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Hi there,

With all the craziness going on around the world, I wanted to do something to help!

Usually I astral travel on Saturdays, but I took four entire days off just to devote time to astrally traveling to find a way to help the planet during this crazy time.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop what is happening, but I knew I could seek the help of some very powerful beings that could offer the help and guidance to our planet that we need!

I decided the best thing to do would be to travel to the 400th dimension and meet with the Zantoins – the most advanced and powerful healers in the entire universe.

So, you may be wondering who are the Zantons?

About The Zantons

The Zantons are inter-dimensional beings that live on the 400th dimension. If you ever met one, you would find they are quite the sight for sore eyes.

They have round heads with three eyes in the center of their forehead, two eyes on the bottom, and one on top, like a pyramid shape.

They also have toad-like arms and legs that are triple jointed, with webs between their fingers and toes. And when they sit, they sit back on their hind legs, like a toad getting reading to leap. They look a lot like walking toads with human-like heads.

Although they are not beautiful to look at, the Zantons are highly evolved beings with very kind hearts. AND they are also the most powerful healers that exist anywhere in the universe.

So this is why I decided to make contact with them.

The Zantons are known as “Healers of the Wind, Earth, And Sea” and they can create “shields of healing protection” around a person’s energy body.

So, I astrally traveled to their dimension to met with their leader named Ark to ask for their help and assistance during this time of crisis.

Please help by taking part in the special group so the Zantons can enter our dimension by clicking here NOW and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, to be part of this special group!

My Meeting With Ark

Ark told me he was already aware of the situation here on earth, but due to the different energy frequencies of their dimension and the earth, entering our dimension is impossible without the performance of a certain ritual.

In a very detailed, scientific way, which would take a degree in physics to fully understand, he explained to me how the energies of their dimension and our dimension are of different vibrational frequencies.

And in order for the Zantons to help the earth with their healing powers, a portal would need to be formed between their dimension and the earth, which would allow them to enter our dimension and help us.

Next, he asked me if I could find a large number of people who would be willing to help me create this portal, and I informed him I believe I could. So, over the following 12 hours, Ark designed and created a special form of protection that would benefit humans and help the earth be a safer place.

Then, we meet again the following day where he spent another 12 hours training me on how to direct a large group of people in creating this inter-dimensional portal, which will allow the Zantons to safely enter the earth’s dimension. Let me tell you, I was exhausted afterwards!

What The Zantons Will Do

Ark explained to me that it is going to take a large group of people to help create the energy portal that will allow the Zantons to enter the earth’s dimensional field. And once the Zantons are able to enter, they will be able to begin using their healing and protective powers all over the entire planet.

The Zantons will begin by placing a Zantonian Healing Shield of Protection around each person who participates, their entire family, and even their pets, too! 

Then the Zantons will visit every human on earth, along with every species of animal! This will help protect and heal  the people on earth.

People will still need to practice the same precautions, but this shield will add extra healing and protection power around human being and every animal on the earth!

Ark also explained how unbalanced earth energies created this current situation, and he said this was also the reason for the earthquake in Utah. So, in order to help minimize and prevent future disasters, the Zantons would place this Zantonian Healing Shield of Protection around the entire planet, which will balance out the earth’s energies. 

Then the Zantons will perform a cleansing of the earths vibrational energy field, which will reset the earth’s atmosphere back to where it was 6 months earlier, and also create a sense of calm and peace in peoples hearts and minds. Ark said it is important for humans to begin feeling calm and at peace until everything is back to normal.

After all off these shields have been put into place, the Zantons will then stay on earth and work “behind the dimensional scenes” with scientists, helping them to find the best solution, until a solution was found. 

Knowing this gave me a lot of hope and inner peace because I knew with this kind of powerful “invisible” support helping behind the scenes, a solution for eradicating this situation will happen sooner!

Ark then said to me “this will be over before you know it and we will do everything in our powers to make sure this is so!”

I Need Your To Help

So, I am going to need a large group of people to help me create this energy portal, so the Zantons can enter our dimension and begin offering their help!

Due to the seriousness of this situation, this training is going to take place in the next 5 days!

So, I need people to respond fast!

So, I am asking as many people as possible to be part of this special group, so we can create this energy portal quickly, so the Zantons to enter our dimension!

What Will Happen

During this special session, Ark will be joining me to make sure the energy of the group will be in the perfect vibrational resonance needed to create this portal. 

Before the portal is created, 900,000,000 Zantons will be on standby so they can enter our dimension immediately to begin offering their assistance.

And once they enter our dimension, the Zantons will create a Zantonian Healing Shield of Protection around around the entire earth to help balance it’s energies.

Next, they will place this same Zantonian Shield of Healing and Protection around every person who participates, along with all of their family members, and their pets, too! 

After this has been completed, they will then place this same shield around every human and every animal on the entire planet!

Next, the Zantons will also perform a cleansing of the earths vibrational energy field, which will help create a sense of calm and peace in peoples hearts and minds, giving all of us more inner peace!

Then the Zantons will stay on earth and work invisibly “behind the dimensional scenes” until a solution is found, helping scientists to find the quickest solution.

Having the help of the Zantons is better than anything I could have imagined!

How You Can Help

I need a large group people to help by being part of this because every person who helps will add even more power to creating a successful portal for the Zantons to enter and help us battle this!

Please click here NOW and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, to be part of this special group!

A Special Benefit For Those Who Help

Ark, the leader of the Zantons, also said “that any person who is part of this group will also get extra Zantonian Energy Protection (EZP) around them and their entire family! The extra healing and protection will happen automatically, due to the fact that they will be in direct contact with this energy when they are helping to create this portal!” 

And Zantonian Energy, I discovered, is some of the most most powerful protection and healing energy in the entire world!

As Ark explained, people still need to take precautions, and follow the advice of the medical professionals, until the Zantons have been able to help clear the entire planet. But they will have extra layers of protection now!

We need help creating this portal, so the Zantons can be assisting us in clearing the entire planet.

So, we need help creating this portal so the Zantons can assist in clearing the entire planet.

So, to take part in this amazing opportunity to help the planet, click here NOW and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, to be part of this special group!

You will be contacted back almost immediately because time is not on our side! So, the quicker we form this group, the quicker we can help make an impact on the world!

I did my best on this and I hope it has served you well.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Join me by clicking here NOW and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, to be part of this special group!

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