Here’s my Latest Psychic Predictions (April 2021 Release)

Hi there,

How would you like to experience a life-changing miracle right now?

I don’t just mean any ol’ life-changing miracle…I mean one that will change your life from how you know it today?

Well sit back and relax because I want to tell you all about my amazing astral journey a few weeks ago…and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like this!

I began as normal: up at 3am, drank some green tea, ate a banana, got into my astral travel chair, closed my eyes, and off I went…

(For those of you new to my emails, astral travel is an advanced psychic technique where I use my Astral Body (Energy Body) to travel to different dimensions)

Why I Almost Jumped Out Of My Astral Pants! 

Immediately after closing my eyes I came to a stop and knew I had landed!

Let me tell you! When  I opened my eyes, I jumped back because what I saw in front of me took me by surprise!

There were these little gray beings who were about 3 feet tall standing right in front of me! They looked like gray aliens with human-like features and they had these huge smiles on their faces.

And they were standing in a circle with me in the center and they were only about 6 inches away from my body with these huge smiles on their faces…

…and it startled me because I’ve never had beings standing that close to me, right in front of me, when I landed on a planet!

I then discovered they are called Onks, and I had landed on the planet Trusk, which is in the 84th Dimension.

I then met their leader whose name is Tarkon, and he was very friendly!

The Onks Possess Very Advanced Psychic Powers

They were fascinated by my height, my legs, and my human body, so they kept touching me and giggling in a very friendly way! They were truly fascinated by seeing a human person!

At first, I thought I might end up being probed like in an alien experiment! But then I learned they can read minds and see inside of souls, which allows them to instantly know everything about a person! They can actually know your entire life history in less than 10 seconds!

The advanced psychic abilities they possessed were beyond anything I had ever seen before!

Then after scanning my mind and looking into my soul, they gave Tarkon a nod of approval and I was taken to a sacred meeting place where all welcomed visitors are invited.

Understanding The The Amazing Power Of Onkon 

Tarkon told me he had a vision that a human from planet earth would be landing on their planet soon, so he was expecting me.

And he said he was shown in this vision that his people were to teach the human The Power Of Onkon, so he could use it to help his followers.

As I tried to let him know I’m not a leader with followers…, he stopped me. And as he gently looked into my eyes he said, “Tana, I already know all about you, who you are, and how you have helped hundreds of people with your psychic gifts. 

And I want to let you know how happy I am that you are here because today I am going to pass onto you The Power Of Onkon and show you how to use it! 

And then I want you to pass The Power Of Onkon on to others, to benefit people’s lives in unimaginable ways!” 

I thought, “What is The Power Of Onkon?” and right then, Tarkon looked at me, as if he had read my mind and said:

“The Power Of Onkon is the rare and special ability to read a person’s mind and see into their soul, allowing you to know their true thoughts and feelings, along with who they really are inside!”

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The Incredible Power Of Onkon And What It Can Do 

Tarkon spoke with me for over 3 hours, explaining what The Power Of Onkon is, what it can do, and how it works!

I explained how The Power Of Onkon supercharges a person’s aura and their Third Eye, giving them the rare and special ability to read other people’s minds and see into their souls – even if they don’t say a word!

And the most amazing thing is this! The person DOES NOT have to be in the same room with you! You can use The Power Of Onkon even if you are both in two different parts of the world!

**And all of the information you receive will be 100% accurate! 

So Here’s Just A Few Of The Ways The Power Of Onkon Can Be Used


**You Can Use it To Know What Someone Really Feels Or Thinks About You!

Imagine you want to know how someone really feels about you, or what they really think of you. All you have to do is use The Power Of Onkon and you will know their true thoughts and feelings instantly!

For example, you can use it on a date to know exactly how the other person feels about you. Then you can look into their soul and see if they are able to commit to a relationship, have any undesirable baggage, and even know if you can trust them or not.

The Power Of Onkon eliminates wasting your time on getting to know someone who is not a good match for you!

Or maybe you wonder if your spouse or significant other is being truthful or faithful? With The Power Of Onkon you will instantly know the answer!

Maybe you’re wondering when your special someone is going to put a ring on your finger and know the real reason why they haven’t already! The Power Of Onkon will give you that ability!

The Power Of Onkon will help you improve your love life and protect your heart from getting broken again!


** The Power Of Onkon Can Be Used To Advance Your Career, Improve Your Professional Life, And Increase Your Financial Standing! 

If you have a boss, coworker, or business associate who you are not sure how they feel about you, with The Power Of Onkon you’ll know right away!

Imagine applying for a job that pays more money, you can use The Power Of Orkon to know the right things to say during the interview! It will give you the upper hand over all the other applicants! Whoever knew landing a job and increasing your income could be that easy? 

Or say you are applying for a promotion move up and earn you even more money. After using The Power Of Onkon to know what kind of candidate they are looking for, all you have to do is highlight those qualities about yourself during the interview! Can you imagine the impression you will make by having this “insider information” ahead of time? You will definitely have an advantage over all the other candidates!

If you’re a salesperson, by knowing right away what your client is thinking, wanting, and needing, you will be able to offer your client the right product! And they will thank you for it afterwards!

In any professional situation, The Power Of Onkon will make you shine above the rest!


