My Latest Psychic Predictions For April 2021

My Psychic Predictions For April 2021


Psychically speaking, April is going to be a very interesting month! So, here are my latest psychic predictions for April.




A popular name in entertainment is going to be arrested for drunk driving, after causing a near-fatal accident.

A famous Youtuber is going to be accused of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior.

Paris Hilton will attempt another comeback, but her success depends on her approach to this.




covid strain

There will be a new Covid strain that will emerge and the current vaccines will be ineffective for this.

The former US president will end up in legal and financial trouble related to his tax returns.

A new strain of COVID-19 will surface, and the current vaccination will be found ineffective against it, causing many people to panic.

China and US relations will begin to change in a positive direction and business dealings between the two countries will begin to improve.

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There will be talk in the scientific community about self-driving motorcycles. Many people will become outraged claiming it is a very insane idea to even consider!

More UFO sightings will be seen but scientists will cover them up claiming they are due to something else.

New discoveries related to atoms will cause science to look at the world differently


Health And Medicine


There will be hope for people suffering from hair loss because a new drug for this will be promising.

There will be a super strain of the COVID virus that will become a major concern in the future.

A vaccine that prevents HIV will be released in the very near future.

A drug that cures hair loss will be discovered, giving many men and women new hope.

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Love And Relationships 


Expect this month to be one of love and positivity. Even people who are normally negative will be smiling more!

STD’s are going to be on the rise this month – especially herpes! Make sure to use protection with anyone you do not know very well!

The month is going to be one of the best months of the year to meet your soulmate! 




stock market

You can expect stability in the stock market this summer.

The stock market will remain steady through the summer. Afterwards, it will drop again.

Interest rates will start climbing back to where they were a year or so ago, no later than the 4th quarter of this year.

Silver prices will go up a little but come back down again soon after.




As we approach summer, Texas is going to suffer from even more bad weather. Severe flooding will plague the state, as well as extremely hot weather.

Rome will have some serious weather issues, making the upcoming months some of the worst weather it has had in years!

Parts of Africa are going to be hit hard this year, causing the loss of many lives. 


There are my psychic predictions for April 2021 and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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  1. TANA says:

    TANA, thank you for the emails! These new strains of covid, where are they coming from? Is someone savataging the world population? I smell a “rat”? I also heard from a client today that some people are passing out after they get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine! But they have ambulances ready to take people to the hospital ! 😳 I just hope that there isn’t another lockdown. 🙏

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