My Latest Psychic Predictions For November 2021

Here are my most recent psychic predictions for November 2021. We are going to expect some bizarre trends in the world of relationships and fashion.

Because of the changes in the upcoming energies over the next 12, this is going to create some unusual and creative trends.

I hope you enjoy reading them and please share your comments below! 




A long-kept secret will come to light regarding the life of a famous celebrity. Many bizarre details will be revealed, and some people will find it unbelievable. But it will all be found to be 100% true!

The death of a famous female celebrity will sadden many of her fans. Known as always being a bright light wherever she went, she will be deeply missed. Especially by those who knew her personally.

Another major Hollywood sex scandal is about to make breaking news and it will be even more revolting than the evil doings of Harvey Weinstein.




financial crisis

Unexpectedly, a financial catastrophe will strike a foreign country, forcing it to seek financial assistance from the United States.

A financial crisis will unexpectedly fall upon a foreign country, causing this country to seek financial help from the US. Many heated debates in Congress will occur as a result of this, but in the end, the US will end up loaning the money.

An assassination attempt on a foreign official will take place. It will be covered up in the media as something else, but the truth will eventually come out that it was an assassination attempt.

The death of a world leader will leave their country in turmoil and upheaval. US Forces may be called upon for intervention.

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New strains of COVID-19 will be discovered around the world way before it enters the US. Eventually, COVID will be treated like a common cold or flu, as yearly vaccines will become common practice.

Huge advances in self-driving vehicles will be made within the next 6 months among car companies, but Tesla will continue to take the lead by being a few steps ahead of the rest.

A very successful, longer-term space flight, with the passengers being everyday people, will happen sooner than most expect. This successful flight will place us much closer to being able to live on other planets.


Health And Medicine



A universal vaccination is being developed that will prevent people from virtually all infections and ailments known to man.

A universal vaccine will be in the works, which will protect people from almost all kinds of viruses and illnesses known to man. It will be highly effective, but sadly, it will only be made available to First World countries.

Mechanical and robotic organs will become the new talk of the future. There will be talk about research into making mechanical and robotic human hearts, lungs, and veins, out of synthetic materials, which will last a person their entire lifetime.

A very large dinosaur will be the focus of a cloning experiment. Some will claim it is very dangerous to try and bring back to life such powerful, flesh-eating beast, as the one they will try to clone.

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Love And Relationships


We are going to see more and more couples experimenting with open relationships and thrupples. Some couples will even experiment with having four-way relationships, too.

We are going to enter a new sexual revolution, reminiscent of the ’60s. Free love, minus the drugs and rock and roll, will become the new motto in this movement. Shockingly, many grandparents who were teenagers during the sixties teenagers will join this new sexual revolution!

A new trend, which is going to be all the rage, will be wigs for men. Unlike toupees, they will slip over the hair, allowing men to have different hairstyles. It will become very popular because men will enjoy being able to change their hairstyle whenever they please.




stock market

During the second quarter of next year, expect stock market volatility in some places.

The seller’s market is going to continue for a while longer, allowing sellers to make large profits. Those who time it right will be able to sell high, and then use their profits to buy low! Others will not do so well.

Expect swings in certain areas of the stock market during the second quarter of next year. Well-rounded portfolios will not be affected, while unwise investors will suffer major losses.

Expect certain foreign currencies to drop over the next 6 months. This will cause waves in certain financial markets around the world. But no worries because most of them will rebound quickly!




There are going to be more typhoons and hurricanes this year than have been seen for a very long time. Parts of Asia will be the most severely affected!

There is going to be snowfall in places that never get snow. Due to their lack of snow, these areas will be unprepared, causing these cities to come to a near standstill.

A rare weather occurrence will have some people believing it is a sign that the end is near. It will only be due to the weather and nothing more. 


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