Here’s My Latest Psychic Predictions for December 2018

Hi there,

As you may already know, every week I get up around 3AM on Friday morning and meditate for six to eight hours, then on Saturday, I get up around 3AM and astral travel for around  6 to 10 hours.

This has been my routine for many years now. and the reason I do this, is because not only do I love doing it because it keeps me balanced spiritually and mentally, but also because my astral travels have helped me spiritually advance, due to all the amazing Beings I have meet from other dimensions and galaxies!

And all the different things I learn, I am able to use it to help you, so this is why I share any new information I learn from my travels in these emails

So, all this devotion of time pays off for me! 

My Latest Astral Adventure

I met the Glopanites!

Glopanites are some of the most interesting looking beings I have ever met! And they are also some of the highest advanced Beings in the universe.

They look like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They are about 8 feet tall, have purple see-thru skin (so you can actually see their heart beating) bright violet eyes, arms that almost touch the ground, and very large, long heads.

Different to look at, but full of love – all the way to their core. They are also very spiritually advanced Beings who never feel anything but total acceptance of others, and pure love for all Beings.

They are the true definition of enlightened beings.

I would say they are more advanced than any Being I know of, including  the Buddha, or any other spiritual leaders. Although they are not Gods, Glopanites are Beings, just like you and me. 

Chewbalok Is Their Leader

Chewbalok greeted me when I entered their dimension, and as usual, he was awaiting my arrival and said he knew I was coming. He actually greeted me with a warm, loving hug.

“Tana, my friend of light, welcome to our dimension”, he said!

Then he told me all about their race, their dimension, and all the ways of their people. It was totally fascinating!

What he said next, I was unprepared for…

…Chewbalok said he had a special mission for me, and I was personally chosen by him to carry out this mission.

Needless to say, I was a little nervous at this point because I wasn’t sure what “this mission” involved. But at the same time, I was curious to hear what he had to say.

The Money Mission That Chewbalok Assigned To Me

Chewbalok said, “Tana, I am going to channel my powers thru you so you can use them to help other earthlings accomplish their dreams. 

Many people on earth want financial freedom and to be debt-free, but many earthlings, no matter how hard they try not to, gather debt! Or, they start to get ahead, and then something unexpected comes along, putting them financially right back where they started! 

There are several causes for this, but basically, the reason this happens to people is because their energy is out of alignment with the prosperity energy, which flows through the entire universe.

It appears that people who are very rich, are naturally aligned with this energy, while people who financially struggle, are not. 

So, what I am going to teach you is how to align the energy of people who struggle, so they can become debt-free and gain financial freedom… 

…AND some of the people who get their energy correctly aligned, will become EXTREMELY rich! 

Sadly, many earthlings have a lot of guilt and wrong ideas about having a lot of money, failing to realize the earth is an abundant place where there is enough for every living person. 

But for those who realize there is no shortage of money on the Earth Realm, their lives will overflow with financial abundance when they experience what I am about to channel to you!” 

The Glopanian Abundo Flowyo 

Chewbalok asked me to stand in front of him, then he looked me straight in the eyes, and all I remember after that, was I was standing there shaking my head, like a dog trying to shake the water off after a bath! Thing is, that was 4 hours later…

…but it seemed like no time had passed at all!

When I came back to my senses, you could see electrical energy shooting out of my fingertips – but it only lasted for a few seconds.

Chewbalok told me he had channeled to me, all the knowledge about how to perform the Glopanian Abundo Flowyo, and now I was ready to perform it on anyone who wanted to manifest enough financial abundance to become debt-free, and have the type of financial freedom most people only dream about!

What Glopanian Abundo Flowyo Will Do

This is going to be such a powerful technique that the results are going to be nothing short of amazing. I discovered that the real reason most people are not wealthy isn’t because they cannot become wealthy!

It’s because they subconsciously block the flow of wealth into their lives!

So, The Glopanian Abundo Flowyo literally moves you out of your own way, and opens the floodgates to an abundant, endless flow of wealth to come rushing in to your life!

As a matter of fact, when I tried this on my friend Chuck, out-of-the-blue, he received a large windfall, which was enough to pay off all of his student loans, his car, and half of his newly purchased home. I’m talking A LOT of money came to him! 

How It Works

The Glopanian Abundo Flowyo opens all seven of your chakras, on all 47 dimensions of your soul, causing an auric thrust of cosmic energy, to rush through your energy body and magnetizing it, which then causes you to become like a Human Money Magnet!

If you want:

– Financial freedom

– Wealth beyond your wildest dreams

– A never-ending flow of financial gain that can literally help you become debt-free

– A very secure financial future for your life

– And much, much more…

…this is then lazy man’s way to achieving all of these things! And there is no easier way to achieve this type of financial freedom that I know of!

This is as close to “waving a magic wand and making your dreams come true” as it will ever get!

And I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but…

…for those who want financial freedom for their lives, there will be a special surprise announced to you when you reserve your space for this life-changing session!

How To Be One Of the Lucky Ones!

You will be truly lucky if you are one of the people who are lucky enough to be able to reserve a space for The Glopanian Abundo Flowyo.

Why I say “lucky” is because there will be only 99 lucky spaces available for this, and since this particular email is going out to over 10,000 people – you’d better act fast if you wanna be one of the lucky ones!

To reserve a space for this and have the special surprise revealed to you, click this link and reserve your space now by filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

** You can also respond directly to this email, BUT IF YOU DO, MAKE SURE to include your direct phone number, or you might not get a call back!

This is going to be an amazing experience for all 99 people involved, and the magical money power is going to stir up the lives of the lucky 99 people who get to attend – is going to blow their minds!

If YOU PROCRASTINATE – IT WILL Be TOO LATE – so, click this link RIGHT NOW and reserve your space now by filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

I look forward to helping you bless your life with abundance, wealth, and prosperity!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Don’t forget to ask about the surprise when you schedule your space!

P.S.S. Here’s my latest Psychic Predictions for December 2018

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