My New Year’s Predictions For 2022

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by so quickly since we are only a few days away from the beginning of the New Year, I consulted with my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to see what lies ahead in 2022!



Things are going to get tough for Alex Baldwin because as more information comes to the surface, he might not look so innocent!

A bizarre murder is going to happen in Hollywood. Some will say it reminds them of the Charles Manson murders back in 1969.

Open marriages among some seemingly innocent Hollywood names are going to come out and shock many people!

Secret and private sex parties in Hollywood, which are being attended by some very well-known name will come to light, causing major embarrassment to them.

A new child star will enjoy the spotlight, making a name for himself just like Macaulay Culkin once did!

A new gossip book, which will expose the personal lives of some very famous celebrities, will be talked about behind closed doors, as possibly getting published. It will be nipped in the bud before the public even knows about it!




Hong Kong

China will tighten its grip on Hong Kong, and more people will vanish without a trace.

A plane crash is going to result in the loss of several lives. A few Americans, and even some Europeans will perish in the crash.

A terrorist group is going to invade more parts of the Middle East, as they try to expand their reach and take over more territory, causing many deaths and more havoc in the name of religion.

China is going to tighten its control over Hong Kong and more people are going to disappear without a trace.

Another virus will once again pop up outside of the United States, and even newer vaccines are going to be recommended. People will begin questioning how many vaccines are people going to need?

Ex-US President Donald Trump will face some serious trouble because of something he did that went too far, as it ended up placing the security of the US at risk.

Abortion, along with other human rights issues is going to become a very heated topic. Depending on the decision of the US Supreme Court, it could end up putting one of the last straws in the camel’s back, which pushes the US closer towards a civil war.




New discoveries about COVID-19 are going to come to get leaked, causing many people around the world to begin to wonder if they have been duped by being feed wrong information.

Robots are going to be in the news more and more, with lots of talk about how they could make human life much easier. Many people will be skeptical!

More and more questions about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine will surface, with unsettling health reports from people around the world caused by the vaccine from a certain company.

The Sackler family who owns Purdue Pharma, which invented OxyContin, making them billions through sales of the drug, will experience several tragedies in their family this year. Some will claim it is due to bad karma.

New discoveries in the field of artificial limbs will be made in creating limbs so realistic looking, you won’t be able to tell if they are not real.

Flying cars will be in the news more frequently, with talks about how cars that drive on the roads will be outdated technology one day.


Health And Medicine



Turmeric will be the first certified herb prescribed by doctors and hospitals for the treatment of specific disorders.

New advancements will be made in growing human organs, such as hearts, livers, spleens, and eventually eyeballs for the blind or people with vision problems. Replacing your eyes will eventually become a replacement for Lasik surgery.

Turmeric will eventually become the first official herb subscribed by doctors and hospitals for treating certain ailments.

There are going to be several more variants of COVID-19 reported in the news, causing people to debate on how much of this information is as serious as they are being told. As opposed to how much of the information is being out by big pharma companies to make more money from the vaccines.

A new type of mold will be discovered to have certain health benefits when it comes to treating certain diseases. Researchers will be surprised by this new finding.

A new type of medicine will start being prescribed by doctors and then will immediately be pulled off the shelves, due to a high death rate among people who begin taking it!


Love And Relationships


Divorce rates among straight couples will be higher this year than ever before. While divorce rates among the GLBTQI community will continue to remain low.

A new type of sexually transmitted disease will be discovered, which will cause sterility in women and men. Scientists will be baffled and not be able to find answers to this as quickly as they like.

2022 is going to be the Year Of The Soulmate for Libras, Pisces, Leos, Aquarians, and Cancers. These zodiac signs can expect to find true this year!

A strange kind of sexual energy will flow through 2022 causing many people to do things and try things that may have never been on their radar before! Many will walk on the wild side!

Be cautious, keeping both eyes open during the summer months of 2022 because many people will fall for someone, who they felt was the one, having the person turn out not to be.





Cryptocurrencies will be popular in 2022, but picking the proper one to invest in will be crucial.

Cryptocurrency will be strong throughout 2022 but choosing the right one to invest in will be the key. Inexperienced investors should avoid investing in this area!

A new investment opportunity will present itself, which will be related to either a new search engine or something related to the internet, or the IT world. Foresighted investors will stand to make millions!

Stable investments should be the focus for 2022 unless a person is a seasoned expert in the stock market. Even then, still, be very careful where you invest your money!

Gold will be a good investment in 2022, but only for a very short time frame! A deep study of this market will be necessary in order not to lose your money.

More investment opportunities will continue to present themselves for investing in drug companies that produce new drugs related to COVID-19 and its related variants.




Utter and total destruction is going to pour down on parts of Texas. People who are there when it hits will say it felt like Armageddon.

Severe hale is going to fall on parts of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana, causing lots of damage to the homes, in the areas where it hits.

A major drought will sweep over Ethiopia causing famine and the loss of many lives!

Saudi Arabia will experience a collapse of power within the King’s family, due to an embarrassing scandal. It will begin internally and expand outwards, causing damage to their reputation and a loss of power that will never be recovered!

I hope you enjoyed my New Year predictions for 2022, which are my first set of predictions for this new year!

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