Here are my Psychic Predictions For February 2020

Hello there,

Well, my astral travels for 2020 are already starting off with a bang!

I want to tell you about my latest astral travel adventure and the interesting beings I met…

I started out as I usually do. Up at 2AM, drank some great tea, ate a banana, and then entered my meditation room.

But something felt different this time!

By the feel of the air and the energy in my meditation room I knew it was going to be a very special astral travel.

When I closed my eyes…swooosh!…

…my astral body took off so fast it felt like my hair was going to blow off like a cheap wig! It was pretty incredible.

The Incredible Beings I Saw When I Landed

So, in no time flat, I landed with a slight “thump”. I was a little shaken at first due to my bumpy landing, but what I saw when I landed was quickly made me forget all about my bumpy landing!

Instantly, I was standing in the middle of what looked like an alien spaceship landing base.

And above me, I could see all of these round disk-like saucers flying overhead…

…”swoosh” was the sound they made as they flew overhead in a purple color sky.

Then suddenly, I felt someone behind me put their hand on my shoulder, and when I turned around, I almost pooped my pants!

There was this 15-foot tall being, with arms that looked over 8 feet long, standing there to greet me. He introduced himself as Xxrzzlonkiczx (pronounced Zonkiz). I discovered I had landed on the planet Xoxa (pronounced Joxs).

He was so tall I got a cramp in my neck just looking up that high!

Then he telepathically instructed me to follow him, as we walked off this galactic landing base and into his spaceship.

Then off we went at a speed faster than I could even describe. But I later found out we traveled over 600 earth miles – in less than 10 minutes! We were literally flying thru space!

I Was The Only Human That Ever Entered Here 

We walked off the spaceship and into some kind of sacred moon circle. It looked like we were on the moon but we were on on the planet Xoxa (pronounced Joxs)

Xxrzzlonkiczx sat me down on a stone stool, right in the center of this sacred moon circle, and all around me, I was surrounded by 30 other beings who were just as tall as he is.

I discovered they are called Xvrtyyflocvx (pronounced Cronians) and as I sat there in the center of this sacred moon circle like an honored guest, Xxrzzlonkiczx explained they had been waiting on my arrival for over 30 earth years!

I come to find out that only a very spiritually advanced being is able to penetrate the vibrational energy field surrounding their planet. And I also discovered I was the only human who was ever able to pass thru this energy field which was surrounding their planet! I’m still not really sure what that means, but I can tell that they treated me like they were being visited by a king!

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The Amazing Insights Xxrzzlonkiczx Possessed (Pronounced Zonkiz) 

Xxrzzlonkiczx (Zonkiz) explained to me their planet is a storehouse of powerful healing energy that can benefit humans in some very powerful ways he was going to explain.

He said that they have been studying our planet and found that many humans struggle with their weight, the way their body looks and getting older. Or anything that will affect how they look.

And he said, “When a human doesn’t feel good about their appearance, they lose their self-confidence, which affects the way they present themselves to anyone they meet”.

He went on to say “Whenever a human feels inside that they are fat, overweight, too old, old looking, undesirable, or unattractive, they send out a negative energy vibration to others. All of which happens whenever a person doesn’t feel good about themselves or how they look. And feeling these ways inside makes them feel insecure, causing them to lose confidence in themselves.” 

And he explained how this loss of self-confidence affects humans in all areas of their lives. For example, a person who feels fat, overweight, old, or doesn’t feel good about their appearance, will project a different energy than someone who feels confident about how they look!

The Negative Effects Of A Poor Self Image

Xxrzzlonkiczx (Zonkiz) said when a human has a poor self-image due to not feeling good about one or all of these things, it severely affects them in the following ways:

– A poor self-image prevents you from getting out to meet people, especially if you are single and want to find love.

– It affects how you present yourself during a job interview.

– People who lack confidence never fully believe in themselves, which affects their ability to increase their wealth, happiness, and make their dreams come true.

– He said people who don’t feel good about the appearance of their face or body tend to become depressed inside, often without even realizing it. And this depression not only affects their physical energy, but it makes them feel like they want to give up inside.

– If you don’t feel good about the “lines of time” on your face, you will often tend to be highly critical of your looks. Because people who feel this way secretly long to get back the youth on their face they have lost.

– You stop believing in yourself, which prevents you from to live your life to the fullest.

– You may start to feel like a victim to life and experience a deeper sense of powerlessness inside.

