How To Create Your Own Meditation Space At Home meditation

A meditation space is where you can have a sense of calm and connection with your inner self, as well as the universe.

One thing that can make you feel more inspired to engage in meditation, yoga, affirmations, and other spiritual practices, is if you have a beautiful space that is dedicated specifically for your spiritual journey.

Here, you can escape the whirlwind activities of your life and sit in blissful silence for a couple of moments each day. The more you spend time in your personal sacred area, the more likely just being within this space will soothe your spirit and calm your mind.

Starting with these six basic ideas below, you can begin putting together your very own happy place for spiritual activities at home.


Find A Quiet, Peaceful Space


If you have an extra room at home to transform into a meditation area, that’s great! However, an entire room is not necessary and even a small corner of your bedroom can become a beautiful and functional sacred space.

There are absolutely no rules to picking a meditation space, but keep in mind that this space should make you feel good and at peace. This is where you are going to escape for a quiet moment or two, so make sure that it is not a space where a lot of people are constantly walking by or hanging out because you might get distracted from your spiritual practices.

Put up a screen that blocks your space from the outside world, so you can enjoy a little privacy, even if you are just setting aside a tiny corner or a spot in your garden for meditation.

If you are sharing a space with your partner, sibling, or roommate, make sure that each of you has his or her own meditation cushion, chair, or mat.

Lighting is also quite important since natural light can do wonders with your mindset and personal healing.


Keep The Area Uncluttered


When you are surrounded by junk, dust, and a lot of useless clutter, your thoughts and feelings will follow suit! Clutter actually traps energy and prevents it from flowing effortlessly through the house. This trapped energy accumulates and becomes bad energy that will stay there until you eliminate the mess.

Remember, you need to surround yourself with positivity to create more positivity in your life.

In a sacred space, you want to nurture purity, clarity, and serenity, in your mind and spirit. So, make sure you make the environment is pure, clear, and serene, as well! 

Spruce up the room before sitting down for your first meditation and make sure you get rid of everything that doesn’t support the purpose of the room.


Make Yourself At Home


While your meditation space should be clean and uncluttered, don’t hold back from making this your own personal space with décor and design. This should be a warm, safe, and happy place for you, so add things that cultivate these feelings in you, such as photos of your loved ones, mala beads, and crystals, and maybe even a blanket from someone special.

Another way to personalize your meditation space is to dedicate a spot for your vision board, which not only makes the space more “you”, but also keeps you focused on your dreams and goals. When you repeat your positive affirmations, or visualize your desires in this space, having your vision board in front of you can help a lot.

Some people even put together a gratitude board, which is similar to a vision board. This helps you focus on genuine gratitude and the good things in your life, so that your energy is always positive, as you sit in your meditation space.

The more beautiful and personal you make your space, the more you will be drawn there for peace and quiet.


Activate Your Senses


All your senses should be relaxed and happy in this sacred space, so don’t just make your meditation area beautiful for your eyes only, but for all of your senses.

Scent is a powerful tool that can affect the way you think and feel, so fill your space with aromas that help you meditate. Essential oils such as vetiver, sandalwood, and atlas cedarwood, are known to be extremely calming, soothing, and grounding, making them perfect for meditation and other spiritual practices.

Another technique that can also help you achieve a tranquil state is listening to music, chants, or even nature sounds. If your home is by a busy highway, or your apartment’s walls are paper thin, playing these sounds will help you better concentrate on your practice.


Introduce Nature To Your Practice


Being surrounded by nature as you meditate allows the Divine energy to flow freely, making it’s actually easier to connect with your Higher Self. When you are outside surrounded by nature, your senses are more alert and aware, plus many of your distractions seem distant and insignificant.

Of course, not everyone has access to a mountain, beach, or some other natural hotspot, but you can add a bit of natural charm to your meditation space.  

For example, some people opt to make their meditation space near a large window, so they can enjoy plenty of natural light and fresh air, which are both beneficial to chakra healing and balancing. If there are no such windows available in your residence, you can just as easily add a sense of nature through flowers and indoor plants. Even pictures of beautiful landscapes can do the trick!


Make Your Intentions Clear For This Space


Last but not the least, it’s important to set clear intentions for this specific space.

Reach out to the Divine and your spirit guides, then offer prayers of guidance and protection for your meditation space. Make it clear that this is a place for love, peace, and gratitude, and that negativity and bad energy are not welcome here.  

Once you have a beautiful area of comfort and tranquility, it will help you pursue your spiritual growth and enlightenment with more dedication and energy.

Happy meditating!

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