My Latest Psychic Predictions For December 2021

Here are my latest psychic predictions for December 2021.

Good news for some investors…

…bad news for some states and countries!

I hope you enjoy reading them and please share your comments below! 




Several Hollywood celebrities will announce they currently have, or had, COVID. Sadly, we will lose a few of them to COVID, even though some of them will have already been vaccinated!

Due to the recent fatal accident on the set of Rust, a major upheaval will result from it, as the safety procedures on Hollywood film sets are going to be exposed as unsafe and just waiting for another death to happen if no changes are made!

Just as Kal Penn’s coming out (Kumar from the Harold and Kumar films) took many people by surprise, another celebrity is going to come out that will also take many people by surprise!





The United States will have to decide whether to become involved or keep out of the Middle East crises that will inevitably erupt.

More conflicts in the Middle East are going to arise. The US will be faced once again whether to get involved or stay out of it. There will be talk of the US temporarily intervening, but due to public outcry, the US will still get involved.

Russia is going to start taking some actions, which will raise flags around the world. Although nothing will come about from it, Putin’s actions will cause other countries to keep a close eye on him.

Kim Jung-un is going to pop his head up again with some unexpected missile test launch antics. Several countries will secretly meet in private to decide what to do with him and how best to handle him. 

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If you thought COVID- 19 was a big deal, then you’re not going to like a new virus that will come out of either Uganda, or somewhere in Africa. The first cases in the US will be found in Texas, and then spread around the country from there. Always wash your hands to protect yourself! Scientists will be baffled!

More cloning of prehistoric dinosaurs will be uncovered from a secret lab in Russia or China, which has been lowkey in their cloning experiments. Their goal is to clone a real-life Jurassic Park! Outrage will ensue but regardless, they will still continue their work!

A cure for the common cold will be talked about, as some scientists will feel like they are getting closer to completely eliminating it altogether! 


Health And Medicine



A new drug is being developed to aid in the treatment of leukemia patients.

Americans will begin getting healthier. An Exercise trend will sweep the nation and many Americans will begin focusing more and more on getting in shape! This trend will also catch on in Latin America and other countries where the obesity rate is high.

A new medicine will be in the works of development for helping to cure people with Leukemia. Although it will be a while before the drug is fully developed, it’s still progress in the right direction!

Some doctors, hospitals, and a few insurance companies, will begin experimenting with accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Trying to stay ahead of the trend, will turn out to be a very successful move!

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Love And Relationships


Choose your words carefully this month when talking to your spouse, partner, or special loved one. Due to an unusual amount of mismatched vibrational energy in the air, misunderstandings can easily happen. So be especially careful this month to think before you speak. 

The 1st, 14th, 18th, 22nd, and 28th will be the best days for meeting that special someone. These are the best dates to go out and about and start mingling. Here’s a clue: Love in December will come in the most unexpected places!

There is going to be a lot of sexual energy in the air, so it’s not your imagination if you feel like people are hitting on you a lot! Some people maybe a little too touchy-feely this month, and remember, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to express that! 




oil and gas

Gas and oil prices will continue to rise to dizzying heights!

Gas and oil prices will continue to go sky high and out the roof! It will become unaffordable for some cities around the world, and more people will begin riding bicycles, or carpooling!

An economic crash is going to hit several countries and it will be the worst crash to have hit in many years. The US, China, Korea, Japan, and Europe will not be affected.

A new kitchen or household gadget, which will be as new as microwaves were in the 1970s, will hit the market. When it hits the market, smart investors will know this will be the best time to invest!




All across the US, severe weather patterns are going to continue to hit hard and earlier than normal. Places like Indiana, parts of Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi, are going to be hit the hardest!

California and Florida are going to experience very mild temperatures during their “fall” and “winter” this year. These two seasons will seem to them like a continuous spring.

Expect major water occurrences in Indonesia, Uganda, parts of Africa, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East. 

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