Here’s my New Years Predictions for 2022

Hey there,

I am so excited today because I am going to tell you about something very exciting I discovered during my latest astral travels!!

I discovered something called a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well. And here’s the weird thing….

When I finished my astral travel, I opened my eyes and a mysterious drawing was sitting right in front of me and I have no idea how it got there!

So, move in closer because boy-oh-boy do I have a story to tell you!

The Mysterious Drawing!

Last Saturday night, something very different happened to me!

The same as always, I sat down at around 2:30 am to begin my astral travel. But all I remember is closing my eyes, and when I opened them again, it was 11am – 8 hours later!

But here’s what was so unusual about my astral travel this time…

…when I opened my eyes, right in front of me was my side table, a pencil, a pen, and colored pencils – which I have no idea how the table got moved in front of me!

And here’s the even weirder part…

On top of the side table was a finished drawing!

The mysterious drawing on the table in front of me.

I have no conscious memory of anything except closing my eyes, and then opening them again – 8 1/2 hours later!

And here’s something else that was weird, too!

Standing right in front of me was an alien looking being, who told me his name was Zueltron…

…who then he went on to explain how the side table got moved, why the pencil, pen, and colored pencils were in front of me, along with where the mysterious drawing came from and what it means!

I Was Put Into A Trance-Induced Brain Download! 

All I can say is thank god my husband Johnny was out of town that weekend because he would have freaked out seeing a 4-foot tall alien walking around the house!

Zueltron suggested we walk into my living room where we could be relaxed and have a chat. So, he followed me and we sat on our living room couch to chat.

He told me that I had astrally traveled to the planet Zar, where he is from, and he said the reason I don’t remember anything is because when I arrived on his planet, I was immediately placed in a deep trance, in order for them to download into my brain, the instructions for activating a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well…

…I had no idea what he was talking about!

Next, he asked me to pause for a moment right then, and tune in to my thoughts, which I did! And suddenly to my surprise, I knew everything about Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Wells, how to activate them, how they work, what they do, and how to implant them in the yards of others!

It was the most amazing thing I ever experienced in my life!

 The Mysterious Drawing And How It Got There 

Before my astral travel, I had never heard of a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well before.

Remember how I opened my eyes and the side table had been moved in front of me, with pencils and pens on the table, and a strange drawing of some kind?

Zueltron said that while I was in that trance having the information downloaded into my mind, he moved the side table in front of me, and then got the pen, colored pencils, and paper from my closet, and placed them on the table in front of me.

And while I was in the trance, he explained how he placed the pens in my hand and moved it to draw the drawing of a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well! Kind of like automatic writing! 

Then he handed me the drawing and explained that the reason the information was downloaded into my brain when I was in that trance, was so I would know how to activate the Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well.

He said without the proper activation, the Wishing Well would be useless! 

I asked him about the weird looking symbols on front of the well, and he said the symbols are what make a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well so powerful! Those symbols he said, are ancient Zaronic symbols, which are more powerful than anything known to the human race.

These mysterious Zaronic symbols.


Those symbols are what give a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well the power to make any and all wishes come true!

Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Wells And What They Do!

Zeultron went on to say that because of my inter-galactic reputation (I couldn’t help but smile when he used the words “inter-galactic reputation” because I’d never heard any being I’ve met say it that way before) that the leaders of his planet felt I was the right human to pass this knowledge on to.

Then we were there over the next 4 hours as he explained to me exactly what a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well is and what it can do! 

I was literally stunned by the magical powers of this wishing well!

I discovered that a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well gets implanted by the Zarons in a person’s yard. (Zarons are what the people from his planet are called). 

Next, he explained how the Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well is not only invisible but also protected by a crystalline energy grid, which makes it indestructible by any being from any planet! It would even survive a nuclear war!!! (You can see the diamond-shaped crystalline structure in the drawing)

Photo showing the Diamond-Shaped Crystalline structure.

Once the Wishing Well has been implanted in a person’s yard, it needs to be activated. And once activated, a person who has is lucky enough to have one implanted in their yard can make unlimited wishes for the rest of their life, and every wish they make will come true! 

And the best part is, its magical wish-granting power never runs out!

Zuelton told me that all the people on his planet have a powerful a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well in their yards! And, to my surprise, it turns out that the Zarons have a galactic reputation as being the experts on knowing how to make wishes come true!

