How to Fall In Love Again With Your Career

how to fall in love again

Taking a break is one of the ways on how to fall in love again with your career. It gives you time to think about things and reignite your passion and motivation.

If you have been working in the same career for years, it’s very common to lose your passion and drive. When you hear someone say “I hate my job,” chances are, they’re bored and don’t find fulfillment with their job anymore.

As a career psychic, my clients have asked me how they can maintain the same enthusiasm they had when they first started their jobs. If your motivation has waned and you’re feeling tired from your regular 9 to 5, here’s my advice on how to fall in love again with your career.


Rekindle your passion to work


Ask yourself – are you in a good field but fell out of love with your job? Or are you in the wrong field and trying to navigate the right one?

Take time to reflect on what you really want to do. If you’re in a field you see yourself working in for the rest of your life, perhaps you’re just bored of your regular tasks, or your work environment is getting a little mundane. In that case, you just need to make changes to re-spark your enthusiasm and motivation.

If you entered the wrong field in the first place, then you’re experiencing the downside of choosing the wrong career. This type of job burnout is a sign that your true purpose lies elsewhere and you need to go in a new direction. A career psychic can help you find your true career path according to your real-life purpose.

You can rekindle your passion to work by taking a break. Whether it’s a day or a week-long vacation, devote some time to ponder how things are going in your life. Being overworked and leaving no time for yourself will most definitely zap your energy and motivation.

You can also take some time to meditate and reconnect with your spirit. What is the inner voice within you saying? Listen and let it and guide you towards the right career path. Meditating can reignite your passion to go back to work or motivate you to pursue another calling.


Choose your highest good


So, you’ve devoted all your time and energy to your job, and now you’ve paid a heavy personal toll. You’ve lost friends, you let your physical health suffer, and your mental health took a nosedive. What now?

Set personal and professional goals that will lead you to a happier work-life balance! Choose the highest good you can be in your career by finding new meaning, challenging yourself, and thinking about the long-term benefits of your job.

One possibility as to why you’ve lost your passion at work is that what lured you years ago is no longer attractive to you now. This is very common as your priorities can change as you enter different phases of life.

Think about what you value now. Perhaps you need to experiment with different areas of your work to find out which aspects keep you motivated and enthusiastic to work again. Challenge yourself outside of your regular schedule and draw strength from your other passions that can re-spark your career life.

View your career in a different light. Think about how your regular mundane tasks can help you in the long run. Perhaps it’s strengthening you to be more patient, or they’re the stepping stones for you to pursue a higher calling. You will learn these things are not to be stressed over and you shouldn’t allow them to affect your passion any further.

List down everything that stresses you out at work. Is it your boss? The people you work with? The job itself? Or the work environment? Describe why it’s a source of your anxiety and create possible solutions rather than expecting them to go away. Start journaling every day after work to figure out the patterns of your work life. Your problems may be caused by repressed anger about your job, so writing about them can keep your stress in check.

Then, identify a better job routine. For many people, a hectic work schedule can cause job burnout. Try to reduce your workload, refuse to take on projects outside your job description, or delegate tasks to other people, rather than doing them all yourself. If the commute is stressing you out and affects your productivity, talk to your boss and work on an arrangement that works for everyone.

Create a schedule and stick with it. If you write 9 pm as your bedtime, make sure you follow it. Shut down anything work-related two hours before and avoid checking social media. Use this as a quiet time for yourself to either meditate or journal. If you can, leave all work activity at exactly 9 to 5. Avoid doing overtime or entertaining any tasks after your work schedule. Remember that you’re not obligated to work after work hours or on weekends.


Increase your career karma


Another reason why you’ve lost your passion to work is that your past life karma could be affecting it! Your karma could be affecting how you do your work and blocking you from achieving your highest good. If you want to know how to fall in love again with your career, you need to clear all blocks that are hindering your passion away.

If you’ve lost your motivation and enthusiasm, chances are you’re experiencing bad karma. To clear bad karma, your Akashic Records hold complete information about your past life karma. A career psychic can access your Akashic Records tell you how to clear it out.

Once you clear out your bad karma, you will begin to radiate positivity! When your mind is in a positive place, you radiate positivity in the workplace and attract more positive outcomes. Keep in mind that like attracts like, so the more you are in a positive headspace, the more you are manifesting positive results!

If you need more guidance on how to fall in love again with your career, Tana Hoy is a career psychic who can help you rekindle your passion to work. Through Tana’s career psychic readings, you will find the clarity you need to transform your job situation. Schedule a career psyching reading today and start loving your career again!


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