Bio-Radionic Energy Spores – And How They Can Destroy Your Love Life!

I had another amazing astral travel I wanted to share with you!

I got up at 2am, the same as I always do every Saturday. Ate a banana, brewed some green tea, and then went to my meditation spot to prepare for my astral travel.

When I closed my eyes I left my physical body my soul body took off immediately! No more than 8 seconds had passed when I landed on a planet right in the middle of a beautiful field of red and pink flowers. And the feeling of love was in the air! 

A Loving Welcome 

So, here I was, standing in a field of the most beautiful pink and red flowers I have ever seen! They were very exotic-looking flowers that we don’t have on earth, and their fragrance smelled so good!

In this field of flowers, I felt a very happy, loving feeling inside me that is very hard to describe. But it felt very loving!

As I looked around, off in the distance I could see the outlines of some type of beings approaching me! As they got closer, they looked like humans, and they had the most amazing smiles on their faces!

I later discovered they don’t actually exist in physical form because they exist on their planet as pure energy. But they are able to take on the physical form of anyone they meet. So, they took the form of a human body when they met me.

Astavan – The Planet Of Love 

There were 13 of these human looking beings and they introduced themselves to me as The Council Of Love. And standing in their presence, I was feeling very strong feelings of love like I had never felt before!

And after visiting and meeting hundreds of beings on different planets, the love I felt in their presence was hard to describe in words. It felt amazing!

They told me I has landed on the planet Astavan. A planet that is 8,000,000 light years from the earth! They also informed me that all throughout the galaxy, their planet is referred to as the Planet Of Love!

So, now I was very excited to experience more of this love I was feeling!

They Told Me Why I Landed On Their Planet

We sat in the center of this beautiful and fragrant field of flowers and talked.

The Council Of Love said they had sent out a universal signal inviting me to their planet, and that is the reason I landed here.

They spoke to me telepathically (mind-to-mind) as they told me “The reason we requested your presence is that when we recently visited the earth, we were shocked and saddened to learn that millions of people on earth have love difficulties, in one way or another. 

And when we realized this about the people on earth, it brought us great sadness because we believe all beings in the universe have the right to experience a deep, true, authentic love! Yet most humans on earth are not experiencing this! 

So, we have made it our mission to help the people on earth with their love difficulties, and help them be able to experience what true love really feels like!”. 

They had tears in their eyes as they were telling me this!

Their Shocking Love Research Results

The council said that after discovering the difficulties humans experienced with love, they said “We did some research because we wanted to know exactly why so many humans are having these deep struggles with love and relationships. 

And sadly, here is what our research showed us about people on earth:

– If you’re single and looking for love, you will be rejected or get your heart broken by 93% of the other single people you meet! That’s 7 people out of 10 who will reject you or hurt you! 

– Out of the 3 remaining people that didn’t reject you or hurt you, 2 of them will have serious issues with trust, commitment, drugs, alcohol, honesty, or unavailability (emotionally and physically). Leaving 1 person who you might have some potential with – maybe! 

– 7 out of 10 people who decide to get married or make a serious commitment together, will have their relationship end within 3 to 7 years! 

– 46% of all married or seriously committed couples will experience one or both partners having an affair, or several affairs! 

– In 8 out of 10 married or seriously committed couples, one or both of them will feel unfulfilled and unhappy in their relationship within the first 5 years! 

– And between 9 months and 2 years after getting married, or becoming seriously committed, one or both people in the relationship will question if they made the right choice!”

The Council told me these research results are not normal, which leads them to think something more is going on!

They said, “There has to be an explanation for this and we were determined to find out the reason because we want to help earth people be able to experience an authentic, life-long love, that is fulfilling on all levels!

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What They Discovered What Was Causing This

The Council told me they called in their top scientists and researchers because they wanted to know why so many people on earth are having such horrible love problems! And it seems their research team came back with some very interesting findings! And here is what they found….

They discovered there is something called Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores floating all over the earth! And they discovered these spores first began appearing on our planet around 1976. Interestingly, this is around the time when the divorce rate in the US started rising!

The bad news they discovered is these spore float in the air, causing them to attach themselves to the trees, absorb into the ocean, fall onto the ground, and stick to our houses, cars, buildings, and every other possible inch of space they can attach themselves to!

They even found them in the rain forests, too!

