How to Fix A Broken Relationship

how to fix a broken relationship

A psychic reading can help you determine the roots of your relationship troubles and how to fix your broken relationship.

Due to the difficult times, your relationship might be on the rocks due to doubts about the stability of your bond. Relationships can go south sometimes, and this is very understandable.

I have received a number of calls asking how they can make amends with their partner and keep their relationship strong. With my psychic experience, here’s how you can fix a broken relationship.


Can a broken relationship be fixed?


Of course, all relationships can be fixed. But it takes both of you to decide whether you want to make it work or not. It’s your choice if you believe your relationship is still worth investing in. Once you both decide to resolve your issues, it takes forgiveness to move forward.

It also requires work. It’s more than wanting your relationship to be fixed. You both need to put in the effort to make it work. If you don’t get to the bottom of things and confront your problems, you will get no resolution.

It also takes time and communication. Your relationship won’t go back to normal overnight. There’s no immediate solution, but you can resolve many issues by learning to communicate effectively with each other. Speak your truth and truly understand each other if you want to stay together.


What causes broken relationships?


Ask yourself, are you communicating effectively with your partner? Do you support each other in all endeavors? Do you make sure to put each other first? Are you fully present? Whether it’s miscommunication, hurt feelings, or snapping at each other, there are multiple reasons why relationships break.

Here are the most common instances my clients share with me during a reading.


You have uneasy gut feelings

If your relationship isn’t going well and you get an uncomfortable feeling in your gut, this is the Universe trying to communicate something with you. It’s telling you that your relationship with your significant other might be a little turbulent. If you aren’t happy, content, or aren’t feeling any love from your partner, that’s a sign to change things up.


You have sudden bursts of anger

It’s normal to fight and argue sometimes, but if snapping at each other becomes a regular thing, take a step back and figure out what is causing your frustration. Could it be stress from work or other external factors? Projecting on your partner is a red flag. Consider calming down by meditating.


You feel suffocated

Do you feel like you’re always being controlled or pestered? Or are you the one controlling? It’s normal to do things on your own or hang out with friends once in a while. Space away from each other is healthy, but don’t do it too often. Consider each other’s needs. If your partner isn’t fulfilled in your relationship, that could be a problem.


Your relationship feels unbalanced

If you have more say or control than the other, that’s is also a problem. A healthy relationship needs two people to work together. You can’t be the only one setting up dates, making calls, or initiating interactions. Communicate together about ways to rebalance your relationship.


How to Fix A Broken Relationship


Here are some of the best ways to make amends and restore your relationship with your partner.


Avoid the blame game

Playing the blame game will only enhance the problem. No matter who started it, both of you played a role. Blaming each other won’t help you move on. Instead, take a step back and give each other some time and space to think. Once you are both ready, reach out to clear the air, calmly explain both of your sides, and then propose a solution. Open communication is the first and most important step you can do to fix your broken relationship.


Take responsibility

Own up to your part and what you did wrong. There are always two sides to the story. There’s no need to fight about who did it worse, who started it, et cetera. No matter how big or small, own up to your mistakes. Apologize for any words or actions that might have been hurtful without re-igniting the issue all over again. Give your loved one the chance to speak up, too. They deserve the chance to express their feelings.


Forgive and apologize 

If your partner is the one who wronged you, it’s up to you to decide if you want to re-invest in your relationship. You may have a hard time forgiving since disloyalty is one of the hardest things to get over, but if you want to make amends, find it in your heart to forgive.

If you were the one who wronged your partner, ask him or her for forgiveness. Guilt and shame will consume you, and it’s better if you can get it out of the way now. Give a heartfelt apology without making up excuses. You both have to come to terms with putting the past behind and starting all over.

Ask each other how you can make things better. Determine what can be fixed to resolve the issue. Is it a lack of communication? Disloyalty? Clashing of expectations? Discuss things and then take the proper steps to resolve them. Whatever you do, do it sincerely or you will make each other angry again.


Allow healing to begin

Allow yourself and your partner to heal however you need to. You might think of stepping back from the relationship for a while, and this is a healthy thing to do. Don’t interfere with each other’s healing process or you will stir up trouble again.


Take baby steps

Even if you’ve chosen to forgive each other, let go of the past, take steps to improve your bond, and don’t expect things to get back to normal right away. Taking it slow is the best thing to do. Trying to do too much in a short period of time may feel awkward or forced. Tell each other how much space you need and what level of closeness feels right. When the time is right, everything will go back to normal.


Accept each other for who you are

Every quirk or annoying thing they do, cherish them for who they are. Don’t try to mold each other into what you are not. The more you appreciate who they truly are, the longer and stronger you stay together. Wouldn’t you also like to be accepted for who you are?


Say “I love you” every day

The best way to keep your relationship intact is to tell each other “I love you” every day. Whenever you have the chance, tell “I love you”. Say it through words and express it through action. Make them breakfast, give them flowers, or help them with work. Gestures like this will be appreciated and are a step closer to a stronger relationship. You will be reminded of your love and faith for each other.


Grow from your mistakes

Take this situation as an opportunity for you to grow and learn. Evaluate why you both acted the way you did and what triggered you. Were you jealous? Were you unhappy? What made you hurt each other? Asking these questions will help you understand what is truly going on inside of you.

Learn from mistakes and don’t allow them to repeat again. Understand what you can do the next time so something like this ever happens again. Issues can be prevented through self-improvement and awareness of each other. If the mistake happens again, you will have a better idea of how to resolve it immediately. If it’s a recurring mistake, it’s best to reach out to a third party for help.


Stick to a ritual

If you and your partner used to do enjoyable things that strengthened your bond, like going on a date once in a while, you should consider resurrecting those things from the past. Take your partner to the old days and rekindle your romance. Consider doing what you have always wanted to do as well. See what appeals to both of you and do it once a week or once a month. Observe how you will fall for each other all over again.


Get a relationship psychic reading 

In the end, you and your partner will come out stronger and more mature. You will be proud of what you have both overcome and achieved together. You will be able to weather out any storm or hurdles that come your way. Knowing how to fix a broken relationship demands focus and commitment. If your love is worth fighting for and saving, keep working for it.

You deserve a happy relationship. Want more guidance and clarity with your significant other? If you’re not sure what to do next, I’d be more than happy to help you. I can help your relationship steer down a better path or help you get the love you want. Click here to schedule a psychic reading with me and get the answers you seek today.


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