– People who lose their self-confidence tend to feel more depressed inside than people who feel good about how they look.

– Plus a whole bunch of other negative things!

What Does Poe Poe Zow Do? 

Xxrzzlonkiczx  (Pronounced Zonkiz) told me the reason I was their honored guest was because they were going to teach me the infusion process to transmit Poe Poe Zow to others.

He explained that the very fact that I was able to penetrate the vibrational energy field surrounding their planet meant I was the human they were supposed to pass onto to, this sacred knowledge of the infusion and transmission of Poe Poe Zow.

Next, he tied it all together when he explained to me that the energy stored on their planet is called Poe Poe Zow energy.

Xxrzzlonkiczx (Zonkiz) said when a human has Poe Poe Zow energy infused into their energy field, the results are incredible. 

Poe Poe Energy does many incredible things, such as:

– It will cause your body to take the shape of the body they want to have!

– It causes the youth to come back to your face, making you look 10 to 20 years younger than you actually are!

– It will cause you to have fuller lips if you so desire it!

– It will cause any thinning hair to begin getting thicker!

– Poe Poe Zow works like plastic surgery in a bottle (without the pain)!

– When you experience all of these miraculous changes, it will boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive feelings about yourself by 300% or more!

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More Positive Effects Of Poe Poe Zow

Xxrzzlonkiczx (Zonkiz) said that Poe Poe Zow energy is so powerful it will also:

– It will cause a person’s body to take the shape of the body they desire, which will cause them to begin feeling more self-confident. And when a person feels better about their body they naturally feel more confident about themselves which causes them to draw people towards them.

– A person will begin feeler better about how their body looks, how this face looks, and how they feel inside, which will open the doors to greater job opportunities, along with all other opportunities in their life.

– The person will believe in themselves even more, which will cause an increase in their wealth, happiness, and make their dreams come true.

– It causes a person to amazing about their appearance and how they look, which will eliminate depression and cause them to regain the energy of their teenage years, once again!

– It will erase the “lines of time” on your face and cause you to have a more youthful face with a youthful glow again.

– You will start believing even more in yourself like you once used to, and naturally, begin living your life to the fullest.

– You will no longer feel like a victim and begin living life as the powerful person you know you are inside!

– As a result of the infusion of Poe Poe Zow, you will begin feeling better about your face, body, and appearance, allowing a new you will emerge!

– Plus a whole bunch of other positive things!

When Xxrzzlonkiczx (Zonkiz) explained all of this to me, my jaw literally dropped open!

Poe Poe Zow and My Friend Chuck 

I had to call Chuck as soon as my astral body returned back to earth.

After I explained to him what Poe Poe Zow does, he wanted me to immediately come to his house!

To be honest, Chuck had begun to put on some pounds over the last few years, and I know his low energy was a concern for him. He also felt like he was seeing more and more of the “lines of time” beginning to show on his face and wanted to slow it down!

I used the three necessary techniques on Chuck, taught me for the infusion:

1. Xcvzsed Zod (infusion power)

2. Crotctcrsdf (vibrational power)

3. Togcgfbvxsd (activation power)

When I was performing the Xcvzsed Zod, Chuck’s face light up with a smile, and when I was finished he looked like he could walk on air.

Then a few weeks later he told me people were asking him what he did because something about him looked different. People were saying he looked younger and more youthful and he even lost 8 pounds – without changing a thing!

I could even see his face was more glowy, and even his teeth looked whiter like he had bleached them or something.

I actually couldn’t believe the changes I saw for myself…and I can’t wait to see how he looks in a few more months.

He also said he had more energy than he can ever remember having since he was in high school. 

How You Can Experience Pow Pow Zow

As you can see, Pow Pow Zow is some pretty powerful energy. Probably some of the most powerful energy I’ve ever come across. And this is because this energy source comes from the planet Xoxa (pronounced Joxs).

Xoxa is located in the 455th dimension, and it contains the most powerful energy in the entire universe. So, this explains why it so powerful and why the results are incredibly amazing!

This is going to be a very limited opportunity and anyone who gets to experience it will definitely be one of the lucky few! 

Spaces Are Limited

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This is the opportunity of a lifetime to feel better, look better, and have the face and body you may have always wanted to have, or to have it all back, once again!

The Good News

And the even better news is this: Poe Poe Zow will work for the rest of your life. So even when you are in your eighties (80), people will think you’re in your sixties (60)!

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I sincerely hope this has served you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here are my Psychic Predictions For February 2020

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