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I want to share with you some very fascinating ancient Egyptian history, which my mentor of 14 years shared with me because the time has arrived for me to share this important history with you, too…

…Around 2,000 years ago, an ancient alien race, known as the Cartors, were one of the many alien races who visited the earth to share their advanced technology with the Egyptians. The Egyptians used this knowledge to build the great pyramids, which are now one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

But unlike the other alien races who visited earth, when the Cartors saw how hard the Egyptians worked to build the pyramids, they devised an evil plan. 

The Evil Plan Of The Cartors

The Cartors decided they wanted to take over the earth by dominating the hard-working Egyptians and turning them into slaves who would build the Kingdom of the Cartors here on earth.

But the Cartors underestimated the Egyptians…

…once the Egyptians learned of their evil plan, they consulted with their most trusted priests, who summoned the most powerful Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to help them fight the Cartors. The Cartors quickly discovered they were no match against the powerful Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

So the battle was over before it began.

Whenever the Cartors lost a battle, it was known they were the most hate-filled and vengeful of any alien race…

…so before the Cartors left, they secretly planted over 4,000 Cartopods (alien bombs) all over the earth!

These alien bombs got buried under the earth, and they have a timer that can be set to go off up to 3,000 years from the day they were buried. So they set the timers for the Cartopods to explode in exactly 2,200 years!

Because the Cartors, decided if they couldn’t make Planet Earth their kingdom, they would punish “the humans of the future”. But this punishment would happen when the people who knew their evil plan would no longer be around to tell of it.

But they didn’t realize the teachers of Egyptian Mystery Schools would never let this event be forgotten. So all through the centuries, they taught this story to their students, in hopes that when it was time for the Cartopods to explode, there would be someone on earth who would know what to do!

What Will Happen When They Explode 

When a Cartopod explodes it releases an invisible Energy Acid (EA) into the air and when this Energy Acid comes into contact with a human, it quickly burns holes in their soul!

It leaves the person’s soul looking like a piece of Swiss cheese and causes their “soul guts” to “leak out”, which makes the person vulnerable to all kinds of invasive energies, such as demons, negative spirits, and other lower entities and beings.

Demons especially, look for holes in a person’s soul because a hole in the soul is the easiest way for them to enter a person – this is called possession!

And whenever an experienced Black Witch or Priest places a curse on someone, Soul Holes (SH) are the opening the curse uses to enter into the person’s soul to curse them! This is how curses happen!

The best way to understand the danger of having holes in your soul is by imagining a person with a deep gaping wound that has no bandages covering it. If the wound is left untreated it will become infected and cause all kinds of serious problems.

And energetically speaking, since these soul holes will cause a person’s soul guts to leak out, they affect a person’s Energy Body in exactly the same way!

So as you can see, when they buried their Cartopods over 2,000 years ago, they were evil beings who had revenge in their hearts!

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The Cartopods Are Going To Explode Soon 

As you may already know, my mentor was a Master Teacher from a 2,000-year-old Egyptian Mystery School, and he taught me all about the Cartors and how they buried the Cartopods.

He then trained me on exactly what needed to be done when the year of the explosions arrived.

Since the Cartopod timers were set to explode in 2,200 years from the day they were buried, 2021 is the year when the Cartopods are going to explode. They will explode between November and December.

The Fallout From The Cartopod Explosions 

The Cartors were very evil, and planned their evil very effectively!

So, they wanted to make sure EVERY living person, without exception, would come into contact with this Energy Acid and have holes in their soul!  (I told you they were very evil)

And why I am telling you about this is so you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the fallout of this explosion!

Holes in anything is not good, but having Energy Acid holes burned into your soul leaves your soul extremely vulnerable – and the Cartors knew this!

What People Will Experience

When this explosion happens, holes will get burned into everyone’s soul (without exception), and when that happens, here are the negative effects it will cause:

** People’s energy guts will start to leak out, leaving their soul vulnerable to any and all negative energies, such as demons, evil spirits, and black magic spells, and curses.

** When any two people try to begin a relationship, these holes will attract all kinds of negative influences to them, causing their love to be doomed before it even begins! Mistrust, paranoia, infidelity, lies, and many other negative things will creep into their hearts, preventing their souls from bonding!

** Married couples or those in a serious relationship will begin to feel within their soul like “something is off”, having their love tested.

** Anyone who has a curse or spells placed on them will have their soul instantly cursed, causing whatever the spell was intended to prevent, to manifest instead in their life!

