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Have you ever heard of a Calberdone?

Well, you’re not alone because only a few people in the entire world ever have!

And in a few moments, you’re going to be one of the even fewer people in the entire world who knows what one is…

So, make sure you read this entire email because you are going to be

…and although they have an odd-sounding name, a Calberdone is not only very powerful but as you are going to find out, a Calberdone has unbelievable magical abilities, too!

So, make sure to read this entire email…

as I take you on a very interesting journey back in time …

Cleopatra Had One

In the secret Mystery Schools of Egypt, one of the very first lessons the Master Teachers of these schools taught their students (called initiates) was “what are Calberdones and how to work with them”…

…and secret scrolls from these ancient schools reveal that Cleopatra herself had actually been trained in how to work with a Calberdone.

As a matter of fact, it was a Calberdone that helped her go from being in exile (an impossible situation to escape from) to becoming the ruler of Egypt!

So as you can see, a Calberdone is very powerful and possesses incredible magical abilities. And because of Calberdones power, this reason is the reason, how to work with and summon the magical abilities of a Calberdone was one of the first lessons taught to the initiates in the secret Mystery Schools of Egypt. 

So, what is a Calberdone?

A Calberdone is a powerful being who is like a wizard. Calberdones reside on the 444th Dimension. The 444th dimension is the most powerful dimension in the universe where only the most powerful beings are permitted to reside!

(This realm is also where Ascended Masters and other deities also reside) 

And on the 444th Dimension, is where the Calberdones reside, too!

An interesting fact is that less than .05% of the world know they even exist. Therefore, this is YOUR very lucky day today because you are now one of the few people among that .05% who know they exist.

Calberdones are the most powerful wizards in the entire universe and their magical abilities are unequaled by any other magical being. They also have unlimited powers, which means the magical feats they can perform are limitless!…

….they can literally grant you anything you desire IF you know how to connect with them!

And knowing how to connect with them is the key to making any dream come true.

How I Learned About Calberdones 

My late mentor, who was a Master teacher of a secret Egyptian Mystery school, whose lineage went back over 2,000 years ago, to the days of Cleopatra, taught me about Calberdones and how to work with them when I was around 12 years old.

As a matter of fact, this was one of the very first things he taught me!

And just a few nights ago, my mentor came to visit me again. When he visits, he physically materializes in front of me, and we talked and visited for several hours that day. He comes to see me often to check up on me and make sure I am doing ok.

But during his last visit, he told me it is time to teach others how to connect with Calberdones so that other people can begin to experience the remarkable magical abilities of a Calberdone in their own lives.

So, now I want to tell you all about the magical abilities a Calberdone possesses and I think you are going to be a little blown away…

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The Magical Abilities Of A Calberdone

Calberdones are the most powerful wizards in the universe. And sacred texts from the Egyptian Mystery schools state that “Calberdones actually created the 444th dimension by simply waving a magical staff. Then it instantly came into existence, where it became a place for them to reside”. (The 444th dimension is the most powerful dimension in the entire universe).

Calberdones delight in helping others with their magical abilities, as long as the person they are helping has a kind heart. Because kindness and love are what Calberdones thrive on.

So if you are a person who has good in their heart, and not a desire to harm, hurt, or destroy others, then a Calberdone will work with you!

Calberdones have some amazing magical abilities, and here is just a small list of what they are capable of doing:

– When you are connected with a Caberdone, they can create a streaming flow of money that will continuously flow into your life, which will give you the flexibility to focus on doing more of the things you really want to do, while working less, yet having more money than ever before! 

– Once you know how to invoke their magical powers they can wave their magic staff to make it possible for you to earn a living doing what you really want to be doing! In other words, they will help you discover your life’s purpose and you will make money living it! 

– if you’ve ever had a dream of doing something you really love but never thought you would be able to make money doing it, by requesting the magical help of a Calberdone, he can wave his powerful magical staff and can make any dream you have, something you can make money doing! Art, helping others, working with animals, the elderly, children, or even some kind of healing or psychic practice, just to name a few! You will be able to make money pursuing anything that would make your heart sing inside!

– A Calberdone can instantly grant a person inner peace with nothing more than a zap of their wand! So if you struggle with worry, fear, anxiety or any other negative emotions that rob you of your inner peace, a Calberdone can give you inner peace almost instantly! And you will begin experiencing more happiness and joy in your life than you ever imagined was possible! 

– Calberdones are also magical matchmakers! And they are psychic, too! So, once you have been taught the secrets for working with them, they can wave their magical staff in the air, and cause you and your soulmate to meet within a 6 month period of time – or less! They are that powerful! 

