This Forbidden Knowledge Has Been Kept Secret For Over 2,000 Years – Until Now!

Hi there,

My mentor, who passed away several years ago, visited me from the spirit world just a few days ago.

And when he visits me, he visits me in a completely materialized human body!

In other words, he appears in the flesh, as if he were still alive! If anyone saw him sitting there talking to me, they would think he was a living person.

When someone on the Other Side visits in a fully materialized body, they look exactly as they did when they were still alive. In the psychic world, this is called Physical Materialization, meaning the person who has died psychically materializes in front of you and looks exactly like they did when they were.

When my mentor visits me, he usually physically materializes, so for me, it’s like he is still alive.

But this visit was different from the rest of our visits because of the message he delivered to me.

And his message left me speechless…

His Message That Left Me A Little Speechless

When he visits me, we catch up for an hour or two chatting and drinking chai tea together (Chai tea is his favorite tea), then he says goodbye with a hug and then slowly dissolves away into thin air.

But this time, we only chatted for about 15 minutes when he looked at me with a very excited look on his face and said: 

 “Tana, I came to tell you it is time to teach a select group of people how to create the powerful Amulet Of Ra. 

And anyone who learns this secret knowledge will be granted the recognized title of “Holder Of The Sacred Amulet To Unlimited Universal Knowledge” and have completed “The First Step To Higher Ascension”.

I was speechless!

Because when I was 15 years old, he taught me how to make The Amulet Of Ra is, all about its unbelievable powers, and how to use it.

A common ancient Egyptian amulet

And I was surprised by how something so powerful was so easy to make!

But before he taught how to make The Amulet Of Ra, there was a special initiation ceremony where I was sworn to secrecy that I would never share what I learned to another living soul – unless I was given permission to do so!

So, I was surprised that after all these years, he was telling me he now wanted me to pass this knowledge onto others!

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What Exactly Is The Amulet Of Ra  

First, I want to make sure you know what an amulet is?

An amulet is a type of magical good luck charm, which depending on the amulet, can be used for protection, for making something you desire happen or come true, for attracting more money to you, along with a variety of other things. Because different amulets do different things!

Ra was considered the most powerful Egyptian deity in the universe.

In ancient Egypt, Ra was considered the most the most powerful deity in the universe, therefore, he was also the worshiped deity. So, The Amulet Of Ra was created in honor of him.

Ra was known for his miraculous, limitless, magical powers, and the Master Teachers in the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools knew anyone who possessed this amulet would possess these same unbelievable, wizard-like powers, too.

According to secret ancient Egyptian scrolls, The Amulet Of Ra was created over 2,000 years ago by the most knowledgeable priests of an ancient Egyptian Mystery School.

And how they came up with the formula for creating it was through many hours of daily meditation, secret rituals, and astral travel because astral travel gave them the ability to be in direct communication with Ra.

These same ancient scrolls say that Ra himself, personally trained and taught these priests the powerful secret formula for making this amulet! 

Ancient Egyptian Scrolls containing secret knowledge.

It took this group of priests over two years to perfect the design and construction of this powerful amulet, but once they had perfected how to create it, they knew they had created the most powerful amulet in the entire world.

Why The Amulet Of Ra Was Created

The Amulet Of Ra was originally created as a magical tool to be used by the most advanced students of an ancient Egyptian Mystery School because of its endless magical and miraculous powers.

After a secret initiation ceremony where the students were sworn to secrecy, the priests taught them how to make The Amulet Of Ra by using simple, everyday objects.

After completing all of the training and studies, the students of this Egyptian Mystery School said they used the incredible powers of the Amulet Of Ra, so they could make a major impact on the world!

You may already recognize the names of three of these Mystery School students: Djoser, Tutankhamun, and Ramses, because each one of them became a pharaoh of Egypt.

What Does The “Summoning Of Ra” Means?

Powerful, magical, miraculous, and limitless in its application, when you hold The Amulet Of Ra in your hands, by rubbing it gently, it instantly gives you wizard-like powers.


Because when gently rubbed…

… it summons the deity Ra which makes it the most powerful amulet in the entire universe! 

So what does the summoning of Ra mean? 

Once you have created The Amulet Of Ra, you will be instructed on where to exactly rub it.

Because when rubbed correctly, it will release an invisible energy bolt into the ethers above, causing the clouds to part, and a special stairway to come down from the skies above!

And by using this special stairway, Ra will walk down from the sky to greet you, so you can make a request for him to help you with.

All of this will happen invisibly…unless you have a fully open Third Eye!

A fully opened Third Eye

So, if your Third Eye is fully open, you will actually see the clouds opening – right before your eyes! And if you’re Third Eye is not fully open, no worries! Because I will also be teaching everyone how to fully open it! That way, you’ll be able to see this magnificent event happening too!

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

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What The Amulet Of Ra Can Do For You

 So, The Amulet Of Ra actually creates a magical portal that allows Ra to energetically materialize right beside you!

And because Ra is an actual deity, his powers are limitless!