** Since holes cause things to drain and leak out, so the money will get drained and “leak out”, causing it to go out faster than it can come in!

** Many people will reach out in desperation to black witches, warlocks, voodoo priests, and other spell casters to help them turn their life around, but their spells will have the opposite effect on them, making things in their life even worse!

** Bad luck will begin to rule a person due to their soul being vulnerable to attack from so many directions!

** People will become distrusting of each other! Gossiping, backstabbing, and misunderstandings will begin to occur in the workplace. Good jobs will also become hard to find!

** People’s energy levels will go down causing them to feel exhausted, tired, and wondering where all their energy went!

** Along with many things like this!

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The People I Won’t Be Able To Help 

I really hate having to be the one to deliver news like this because I know there are always going to be people I won’t be able to help.

Those are the people who think “This won’t affect me” – and those people are 1000% wrong. Because EVERYONE, without exception, will become into contact with this Energy Acid because it was designed this way by the Cartors.

Then there will be those who will think “I’ll take my chances” And every year the people who “take their chances” when a fire, tornado, or hurricane hit, get read about in the news the next day, along with how they could have prevented the tragedy that happened to them.

And there will always be those who sadly think they know how to protect themselves, but will be miserably mistaken. This is just a fact of life!

And as we already know, there will always be the “horses you can lead to water, but can’t make them drink” types of people!

So, it makes me sad knowing I won’t be able to help everyone…

…then there are those people like you, who I will be able to help. Those people who are more spiritually in tune, and know the importance of not allowing yourself to be affected by something as major and this!

So just knowing this makes me feel great inside!

How To Protect Yourself (And Your Loved Ones) From The Cartopod Explosion

My mentor told me that Shalom Ala Ram was the only thing that would protect a person from this energy acid.

Shalom Ala Ram is an ancient technique that was created over 2,000 years ago by the Master Teachers in the Egyptian Mystery School for the purpose of protecting “future humans” from the destructive energy acid that would one day be released from the Cartopods!

Shalom Ala Ram not only protects you and your loved one with a powerful energy shield, but it also makes you invisible to this energy acid, causing it to blow right past you! Therefore, you and your loved ones will not be affected by it at all.

Your loved ones who will be protected are your spouse, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, sisters, brothers, and even your pets, too!

Once it has been performed on you, you won’t need to worry about being attacked by negative forces, any new relationships being affected, your marriage or relationship being tested, being cursed, having spells cast on you, money problems, work issues, or your energy being affected!

As a matter of fact, the only way you will even know there has been an explosion is by seeing the effects of the fallout on other people around you…

…but you will see the effects of the fallout in the lives of others, and you’ll feel grateful you got protected!

Also, the ancient masters designed Shalom Ala Ram so that the people who are protected by it will experience “an increase and flow of goodness, in their relationships, love, career, and also the financial areas of their life! And this “increase and flow of goodness” will also happen to your protected loved ones, too!

Like anything else, those who are protected are the ones who will benefit and who don’t have to worry!

What To Do Next

I have to admit, the Cartopod explosion is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to tell people about, especially since I know there are people who will “take a chances” and think “it won’t affect me!” And knowing there will be people like that breaks my heart!

I never enjoy writing about things like the history of the Cartors and their evilness because it’s not a fun thing to write about! (By the way, 1,000 years after they planted their Cartopods, the Cartors were totally wiped out by the Marnoks, so there will never be the possibility of them ever repeating this again!)

But if I didn’t tell you about this, you would be very angry with me for not sharing this with you. And even angrier knowing I could have protected you but didn’t bother letting you know!

Those of you who know me already know, I share everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly! And I will continue to do so because sharing what I know is my spiritual responsibility. What others decide to do with the information is theirs.

But it gives me great joy knowing I will be able to help many – and I sincerely hope one of them is you!


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Some people will wait and put off reserving a space, then after the fallout occurs, send me an email begging me to do something to help them. Unfortunately, after the explosion happens – there will be nothing I can do to help.

Because once this Energy Acid is released, the only thing that could have protected them was Shalom Ala Ram. I wish there was something else to help those people, but unfortunately, there isn’t.

This is why it’s so important to get protected by Shalom Ala Ram.

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Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. And I look forward to helping you and your loved ones avoid this fallout from affecting your lives!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions (June Release)

P.S.S. Click here right now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for Shalom Ala Ram!

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