How To Be Happy: Simple Meditation Techniques To Find Inner Joy meditation

Meditation is used to achieve a state of relaxation wherein you detach from the physical world and connect with your higher consciousness. It can also help you release all the negativities on your mind and achieve happiness.

Meditation is more than just a practice, it’s a way of life that allows you to release negativity and achieve happiness.

Let me ask you something, what makes you happy?

For many individuals, happiness is defined by the people around them, such as their children, romantic partners, and friends. Others find joy in activities they’re passionate about, such as traveling, sports, or even work. A handful of people are happy when they surround themselves with things like cars or jewelry.

It’s good to find joy in all of these external factors, but if you rely entirely on these things to be happy, you run the risk of swinging back into unhappiness at any moment.

For example, if you’re only happy when you’re in a relationship, you’ll be miserable when you find yourself single. If you’re only happy when you’re playing sports or winning, you’ll be lost when you’re injured or sidelined for a better player. In these circumstances, happiness is fleeting and easily lost.

Here’s the thing, happiness is already within you….

…in fact, it is your natural state.

Instead of looking at your external circumstances to make you happy and content with your life, cultivate happiness and contentment in your own life.

The art of meditation is an effective way to do this, as it clears away negative thoughts and feelings and allows you to focus on being happy in the present moment. Instead of being afraid of spending your future alone or worrying over your position on the team, you can bask in the here and now and discover your natural state of joy.

Anyone can meditate, and doing it regularly is encouraged, so steal away a few moments every day to quiet your mind and focus on the present.

Here are three meditation techniques that are simple, quick, and easy, so you can achieve inner peace and joy anytime, anywhere.


Recite A Mantra For Happiness


Mantras are short phrases or statements that are repeated while meditating. They help you focus on your intention and align yourself to the highest vibrations in the universe.

For beginners, choosing a mantra may be a challenge, but you can try out different ones before settling on one that feels right to you. Phrases or sentences that are positive, grateful, and confident are encouraged, as well as mantras that feel deeply personal to you and your life.

A happiness mantra can be as short as one word, such as simply repeating “Om” or even “Happiness” to yourself. Some people prefer longer mantras, such as “Happiness naturally blooms within me,” or “I am the light that radiates joy and peace throughout the world.”

Once you choose a mantra, it’s important to meditate using it every day, so that you cultivate happy thoughts and feelings in your regular life.

Choosing a mantra also makes it easier to slip into a meditative state anytime you need a little pick-me-up. You can simply repeat your personal mantra to yourself to enter the state of joy that you normally achieve during your daily meditation.


Focus On Your Heart Chakra


The heart chakra is the center of loving energy and when it’s open and balanced, you will naturally approach every day with joy, love, and compassion, for yourself and others. These feelings are key in discovering your inner joy, so focusing on the heart chakra during meditation is a common practice for happiness.

As you breathe in and out, picture your Heart Chakra glowing a radiant green. With each inhale and exhale, imagine the light glowing brighter and brighter, as you cultivate the loving and joyful feelings inside of you. In your mind’s eye, picture your vibrant chakra expanding as you breathe.

In the same way, your chakra glows and grows, so will your love and joy glow and grow, too. Remember, happiness comes from within and there’s no need to look for it elsewhere.


A 7-Step Breathing Exercise


Breathing is the first step of any meditation practice and in this exercise, it only takes you eight breaths to feel at peace because this meditation exercise is so easy and quick, you can do it any time you feel stressed and anxious. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, embroiled in a stressful work situation, or arguing with your partner.

Find a quiet corner you can spend a couple of minutes in and begin this exercise by closing your eyes.

With your first breath, focus completely on your inhale and exhale, becoming aware of your first single breath, from beginning to end.

Then, on your second breath, focus on the sensations of your body and let yourself feel everything: the good, the bad, the uncomfortable crick in the back of your neck, or the pounding in your head, every time you think of all the bills you have to pay.

With your third breath, let go of all the discomfort you felt, such as the stiff neck and all the tension you’re holding in your body. Imagine it rushing out of your body with your exhale on this third breath.

Then, let your fourth breath welcome the comfort, love, light, and gratitude of being without the tension and burden that you’ve carried in your body for so long.

As you take your fifth breath, bask in the feeling of having everything you want or need to be happy in your life. In this breath, you want to realize all the good things in your life and accept that peace, joy, and freedom, already exists for you in this present moment.

Then, with your sixth breath, focus on the feeling of being amazingly alive in the present. Life is a miraculous experience, so let the energy of life wash over you and fill you with gratitude and love.

Finally, as you take your seventh breath, recognize yourself wonderful place in this bountiful universe and let yourself enjoy the beauty of all that surrounds you. And remember that you are part of the Divine and the Divine is a part of you.

Happy meditating!

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