My Latest Psychic Predictions For June 2021

My Psychic Predictions For June 2021


With this month’s psychic predictions, some people may speculate if some of the predictions we will see happening are somehow the result of some kind of bad karma?

The world is going through a major shift with change being inevitable. So, karma is often not the cause of these things.

Sometimes things happen to clear away the old and make way for the new.

Karma or not, you will have to decide. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about this. So, please share your thoughts below!

I hope you enjoy my psychic predictions for this month!




female celebrities

Two female celebrities will make their long-term relationship known to the public and the public will accept their relationship positively.

An Asian American actor is going to be assaulted, which will bring intense international attention to the attacks being perpetrated on Asian American people.

Two female celebrities are going to come out of the closet, making their long-term relationship public. Their revelation will be received by the public with open arms.

Another Harvey Weinstein type person will be exposed in Hollywood, resulting in a witch hunt that will finally expose many of the bad apples who have been using their powers for years to exploit young actors!




As I had already predicted an increase in UFO sightings, UFO sightings are now going to increase even more!

Iran is going to experience an unexpected major tragedy, which will result in the loss of many lives!

The former US president is going to face serious legal problems, being charged and convicted on many of them.

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eye surgery

People with eye problems leading to blindness can have their vision restored because eye surgery for this will be perfected.

An animal believed to be extinct will be found to actually still be alive. Unexpectedly, it will be caught in the nets of deep-sea fisherman or researchers.

Eye surgery for a common eye problem that can lead to blindness, will be perfected. It will help many people keep their vision!

A new breed of cat will be created through genetic modification. This cat will be all the rage because it will act like a dog, but still look like a cat.


Health And Medicine


The introduction of a new COVID 19 vaccination will eventually be discovered to have serious, long-term health effects while the other vaccines will have no long-term side effects at all.

A new virus is going to surface in the Middle East. They will try to hide it as long as they can, but eventually, the news will leak out. It will only affect the Middle East and not any other parts of the world.

A vaccine will come to market that will be one-size-fits-all. Meaning it will protect people from almost all types of colds, flu, and viruses, known to man at this time.

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Love And Relationships 


Love is in the air this month! June can be called The Month Of The Baby Boy! So, if you get pregnant this month, chances are it will be a boy!

Be careful with online dating this month. Many scams and “ghosting” will occur. It’s best to avoid online dating altogether in the month of June.

A new dating “style” will begin to surface and become known as Four-Way Relationships. It will be popular among Tweens and college students who will state their love is too expansive to be shared with just one person. 





There are cryptocurrencies that will be profitable investments, but you should only invest if you are experienced and knowledgeable about them.

The Mexican Peso is going to drop to an all-record low, throwing the country into a financial crisis.

The US Stock Market will remain strong throughout the remainder of 2021, seeing very little dips and dives.

There are still cryptocurrencies that will be profitable investments, but only experienced investors should invest in them. Otherwise, large sums of money could be lost.




Sadly, there are going to be even more weather problems for Texas. Some people will even speculate if there is an “unseen” reason why Texas keeps getting hit so bad?

Alabama and Mississippi will also experience bad weather. Experiencing some of the worst weather they’ve seen in several years.

The Middle East, especially Pakistan and Iraq, are going to experience some of the worst sandstorms since biblical times.


I hope you enjoyed reading my psychic predictions for June 2021!

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  1. Irma says:

    Hi TANA,
    Great news about the eye surgery! I see talks about booster shots for the first 2 vaccines , personally I don’t intend on getting a booster shot. I was sick after the second Moderna shot , the second day was not fun. I keep wondering if these viruses are to control the world population? Thank you for the emails!

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