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During my latest astral travel, I wanted to know if there was a way a person could permanently eliminate from their life the possibility of ever being betrayed, deceived, or being lied to by others again! I also wanted to know if it was possible to shield a person from meeting negative people, so they could avoid the drama these people bring when we meet them. And if so, I wanted to know how to do this?

I ended up spending several hours in an astral state of meditation, and during that time I was shown how to do it!

What I Discovered

I landed on a planet called Zobo, and the inhabitants of this planet are called Zobonions. They told me about a powerful mist in the atmosphere of their planet that can be channeled down to people on the earth. So, anyone who meets a person surrounded by this mist will be incapable of betraying, deceiving, or lying to them. And they said this mist will also make a person invisible to negative people. So, it is 100% protection against all of these things!

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So, they taught me how to perform a Zobonion Mist Treatment that can be energetically sprayed around anyone. Once this mist has been energetically sprayed around a person, it will make it impossible for even a compulsive liar to lie to a person who has been misted! It will also make the misted person invisible to negative people. So negative people will not even come near them anymore!

And once a person has been misted, any negative people already in their life will become a very positive person, almost instantly! This includes spouses, significant others, relatives, coworkers, bosses, friends, and even neighbors!

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Zobonion Mist Treatments

So, I am going to be doing Zobonion Mist Treatments, combined with a Camo Chango session. (This changes any negative people already in your life into very positive people. You’ll think an alien walked in them and took over because the change will be so noticeable.)

I was so excited to learn this, and I don’t know about you, but not having to worry about ever being deceived, betrayed, or lied to again, made me feel like I could take a really deep breath! And knowing that without me having to do anything at all, other than receive this mist that negative people will not even see me, made me feel a lot more relaxed inside!

In order to have time to do my psychic readings, I will only have 50 spaces open to do this work on the people who want to eliminate deception, betrayal, and being lied to ever again, from their life!

The Zobonions told me that a person who receives this mist treatment could even see a spurt of wealth come into their life after receiving this mist!  And the Zobonions told me that anyone who receives the Zobonion Mist Treatment will be assigned a Zobonion bodyguard, who will watch over and protect them, their family, their children, and even their children’s families, for the next 50 years!

How cool is that??

By the way, I already received the mist and my life has begun changing instantly! Even won $3,000 on a scratch off the other day!

What You Need To Do Next

If you would like to receive the protection of this powerful mist then you need to click here to start and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve your space!!

As always, when I offer these special techniques, due to all the success my clients have had with them in the past, they fill up very quickly! So make sure to respond right away, so you don’t end up getting turned away!

The last few times I offered special sessions in the past, both times, over 100 other people responded too late – so they missed out completely! So make sure not to be one of them!!

I hope this was helpful to you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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P.S. Here are my New Year Predictions for 2020!

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