How This Woman Was Saved From A Serious Tragedy!

Hi there,

I have never received so many emails from people before than I have received these past few weeks!

This first email really choked me up a bit! I shudder to think what would have happened if she hadn’t had a reading that day!

Here is what she wrote:

Dear Tana, 

I am so glad I had my reading with you back before February 15th, like you said was important for people to do! 

You were right again Tana, I did meet a guy who pretended to be my Mr. Right!  But just like you said Tana, when I investigated him like you said I needed to do, I found out he had a prison record for committing unnatural crimes against children, just like you said! I am so glad I had that reading with you before I met him! Or my children would have become victims just all the other children victimized in the past! 

Seems like this is how he got to his last girlfriend’s daughter, by pretending to be in love with her mother while keeping a lustful eye on the little girl! 

I would have felt terrible if anything would have happened to my 14-year-old daughter because of him! 

Thanks for telling me to look for his name on the registered offenders website for people who committed crimes against children. 

Tana, you saved my daughter from a predator! 

L.J. – Detroit, MI 

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Then I received this one too, and it really got me worked up!

Dear Tana, 

You told me that I needed to be careful, because my boss, of all people, was going to accuse me of embezzling! 

You then proceeded to tell me that my coworker, who is also my best friend, or at least I thought she was, would claim she I confided in her that I was padding the books at work. 

I did just like you said and documented everything. Well, the shoe fell and security came and escorted me out of the office and down to a private detective agency where they accused me of stealing over $500,000! 

Tana, I prepared myself before all of this happened and secured an attorney just like you told me to do! 

Turned out, it was my boss and coworker who were stealing the money, and now me and my attorney are suing my company for false accusations! 

Thank you, Tana. If it hadn’t been for our reading, I would have been screwed! 

Carolyn C. – Los Angeles, CA 

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These are two things that really get me worked up – sexual predators and thieves who accuse others for their crimes!

L.J. and Carolyn, I am so glad I was able to help you! Thanks for the emails!

I hope you watch out too because 2023 is going to throw some tricky curve balls at you! Be careful and be prepared!

I hope this helped!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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