Psychic Predictions For September 2023

Here are my newest Psychic Predictions for September and I hope you enjoy them. My predictions can be used as guideposts to plan your life accordingly and avoid potential problems in the future!





Hollywood will begin to broaden its once-closed circle and produce films with more diverse storylines.

The movie industry will begin releasing new movies in theaters and on streaming platforms on the same dates. This will allow them to capture the market for both home audiences and movie goers alike!

Hollywood will begin expanding its once closed circle, and begin making movies with more diverse storylines! We will see more and more movies representing minority groups. These movies will attract a lot of attention and several of these movies will go on to win major awards!

A major Hollywood studio will release a movie that will be totally in Virtual Reality. This will be the first of several VR movies that will be released, as movie studios try to stay ahead of the trends.




A large country will take the first steps toward trying to integrate cryptocurrency into its financial system. It will be a huge success and several other countries will follow afterwards.

New tensions will arise related to territory and military in the South China Sea. These tensions will cause worldwide attention between China and its surrounding countries.

More and more countries around the world will begin adapting green energy practices as a part of their renewable energy resources.

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A privately owned company that deals in the exploration of space will make major advances in space exploration, along with our ability to live on other planets. This breakthrough will go down in history, marking the first real beginning of a promising start for humans to live on another planet.

There will be a major international conference held among top leaders in the A.I. world, where serious discussion will take place regarding the ethical, moral, and safety practices, of using this new technology.

Governments around the world will are going to establish their own rules around the ways they decide to use A.I. without consideration of other countries, realizing the military advantage it will give them to dominate other countries and be the first to gain world power.


Health And Medicine



With the assistance of A.I. A great breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of some mental health diseases and illnesses will occur, allowing them to be treated more effectively than ever before.

Advances in gene editing will make major strides, soon allowing the treatment and eradication of genetic diseases that were once untreatable. These advances will be the first steps in adding 20 to 30 years to the life span of humans.

As I predicted before, more and more variants of COVID will appear, and they are going to continue appearing. But the medical field will develop all the necessary vaccines to treat all of the different variants.

With the help of A.I., there will be a major breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of certain mental health disorders and illnesses, which will help treat them more effectively than ever before.

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Love And Relationships


A brand-new type of dating app will enter the dating scene, which will involve more than just swiping left and right. It will have new innovative features, that will give the user more accurate matches and more accurate compatibility information, raising the success rates of more accurate matches.

As I had predicted before, we are going to see more non-traditional relationships appear. The concept of fidelity and what it means will change, and we will see new types of relationships that were once considered taboo, such as polyamorous relationships beginning to appear, along with friends who will decide to co-parent together.

Couple counseling will no longer be taboo and will become viewed as a healthy way for couples to strengthen their relationships. The shame-factor couples often feel around being in therapy together will disappear, and couples will begin talking more openly about being in therapy together. As a matter of fact, more and more people will begin encouraging it!




The stock market will be very risky due to global tensions related to China and other countries, long with uncertainty with the continuation of the global concerns about the COVID virus. Take extreme caution before making any new investments at this time.

We are going to see banks, stock brokers, and other financial advisors recommending cryptocurrency and NFTs as new options for making financial investments.

There will be the uncovering of a major scandal, when a company that claims to be “green” is discovered not to be so green, after all. This is going to lead to stricter rules and regulations companies claiming to be green will need to uphold.





We’ll be hearing a lot more about how quickly the Arctic ice caps are melting.

Extreme weather is going to continue all over the entire world. More humanitarian efforts will be needed worldwide than ever before in history! Some will claim we are facing the end of times, but don’t worry, we are nowhere near the end.

We are going to hear more and more about the rapid rate at which the Arctic ice caps are beginning to melt. This information is 100% true, but several politicians will try to make us believe it is not as severe as we are being told, due to their own selfish political agendas.

China will work on developing ways to control the weather on a global scale, in an effort to slow down or completely eliminate global warming. Although some of the technology will be useful, it will not have any major impact on preventing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!


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