** The Power Of Onkon Is The World’s Most Accurate Lie Detector!

Have you ever wanted to know if someone is telling you the truth?

Have you ever felt like someone wasn’t telling you something? Maybe only telling you part of the story and leaving the rest of it out?

Well, being lied to or deceived in any way will become a thing of the past because with The Power Of Onkon you can read their mind and know the truth! And you will vent be able to look into their soul and know exactly what they did and why they did it!

With The Power Of Onkon, you will never be fooled, or made a fool of, again!


** The Many Other Ways The Power Of Onkon Will Benefit Your Life 

The Power Of Onkon is not just limited to your love life, work-life, or professional life, it can be used to read the mind and soul of anyone, anywhere, and at anytime!

And it doesn’t matter if the person is near or far away! It will still work!

Maybe you’re worried about your kids and want to make sure they are ok, you can use The Power Of Onkon to find out!

Or if you meet someone you want to be friends with. You can use The Power Of Onkon to know if this is the person you want to be friends with or not!

Imagine you have a roofing or plumbing problem. Or maybe you have a large construction project and want to make sure you choose the right person for the job! By using The Power Of Onkon, you will choose the right person, every time!

Or imagine you need a new doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or any other health professional! You can use The Power Of Onkon to choose the best one for you!

Maybe there is someone you want to check on to make sure they’re okay! You can use The Power Of Onkon to check in on them. (I use this all the time to check on my mom who lives by herself, 2,500 miles away).

As you can see, The Power Of Onkon can be used in limitless ways, on anyone, anywhere, and at any time!

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** The Person DOES NOT Have To Be Near You For It To Work

The great thing about The Power Of Onkon is the person does not need to be in the same room as you! Because The Power Of Onkon is an “energetic connection” and because energy cannot be separated by distance or space, it can be used to read the mind or soul of anyone – regardless of where they are in the world! 

You will be able to do all of these things once you’ve had The Power Of Onkon performed on you!


How The Power Of Onkon Helped My Best Friend Chuck 

Like always, the first thing I did after I learning about The Power Of Onkon was to call my best friend Chuck and he immediately wanted to know when I could perform it on him! So, we made plans to meet the next day after his work!

When I got to his house, he was excited and ready, so I had him sit and relax as I performed The Power Of Onkon on him!

As I was standing above him performing The Power Of Onkon on him, he levitated about 2 inches off his chair, for around 5 seconds. I didn’t expect that to happen but it was very cool to see, indeed!

After I finished, I asked him to give me an update next week. Well, 3 days later my phone rang and it was Chuck!

Immediately, he started to share with me the following story!

He said his boss was acting differently towards him at work that day, so naturally, he wanted to know what was going on. So, he used The Power Of Onkon to read his boss’s mind and he learned he was going to retire soon. He learned that his boss was also trying to decide if he should promote Chuck or one of Chuck’s peers into his position when he leaves. (This was not just any position, this was for a VP position).

So Chuck decided to set up a meeting with his boss and let him know he was interested in moving up in the company if he ever retired. Chuck said his boss looked at him funny and said it was weird Chuck mentioned this, telling Chuck he was just thinking about who would be the best fit for his position when he retired.

It turns out, at the end of that same day, his boss announced his retirement.

The next day Chuck’s boss called him into his office and offered Chuck the position! Chuck gladly accepted and his new VP Position also came with a $30,000 a year increase – plus overrides!!

And here’s a few more ways The Power Of Onkon has helped Chuck in just the past two weeks:

– His mother was alone and fell, but he was able to call the neighbor to check on in less than 10 minutes after she fell! Without the Power Of Onkon, she could have laid there for a few days with no one to help her! (His mother still wants to know how he knew to call her neighbor to check in on her right after she fell!)

– By using The Power Of Onkon he was able to avoid a bad and costly investment his stockbroker suggested. He also fired him and got a new one, after discovering his shady ethics and practices!

– The pipes in his house broke! So by using The Power Of Onkon he was able to hire an amazing plumber who’s bid was $800 cheaper than other others! With The Power Of Onkon he learned the other plumbers wanted to use the cheapest materials to make more profit)

Are You Ready To Possess These Powers

As you can see, The Power Of Onkon is an amazing ability to possess!

Just imagine all the ways The Power Of Onkon will benefit your life! You will become a person who always knows the right words to say and exactly when to say them!

A person who is good at dealing with people has a way with words, captures other people’s attention, and always seems to be one step ahead of the game!

Possessing The Power Of Onkon will literally change your life and the way you live it! It will put on a level that most people only dream of being at!

And right now, this opportunity is yours for the taking!

The Power Of Onkon will never come around again, so you want to grab this life-changing chance now!…

…or it will be gone forever! 

The Next Step

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Imagine how much easier, simpler, worry-free, and stress-free, life will be when you have The Power Of Onkon.

Always knowing what to say, always being a step ahead of the rest, and always succeeding and coming out ahead in anything you do!

You will become someone who always seems to know what to say, makes others feel at ease, and shines a light that naturally draws towards you!

Imagine being able to walk into any room and have people instantly like you, look up to you, and admire you…

…these are just a few of the things The Power Of Onkon will do for you!

But if you don’t click here now to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, the spaces will all be gone, causing you to miss out on this rare opportunity!

I look forward to passing The Power Of Onkon onto you…

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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