But a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well will only work for humans who have a pure heart.

So, if you are reading this and thinking about how you could use it to harm someone, stop reading this email right now! Because a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well would not be for you!!

But if your wishes you would love to see fulfilled are pure and good in nature, then read on…

What Does A Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well Do?

Zuelton told me that it is so powerful, that a wish is fulfilled, the result of the wish lasts forever.

And YOU GET TO CHOOSE any wishes you desire!

So, what this means is:

* If you wish for love, not only will it come to you, but it will last forever!

* If you wish for financial abundance, it will be unlimited for the rest of your life!

* If you wish for a successful career, you will grow and grow, all the way to the top!

* If you wish for your own business, you will have an unlimited supply of clients!

* If you wish to write a book, it will sell limitless copies!

* If you wish for good health, it will be yours forever!

* If you want to lose weight, you will – and it will stay off forever!

* Or you can make any wish that YOU want to come true!

So, once fulfilled, your wishes will last forever!

Zeultron Had Special Conditions

Zueltron told me a person with an evil heart, would not benefit from this magical wishing well. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t seem to stress this to me enough!

So, it is very important to know that this won’t work for people like that.

He also stressed that any person who wants to have a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well implanted in their yard has to have certain energetic qualities that “only he will be able to identify”!

Zueltron was so serious about this when he explained it to me, that he said he would implant a wishing well in any human’s yard, as long as they meet the energetic conditions required.

So, he insisted that he look over every single name, of every single person, who wanted to have a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well implanted in their yard, and he wanted to know a few of the person’s wishes in detail, so he could determine who would, and who would not be chosen for this.

Then he said after he looks over each one that was submitted, he will let me know who has been chosen – and he told me he will not choose more than 75 people!.

Something else you need to know, this session is going to be performed in a very different way. Also, the implanting of this wishing well in your yard will take place the night before this session, and all of this will be explained in more detail to the 75 people who are chosen.

Something to know: If you are one of the chosen people, Zueltron said if you ever move from where you now live, the Zarons will come and move the wishing well to wherever you move to. It will happen automatically, without you needing to do anything special at all.

How To Apply To Get Chosen 

Per instructions of Zuelton, here is what you need to do if you want to experience the power of this wishing well, and make any wishes you have come true!


** Instructions from Zueltron:

1. Reply to this email

2. Address it to Zeultron

3. Write down a few wishes you can think of

4. Promise you do not intend to use your wishes to harm anyone or anything

5. Email it directly back to me right away!

6. Include your direct contact number so we can contact you are chosen!

** I have made this very easy for you to fill out because I’ve designed a copy-and-paste template you can use!

A Copy-And-Paste Template For you

I created a template for you that will only take you 5 minutes to just copy and paste into an email.

Then just answer the 3 simple questions, and send them back to me ASAP!

Here’s the template (Copy and paste this template)

“Dear Zueltron,

Thank you for considering me.

A few of my wishes are:




4. My direct contact number is:

I promise I would never make any wish to harm or injure another living thing.

It would be an honor to be chosen by you to have a Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well implanted in my yard.


(Your name goes here)

After I receive your email, Zueltron will look at it right away, and if you are chosen, someone will get back to you to schedule the Bio-Energetic Crystalline Wishing Well session.

I Suggest You Make Your Move Now!

If you want to have your wishes fulfilled, wishes that will last forever, then answer the questions right away and get them back to me immediately!

It will only take you 5 minutes to just copy and paste this template into an email, answer the simple questions, and then send them back to me.

I know one thing! Zueltron is a fast mover, and no moss grows under his feet! And I can tell you by the look in his eyes, he is ready to find 75 people to make their wishes come true!

So if you play around, wait, or procrastinate, filling out the copy and paste template, and sending it back to me ASAP, you will lose a once-in-a-lifetime chance of making your wishes come true!!

AND, the AMAZING PART is, your wishes do not have to be for you, they can be for anyone you know!!

Seriously, how many people do you know who will also have this same opportunity in this lifetime? I think I can safely say “none” unless they are part of my email list!

So copy-and-paste the template into this email, fill it out, send it back to me, and Zueltron will look at it as soon as he receives it.


Good luck with being chosen!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Make sure to copy-and-paste the template and send it back to me ASAP or you WILL miss this! And you DO NOT want to miss this!

P.S.S. Here’s my New Year’s Predictions for 2022

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