able to make a very limited amount of spaces available for this – 93 to be exact. And once these 93 spaces are gone, they will be gone forever! Leaving those who are not protected to fend for themselves the best way they can after the Energy Tidal Wave hits!

So, if you procrastinate, or don’t open this email in time, you will more than likely miss out!

So please, make sure to act now and reserve your space for this because this will be the first time a very powerful and destructive Level 2 Negative Double Energy Tsunami has hit the earth! And you want you and your loved ones to be protected from it! Trust me!

Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited spaces available for this, so that you will have the peace of mind that you and your entire family will be protected!

I’m so glad you are one of the lucky ones who know about this before it happens!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. If you have any other questions about this, please email me to let me know, and I will gladly try to answer them. Reserve one of the limited spaces now by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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