How Do I Know If My Soulmate Truly Loves Me? soulmate

Your soulmate is that one person you are destined to spend this lifetime with.

You truly believe in your heart of hearts that you’ve found your soulmate, the one person in the entire universe destined to be your permanent partner in life. The one person who will truly make you happy and complete you.

All the signs in your life point to this. But there’s still one question that bothers you no end: Does that person think of you as their soulmate, as well? Does your supposed soulmate love you in the same degree that you love them?

Your supposed soulmate may show signs that they indeed love you, too. But are those signs enough to prove that indeed they regard you as their soulmate and that you would be the source of their ultimate happiness, and complete them as well?

Of course, you can always ask your supposed soulmate what they feel about you and if they truly consider you as their one and only soulmate. But will their answer, whatever it is, be enough to assure you that indeed, you two were made for each other?

In the end, only you can answer these questions. Only you can reassure yourself that the feeling of intense undying love is mutually shared between you and the person you regard as your true soulmate.

To help you reassure yourself that indeed you’ve found your one true soulmate and that they also truly love you and regard you as their soulmate, as well, I have listed here several questions that you can place crosses or check marks on:


  1. The person feels completely safe with you.

Does your supposed soulmate feel completely relaxed when you’re with them? When they’re having a bad day, does your mere presence make them feel good, removing all their anxieties and fears?

  1. You complete each other.

Does the person feel that you have what’s lacking in them, that you can do things they can’t do, and vice-versa? Does your partner feel that when you’re together, you balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses?

  1. You easily forgive each other

When you have an argument or a quarrel, can you both talk calmly to each other and forgive each other later on, without holding grudges?

  1. Your happiness is more important to them than their own happiness.

Does the person show acts of selflessness? Does your partner want to ensure your own comfort and pleasure first, without waiting for you to make the first move?

  1. You respect each other’s differences

Do the two of you have differences of opinion on various matters but you discuss these with an open and non-judgmental mind? Are you confident that these differences won’t affect how you treat and love each other?

  1. You respect each other’s need for private moments.

Does your partner allow you to have some moments by yourself the same way you give them such moments? Does the person show their full trust in you by refraining from checking up on you during these private moments?

  1. You share the same vision.

Despite your differences, do the two of you have the same outlook on life? Do you view your relationship the same way and have the same views on raising a family?

  1. You complement each other’s weaknesses.

Are you fully aware of each other’s weaknesses but are working together to resolve these to make each other stronger?

  1. The person somehow knows what you’re thinking.

Even without you saying a word, does your partner surprise you by knowing what’s on your mind just by the looks on your face? Can this person complete your unfinished sentence the same way you can do the same with them?

  1. Your partner fully empathizes with you

Does the person feel what you’re feeling? If you’re working on a project that excites you, does your partner feel the same excitement?

  1. The person feels you’re the only one for them.

Does your partner feel deep down inside that you’re the only one that can fulfill their deepest longings, that they won’t look for anyone else?

  1. Your partner feels happiest when they’re with you.

When you and your partner are together, do you lose your sense of time as you engage in endless happy conversation, enjoying each moment?

  1. The person fully understands you and your values in life.

Does your partner support you in all your endeavors and place great importance in what you’re doing in your life?

  1. Your partner helps you in whatever way they can.

When you’re having a problem, is the person quick to offer assistance even if this would inconvenience them?

  1. The person accepts your imperfections.

Does your partner know all the flaws in your personality but accept them without judgment and love you just the same?

  1. Your partner doesn’t see any possibility of you two splitting up.

Even if the two of you have a disagreement, does the person remain convinced that such a rift would not result in a breakdown of your relationship?

  1. The person doesn’t get jealous.

Even if you are with some other people of the opposite sex, doesn’t your partner get jealous and remain faithful to you?

  1. Your partner doesn’t easily get offended when you criticize.

If you tell the person that something’s wrong with the clothes they’re wearing, doesn’t your partner get offended and simply laugh it off?

  1. The person doesn’t make you feel bad.

Doesn’t your partner belittle you or make you look silly or insignificant in their life?

  1. Your partner is quick to offer an apology.

Is it easy for the person to say sorry when they do something that displeases you, swallowing up their pride to avoid further conflict?

  1. The person feels the two of you were meant to share your life with each other for good.

Does your partner believe that the two of you were destined to be together for the rest of your lives?

  1. Your partner takes all your stress away

If you had a particularly stressful day, does the person do everything they can to ease your mind and reassure you that everything is fine with the world as long as you’re together?


If you put a check mark on each of these questions, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ve found your ideal partner in life, your one and only love, your soulmate!

You feel a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual, connection with this person, which you don’t feel for anyone else. The reason for this is that this person has been connected with you in your past lifetimes and that the two of you have made a pledge to meet again and again in your succeeding lives to continue your loving relationship.

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