Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels – How They Can Help You


Isn’t it comforting to know that you are never alone in this life? There are higher beings, greater than yourself, who are willing and able to help you no matter what. Higher being that exists to ensure you can live the best life possible.

How to speak to angels

You can rest easy knowing that your guardian angels and spirit guides will get you through this life safe and sound.


The Difference Between Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels


Guides and Angels

One of the differences of spirit guides from guardian angels is that spirit guides have been humans once.

A lot of people confuse spirit guides for guardian angels and guardian angels for spirit guides. Some people might even think guardian angels and spirit guides are one and the same. It’s understandable why people think that way, since both of their jobs are quite similar to each other.

Both your guardian angels and spirit guides have the same goal – and that is to protect you in every way they can. Although their duties are alike, spirit guides and guardian angels are two different entities.

Spirit guides were once humans, just like you and me. They have been reincarnated numerous times until they no longer needed to be born with a physical body, since their souls have reached perfection. Then they become spirit guides to help you succeed in the journey of perfecting your soul. They are your helpers in times of need – may it be in learning, protection, health, and happiness.

Your guardian angel is a divine being created by the Creator. They have always been with you since the moment you were born. They are also made up of pure energy and are not bound by physical time and space. Therefore their help is always there whenever you call for it.

Unlike spirit guides, angels are not, and have never been, human. The Creator created them as angels, with the purpose of helping and guiding humans throughout their lifetime. The duties of a spirit guide is more specific than that of guardian angels. Guardian angels are more concerned with your overall being, while spirit guides have their own specific duty to accomplish.

Naturally, their tasks would sometimes overlap resulting in spirit guides and guardian angels working together for your own benefit.

These are the main differences between spirit guides and guardian angels.


5 Ways Your Guides And Angels Can Help You


The angels and spirit guides are a gift from the Creator, to comfort us and give us a hand as we travel on this journey called life. It is very important to maintain a strong bond with your angels and spirit guides because they can ward off evil forces that can lead you astray.

Here are some of the ways your spirit guides and guardian angels can help you:

Spirit Guides and Angels

Your spirit guides and guardian angels both have the same mission, that is to protect and guide you.

  1. They Guide You On The Path To Your Soul’s Purpose

Your guardian angels and spirit guides are there to ensure that you are not led astray by the evil forces of the world. They are there to ensure that you stay on the path that is aligned with your soul’s purpose, so you can achieve your spiritual goals. You can be sure that they will do everything in their power to steer you to the right direction.

  1. They Support You In Everything You Do

Even though your guardian angels and spirit guides will see to it that you make the right choices, ultimately, you have the last say. The Creator has given us free will – to choose for ourselves. But do not worry, because your guardian angels and spirit guides will never stop nudging you to the right direction.

  1. They Connect You With People Who Can Help You Attain Your Goals

Your guardian angels and spirit guides can help you in every aspect of your life – relationships, career, and the like. They are capable of connecting you to the right people to achieve your goals.

You only need to ask them for help. You must also remember there is no such thing as ‘coincidence’. Your success in life is not just by your own might. Do not forget to thank them for your accomplishments.

  1. They Can Advise You To Make The Right Decision.

The main goal of your spirit guides and guardian angels is to protect you from harm, and sometimes from yourself, since people tend to make rash and wrong decisions.

The way they show their guidance varies. They can appear in your dreams, whisper in your ear, or give you advice through a friend. Just be sure to listen and take heed.

  1. They Can Lead You To The Best Decision.

Your spirit guides and guardian angels care about the everyday decisions that you make. They want what’s best for you, so naturally, when you ask, they will lead you to the best option there is.

Always meditate and ask them to show you the path in which you should take. Ask them to show the outcomes of your options, and help you choose the best one. if you earnestly ask them, they will surely show you.


How Can You Call On Them for Help


Spirit Guides and Angels

You don’t need to be a psychic to communicate with your angels and guides. All you need to do is be open and talk to them.

Many people think that they have to be a psychic, or acquire a special skill, to be able to communicate with their spirit guides and guardian angels. But good news! This is not the case. Contacting your spirit guides and guardian angels is actually very easy.

You are capable of being a channel of spiritual guidance, and you have the capacity to connect with the spiritual energies that surround you. All you have to do is be open to receiving the guidance that has always been available for you the moment you were born.

These are some of the ways you can call your guardian angel and spirit guides:

  • Talk To Them

Your guardian angels and spirit guides are always there to listen to your plea. You simply just have to talk to them like you would talk to your best friend. They are your helpers, and they are ever present in times of need. They follow you wherever you go so don’t ever need to feel lonely again.

  • Establish A Connection With Them Through Mediation

Establish a connection with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Meditation is one of the many ways to do this. Meditation is vital since it clears your mind from all the negative energies and stresses that can be a hindrance to communicating with them. Meditation can help you be more receptive to their messages since you are at peace and your mind is at rest.

  • Ask Them In Your Dreams

Another way is by asking them to visit you in your dreams. Take a moment, meditate, and then personally ask them to come into your dreams and give you guidance.

Spirit guides and guardian angels operate in the spiritual realm, they can answer your call in many ways and they can most definitely enter in your sleep state since your body is relaxed and your mind is at peace.

They are able to make a personal appearance in your dreams, and will sometimes disguise themselves as a wise friend or a loving relative. They can give you advice and can show you what to do while you are sound asleep.

It’s amazing we can always call for help, and have someone to count on, when we face our earthly problems. Your spirit guides and guardian angels are assurances that you will never be alone in this world no matter how lonely you feel.

They will also see to it that you feel their safe presence wherever you go. So, talk to them and ask them for guidance, because they will not fail you.


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