– Calberdones are wish granters. So once you learn how to work with them, you will be able to just close your eyes, make a wish, and then sit back and watch it come true! 

– Once you have been taught the secrets to connect with them and learn how to invoking the powers of a Calberdone, the universe will be at your command. The only limitations will be your ability to think of the things you want a Calberdone to grant you! 

Learning to work with a Calberdone will change your life and this is why Calberdones were the first thing the Master Teachers of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt taught their newest students. 

Because the Master Teachers knew that once a person understood the magical powers of a Calberdone and how to work with one, they would be the commander of their own destiny! 

Learn How To Work With The Calberdones 

When my mentor visited me the other night, he asked me to train a group of people on how to connect with the Calberdones to be able so they would know how to have access to their magical abilities.

So, I am going to be offering this special training to people who are interested in learning how to connect and work with a Calberdone, and during our time together, I will be personally training this special group of people EVERYTHING they need to know in order to have access to the magical powers of the Calberdones.

Here is what you are going to learn during this training: 

* How To Astrally Travel To The 444th Dimension So You Can Make Contact With The Calberdones

Here you will actually visit the 444th dimension via astral travel and you will actually be able to see the dimension where they live 

* How To Make Contact With Them

You will actually meet a Calberdone during this training

* The Proper Way To Approach A Calberdone

You will then be the right and wrong ways to approach a Calberdone

* How To Request The Help Of A Calberdone

You will learn the proper spiritual etiquette when requesting the help of a Calberdone because you always want to do this respectfully

* How To Summon There Magical Powers With 100% Effectiveness

You will learn how to get 100% effectiveness when summoning their powers and you will also be taught how to know that you have correctly summoned their powers whenever you request something from a Calberdone!

* How To Make A Wish And Have A Calberdone Make It Come True

Wishes are what Calberdones thrive on because they are known as the “wish granters of the entire universe”. So, you will learn the Egyptian 3-Step Method for making a wish the right way, so you can be assured it will come true!

* What To Avoid When Working With A Calberdone

There are things you always want to avoid doing when working with a Calberdone. You never want to offend them, even if it was unintentionally. You will be taught the things to avoid (which aren’t really that difficult to understand) but this needs to be covered anyway just to make sure.

* How To Establish A Connection That Will Last A Lifetime

Once you have been taught how to work with a Calberdone, you will have developed a life-long connection with them. This means you will be able to call on a Calberdone for the rest of your life and they will always help you with their magical abilities. Magical abilities that only a powerful wizard can possess!

After you receive this very special training your life will change like you never imagined before!

**The Calberdones are also great companions, too. So once you are taught how to connect with a Calberdone, you will never feel alone or lonely ever again in your life! Because you will always be able to connect with a Calberdone and experience their magic abilities in your life!

This is probably the most powerful training I have ever offered up to date, AND I am only offering this training ONE TIME!

So, IF YOU MISS OUT ON THIS, YOU MISS OUT ON THIS FOREVER! (There will be no second chance to learn this ever again!)

This training is going to be very different than any of the other sessions you may have attended with me because this is an ACTUAL TRAINING SESSION. This is not a meditative session like many of the others, but an ACTUAL TRAINING.

This training is not only exciting, but it is fun and ANYONE CAN LEARN IT! You are going to find that Calberdones are magically funny, witty, delightful, and a joy be connected to! So get ready for lots of laughs, happy feelings, and one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

I can GUARANTEE YOU, you will not want to miss this!

Where This Training Will Take Place

This powerful training is very convenient because it will take place via a Teleseminar.

So, you will be sent a special link a few days before the training, which will allow you to join the training either by telephone or on your computer.So no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to join it.

Since many of my clients are in different parts of the world, and in different time zones, the entire thing will be recorded.So if you are still sleeping when I do the training, or have to miss it for any reason whatsoever, thats no problem at all! We will just send you the link and you can listen to the training at your convenience.

What You Will Want To Do Next 

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After this training, you will know:

* How To Astrally Travel To The 444th Dimension So You Can Make Contact With The Calberdones

* How To Make Contact With A Calberdone

* The Proper Way To Approach A Calberdone

* The Best Ways To Work With A Calberdone

* How To Summon There Magical Powers With 100% Effectiveness

* How To Request Them To Make Any Wish Come True

* What To Avoid When Working With A Calberdone

* How To Work With Them Your Entire Life

After this special training, you will have everything you need to know to invoke the magical abilities of a Calberdone ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and WHENEVER you need it!

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I hope this has served you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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