How These Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores Got Here

The Council explained how these Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores are not commonly found in the earth’s atmosphere! They are only found on the planet Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Caspo, and Alrazon.

…and a few other planets.

And their researchers said there are only 2 ways these spores could have been brought to earth, and were probably brought here both ways:

1. When we sent astronauts into space, the Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores attached themselves to the re-entry capsules that are used to return the astronauts back to earth.


2. UFO’s visiting from other planets had these spores attached to their spaceships when they entered our atmosphere.

The Damaging Affects Of Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores

The Council Of Love explained to me that “Since these outer space plant spores are released from certain space plants, once they enter the earth’s atmosphere, they genetically change, causing them to change from harmless spores, to spores that seriously affect humans.

Like all spores, they multiply, grow, and float in the air!  Getting breathed into the lungs of humans! AND once they are breathed into a person’s body, they cause some very deep emotional effects. Shutting down parts of a person’s emotional energy system on some very deep levels. 

This causes the shutting down of certain positive emotions, while at the same time causing a person to feel more of the negative ones! 

And since they have been here now for over 46 years, they have been breathed into the lungs of every person living person on earth.

Breathing in these spores not only prevents a person from being able to connect to feelings of true love, it also causes people on earth to have trouble finding love, too!

And the reason for this is that not only do these spores create feelings of emotional fear, but they also cause a person to have fear of trusting and fear of being vulnerable with others!

In other words, the fear caused by these spores prevents people from being able to open themselves up to love, being able to trust, and feeling fear inside whenever they meet someone.

These spores cause humans to fight against the feelings of love, due to the fear in their hearts. And all of this happens subconsciously, so most people don’t even realize this is happening inside of them!

Surface Love Verse Authentic Love

What The Council told me next was a real lightbulb moment for me…

They said that “Tana, the problem is this. Whenever a person has fear in their heart, there are already going to be problems because fear and love do not mix together, since fear is the opposite of love! 

And since people are constantly breathing in these spores, their emotions of love and fear are in constant conflict inside of them on a subconscious level! 

So, as you can see, these Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores are preventing, blocking, and stopping humans, from experiencing true, real, authentic love – on a deep soul level”

The Council then explained to me how “Most people on earth only experience “surface love”, thinking this is what real and authentic love feels like! But the truth is because they are full of these Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores they have never been able to experience what true love really feels like!  Even if they think they have experienced it! 

So, they end up believing that the “surface love” they have felt in the past, or are currently experiencing, is what true love feels like – but it isn’t!… 

…They are only scratching the surface!

And Tana, this is just one of the many examples of the damaging effects caused by these Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores!” 

How The Councils Findings Made Perfect Sense

So, I began to see the big picture and realized if all humans have these subconscious, internal conflicting feelings between fear and love, then the findings of the Councils research team explain why:

* Single people looking for love will be rejected or get their hearts broken by 7 out of 10 of the single people they meet. And how out of the 3 remaining people that didn’t reject them, 2 of them will have serious issues with trust or commitment, drugs, alcohol, honesty, or unavailability, emotionally or physically! Leaving them only 1 person who might have some potential – maybe! Fear of love and fear of trusting will cause people to act this way!

* 7 out of 10 people who decide to get married or make a serious commitment will have their relationship end within 3 to 7 years! Fear of love causes people to build walls and grow apart!

* In 46% of all married or seriously committed couples, one or both of them will have one, or several, affairs! This happens because fear of love causes people to only feel on the surface, never allowing the person to bond on a deep level. So having affairs would make sense!

* In 8 out of 10 married or seriously committed couples, one of both people will feel unfulfilled or unhappy in their relationship within the first 5 years!! This is because fear and lack of trust cause people to grow apart and become unhappy! Makes sense!

* And between 9 months to 2 years after getting married, or becoming seriously committed, one or both people in the relationship will question if they made the right choice! This happens because fear causes people to never feel settled or satisfied! So this makes perfect sense to me now because now I understand that all of these problems are caused by people being affected by the Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores!

Here’s The Good News – Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso 

The Council had me visit their planet to share with me their findings, and then show me how to help the people who wanted to begin having more fulfilling, deep, authentic love experiences, by cleansing the damaging Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores from their bodies!

They said “Since the earth is covered in these Bio- Radionic Palastic Energy Spores, it would be impossible to eliminate all of them. So, the only thing that can be done is to rid a person’s of all of their Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores, and then, make them entirely immune to them, so that they won’t get them again!

