My Latest Psychic Predictions For May 2021

My Psychic Predictions For May 2021


May 2021 is kind of a turning point in the world, energetically speaking. So, many of the things we are going to see occur, are occurring as a result of this energetic turning point in the world.




famous celebrity

Sexuality rumors about a famous A-Lister will come out again and it will be difficult for him to deny the allegations due to the evidence of his true identity.

There will be some controversy ad sexual allegations surrounding Kirk Cameron. All allegations will be denied by his representatives.

Rumors about the sexuality of a famous A-Lister will resurface again. This time it will be harder for him to deny the evidence about his true sexual identity.

Someone will come forward claiming they are the long-lost child of a famous person, having only financial gain in mind. DNA tests will prove there is no relation.




At least two more major shootings will take place on US soil. One in school and one in a place where people do business.

A major social uprise in Hong Kong will send the Chinese government into a panic causing them to take extreme actions against the protestors. International outrage will follow.

Libya and Russia will begin joining forces, while the US government will offer support to Ukraine against Russian forces.

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There will be more serious talk among scientists about the existence of alien life on other planets, along with the reality of UFOs.

Scientists will begin studying bacteria from harsh places around the world to help them understand the harsh environments of space.

New dinosaur fossils and human fossils will be found in parts of Europe and Africa, giving scientists a deeper understanding of ancient man.


Health And Medicine


Certain vaccines for COVID-19 will be discovered not to be as effective as people were told. Several more vaccinated people will test positive for COVID -19 and some of them will die.

Japan will make a new medical discovery that will eventually lead to a cure for Muscular Dystrophy.

A common fruit will be found to contain an enzyme that can cure psoriasis! It will be hailed as a miracle!

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Love And Relationships 



Pregnancies happening this month are most likely to result in twins.

Romance will be on the rise this month and many people will find their soulmate.

Many new pregnancies this month will result in twins.

Sadly, a long-term famous couple will announce separation after several years together. 




The US economy will stay strong throughout 2021 and interest rates will creep up more towards the end of summer.

Serious investors will begin investing in more of the upcoming cryptocurrencies. With patience, they will pay off.

The Russian economy will begin to collapse causing serious problems in the country. Not many countries will come to its rescue.





A major drought will be experienced by some parts of Africa but there will be lots of help that will come to their aid.

Weather patterns in Texas will once again be extreme. 2021 will be the year of some of the worst and most bizarre weather the state has seen before!

Another major weather disaster will hit parts of Indonesia causing several lives to be lost.

Parts of Africa will experience a major drought but lots of aid will be provided to the people in those areas, saving many lives from being lost.


I hope you enjoyed reading my psychic predictions for May 2021!

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    I already know of one person who has tested positive after receiving the covid vaccine. They told iher it might be a new strain.

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