You see, when you rub the amulet correctly, you are actually unlocking the forces of heaven, which causes a stairway from the sky for Ra to walk down on and energetically materialize beside you!

And here are just a few of the things (there are many, many, more) The Amulet Of Ra can do for you:

* It can solve different problems of the heart, such as attracting a new lover, making an ex come back, or getting your partner to love you more. It even helps a person who is not committed to commit! It can bolster an existing relationship and bring people closer together! Prevent a breakup! It can even help you put a ring on your finger! 

* This amazing amulet also works as a “truth serum” making it impossible for you to be deceived by others. Because no matter what anyone says or does, this amulet will make sure the truth will always be exposed to you! 

* It can draw employment to you. Help you find a better job, get promoted, and advance in your career! 

* The powerful Amulet Of Ra can help you in the lottery, attract more money, get extra money in work, eliminate debts, etc. In other words, it can grow or increase your wealth, or eliminate any kind of debt! 

* This powerful amulet can help you conceive a child of your own. The ancient Egyptians used The Amulet Of Ra to help them get twins. The ancient Egyptians also believed it will protect your unborn baby from bad spirits and miscarriage. It will also remove any black magic in a person’s life that is causing them not to get pregnant!  

* This amulet is so powerful it can deal with how others see or think about you. People with negative opinions of you will suddenly change them into positive ones. It will make you well-liked by everyone you meet, socially, personally, and professionally! 

* When you want more friends, or if you’re feeling lonely, you can use this powerful amulet to bring people into your life. It will also keep toxic people away from you.

* The Amulet Of Ra can give you prophetic dreams, where you can dream the answer to any problem or challenge, the outcome of any situation, and even see into your future, or the future of anyone you want to know about!

* Being in possession of this magnificent amulet will help you obtain harmony, safety, and peace, in all aspects of your life!

* All of these things and much much more will be possible once I have shown you to create your own Amulet Of Ra!

So, as you can see, possessing The Amulet Of Ra is as close to possessing wizard-like powers that anyone can get!

Egyptian priests consulting with a deity in the astral world.


How You Can Possess The Amulet Of Ra

I’m sure by now you can see the limitless ways your life would change, in ways you never imagined were possible, once you know how to create The Amulet Of Ra!

So, I will be holding a very special 90-minute training, via Zoom, where together, each person will be making their very own Amulet Of Ra.

And don’t worry, before this training, I will be sending you a very small list (with amazon links to each one) of the items you’ll need for this special training. You probably have most of them in your house already! 

Here’s what will happen during the training: 

First, you will take part in an ancient Egyptian Initiation Ceremony where you be given permission by the powers that be, to possess The Amulet Of Ra.

After your initiation is complete, I will show everyone how to make this powerful amulet and we will make it together. (Again, all you need are a few common household items).

I will then show you how to properly rub The Amulet Of Ra so you can summon Ra to access His miraculous powers!

And as a special bonus, I will be teaching you how to use your Third Eye to see the releasing of the energy bolt, the parting of the clouds, and the stairway from heaven, which Ra will use to walk down and stand beside you!

Finally, there will be a Recognition and Graduation Ceremony where you will officially be given the highly-esteemed title of “Holder Of The Sacred Amulet To Unlimited Universal Knowledge”, and recognized as having completed “The First Step To Higher Ascension”.

The Amulet Of Ra can be worn under your clothes, as a necklace, because it is an attractive piece to wear, carried in your purse or pocket, placed in the glove compartment of your car, or be kept safely in a drawer at home to be accessed whenever you need it!

Once your training is completed, you will be holding in your hands the most powerful amulet in the entire world, which you will know how to use, and possess the highly-guarded secret knowledge for how to use it!

Why This Opportunity Is A Very Big Deal! 

This opportunity is a very big deal because less than 50 people in the entire world will ever have this knowledge, along with having these titles. 

Also, in ancient Egypt, anyone who was given the title “Holder Of The Sacred Amulet To Unlimited Universal Knowledge” wore a special symbol on their robe, which was recognized by others. When they walked down the streets people bowed down, because they were held in the highest respect! 

And today, having this title is still a very big deal!

So, you can see why I was speechless the day my mentor told me he wanted me to pass this ancient knowledge onto others!   

The amulet Of Ra will change your life forever!



How To Be Part Of This Very Powerful Group

I can assure you 100%, that due to the high spiritual nature of what I am going to teach, these spaces will fill up VERY FAST!

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And believe me when I tell you having the opportunity to learn this secret Egyptian knowledge IS a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And I have already been told by my mentor that after this training, this knowledge will go into hiding for another 5,000 years! NEVER To BE TAUGHT AGAIN in this lifetime.

So if you miss out, you miss out for good! No going back. No future opportunity to ever learn it again. Last chance – gone forever!

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I am so excited to be able to share this knowledge with you during this special training session!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Once you reserve your space for this, we will send you a small list of the materials you need to for making The Amulet Of Ra during this training together.

P.S.S. You WILL BE VERY UNHAPPY if you miss this one-time opportunity!

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