And then The Council to me “This can all be accomplished with a method called Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso, which is a powerful, elimination method that will rid the human body of any and all of these spores! “

Since Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores are not a natural part of the earth’s environment, it requires a method as powerful as the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method to entirely rid a human body of all of their spores!” 

Next, they dropped a bombshell on me when they said A person who has not had these spores eliminated from their body will carry these spore with them into all of your future life times! Causing the same effect over and over again! So, these spores are very serious! And we want you to eliminate them from as many people as you can!”

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What The Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method Does

Learning how to perform this method was an amazing experience, and here is everything The Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method will do for you:

1. It neutralizes and expels all Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores, bio and non-bio, in your Physical and Energy Body

2. Once the spores have been neutralized, they will be instantly expelled from your body, and released into a cosmic bio-hazard container.

3. The cosmic container will then be transported to the 945th dimension, where anything negative, destructive, or dangerous, is immediately transported. Here it will then be further purified by White Light

4. If you are currently in a marriage, committed relationship, or getting to know someone you really like, the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method will automatically be performed on you and the other person at the same time! This assures that both of you have a clean slate without the interference of these nasty spores!

5. The Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method will also be automatically performed on anyone you are interested in, in the future! Also eliminating their spores! This is so the two of you have the opportunity to also get to know each other on a true, deep, and authentic level, without the negative effects of the spores blocking the other person’s heart from getting to know you!

The Positive Affects Of Having Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method Performed On You

Some of the many positive effects of having the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method performed on you are as follows:

  •  After having this performed on you, if you are single or looking for genuine love, instead of being rejected by 70% of the people you meet,  7 out of 10 people you are interested in will now want to get to know you more!  No more being rejected, or getting your heart broken because almost everyone you meet will want to know you more, too!
  • After your spores have been eliminated, the person you settle down with will last a lifetime, rather than fizzling out over the next 3 to 7 years, because all of those spores have been expelled from both of you! 
  • Instead of being one of the 46% of all couples that experience cheating and infidelity, after your spores have been removed, you will never have to worry about your  special someone ever chasing on you!
  • With  8 out of 10 couples feeling unfulfilled or unhappy in their relationship, that will never be the case with you! Because one you experience the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method, a new spark will be ignited in your relationship and your relationship will experience a deeper love  than most people will ever get the chance to experience!
  • If you’re  someone who says “We are very happy”, then is there a pleasant surprise waiting for you! After having the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method performed on you, the two of you will grow even deeper love, and you’ll both feel like you’ve just meet for the first time!
  • After having the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method performed on you, instead of questioning your relationship like couples who have been together between 9 months and 2 years do, you will definitely always know your relationship was the right choice! 
  • PLUS a whole lot more!

How To Get Rid Of Your Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores

The next step is to grab one of the spaces so that you can have the Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores Method performed on you and get these spores out of your body!

Removing these spores will not only change your love life, increase your chances of finding true and authentic love by 2000%, improve your existing relationship, it will allow you to see for the first time what true, deep, authentic love really feels like!

Not only are you going to experience more confidence when meeting people you are interested in! You are going to know love in a different way than you ever imagined possible AND your sex life will go thru the roof!

PLUS, many many, other positive love experiences like this!

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As you can see, the Immunic Sporic Permic Releaso Method is a powerful method that will have very positive affects on your love life, your emotions, the the heart and emotions of the person you love or desire to have a relationship with!

So having it performed on you is not something you will want to miss! Because once these spots are gone, they are gone for good -leaving you to live the rest of your life with these spores! 

And don’t forget what The Council said: “These spores will also carry with you into all of your future lives, affecting your love life, over and over again!” 

When The Council said those words, that was the exact moment I realized that these spores are nothing to mess! Because it means these Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores will continue causing a person all the same love problems they’ve had in this life, in all of their future lives.

So, please don’t put this off, because you deserve to experience a true and authentic love in this lifetime, regardless of the types of bad luck love you may have had in the past!

Because after having the Bio-Radionic Palastic Energy Spores method performed on you, those bad luck love problems will be a thing of the past!

Experience what true, deep, authentic love really should feel like by clicking here NOW to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to grab one of these limited spots – because it sure beats the alternative! 

I am so excited to share this method with you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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