How To Surround Yourself with Guardian Angels

I know that angels are everywhere! As a matter of fact, I see them all the time! People often send me emails telling me about their angelic experiences!

When you read these emails people sent me, you may be wondering if you can have these experiences? And the answer is “yes you can”! But like anything in life, the more you work with your angels, the more results you will achieve.

How to talk to your guardian angel

How To Be Surrounded By Your Angels All The Time

Many times when I tell a client the names of their angels, they forget all about them after their reading. I encourage my clients to talk to their Guardian Angels on a daily basis, but people get busy, and forget.

These emails are from people who have called on their Guardian Angels, and they show that anyone who takes just a few minutes a day to work with their angels, can also have these same experiences!

It’s very simple to work with your angels. If you’ve had a reading with me, then you should already know their names, because I give them to my clients during their reading.

So you call out to them like this: “Hello (say their name or names here), I just wanted to say hi to you, and thank you for protecting me!” It’s that simple!!

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So here are some of the emails I received regarding angel experiences, that I wanted to share with you:

“An Angel Saved My Life”

Dear Tana,

I had an Angel Reading with you, and you told me the names of all my angels, what each one’s purpose is, and how each one can help me.

Well, after our angel reading, I called on Arellia, an angel you told me about, and asked for her protection! Do you know that about 15 minutes later, I was driving on a back road, and a car with a drunk driver came driving in my lane, coming the opposite direction – right towards me!

He was traveling almost 60 miles an hour, in a 45 mph zone. We almost had a head on collision, and I was with my 3-year-old baby! All the sudden, his car came to a sudden stop! Only about 30 feet in front of mine! We were directly aligned to crash head on!

Turns out he fell asleep, and as he slumped over in his car, his foot somehow push the breaks slowly until he stopped completely. The police said it didn’t make any sense, because he should have hit me!

I looked at the cop and said “It’s because I’m protected by angels!” He just smiled and said, “You had to be protected by something today!”

Thank you Tana. Your reading saved my life, and my 3 year-old baby too!

Jenny L. Columbus, OH

Here’s another great one!

“My Angels Helped Me Find True Love”

Dear Tana,

During our angel reading, you told me about my angel named Amore. You said she was a love angel, and if I called on her, she would help me find my true soulmate.

So the other day, before I was getting ready to go out to a restaurant with some friends, I called on Amore and ask her to please me to meet the right person that would be my true soulmate.

That night when I was at the restaurant, I noticed this gorgeous, handsome man, who kept staring at me! At first I wasn’t sure why he was looking at me, but when I looked at him a second time, he smiled with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

So I smiled back at him, and a few minutes later, he came over and started to talk to me. We ended up talking for over three hours, and after our conversation, he asked me for my phone number.

Tana, this never happens to me! I was floored to tell you the truth. Later he told me that he kept feeling a presence around me that was drawing him to look at me, and come talk to me! He said it felt like a magnet was pulling to me.

I knew it was Amore pulling him to me! Well, an update! We have been dating over 6 months now, and I am so happy! My girlfriends are so jealous, because he looks like a European model!

Thank you so much for that Angel reading Tana!

Amber S. – Houston, TX

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And one more I really like!

“My Angels Helped Me Get A New Job”

Dear Tana,

After our Angel Reading, I used the information you gave me. I started calling on my angels, and I even called them by name, just like you told me to do.

I asked one of my angels, who you told me could help me to find a new job, to help me to find a new job!

About one week later, after talking to my angels every day, out of the blue I received a phone call.

It was from a friend of mine who works at a large company, and she told me that somebody had quit unexpectedly, and wanted to know if I would be interested in applying for that job?

She told me that she thought of me right away when this person quit, because the requirements for this job where everything that I’m already qualified to do.

So I told her I was interested, and I went to apply for the job. Well, the company ended up offering me the job! And that’s not the best part! The job actually pays $25,000 more a year than I’m actually making now!

I took the job, and haven’t been happier! I’ve been here over 4 months, and I love it!

Thank you so much Tana! You are amazing!

Karen W. – Boulder, CO

As you can see, these emails are wonderful testimonies to the existence of your Guardian Angels, and how they really CAN and WILL help you, if you learn how to call on them, and make a simple effort to do so!

I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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