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The third eye is not only about having psychic powers, it can also help you draw wealth into your life.

Most people think that the Third Eye is just about having psychic powers and supernatural senses, but, did you know it can also be used to bring wealth and abundance into your life?

Your Third Eye is the gateway to the higher realms – where your spirit can access your innate psychic abilities and the powers of the Universe. Situated at the center of your forehead, your Third Eye is your direct link to your higher consciousness and cosmic energy.

It is the very core of your foresight and intuition, enabling you to know things or be aware of things, without using any of your physical senses. Unknown to most, your Third Eye also enables you to become a magnet for unlimited wealth!

In a few moments, you will have access to information about the Third Eye that has brought wealth and abundance to people from all walks of life. The use of the Third Eye to draw wealth is an open secret among some of the richest and most powerful people in the world – now this secret can be yours.


Attracting Wealth Through “The Money Meditation”


“The Money Meditation” is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your Third Eye while channeling wealth and abundance.

This meditation allows you to align with the enormous powers of the Universe. You can learn to put the Universal Laws, especially the Law of Attraction, in a manner of action, which can benefit you and your loved ones in the best financial ways possible.

While meditating, your mind will be free from the noise and distraction of the outside world. It will also help you visualize bringing money, abundance, wealth, and success into your life.

Not only will a Money Meditation help you manifest your deepest desires, it can also help you discover any blocks to achieving abundance in your life. meditation

Money meditation can help you manifest your biggest desires as well as discover the blocks hindering you to achieve abundance in life.

These blocks to abundance may come from past life events, negative experiences with money, or even negative energy from other people or traumatic situations.

Here are the steps to practicing The Money Meditation:

  1. Find a quiet corner where you can sit and relax, without being disturbed.
  2. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.
  3. Feel your entire body relax and allow your mind go quiet.
  4. Focus on your Third Eye, located right in the middle of your forehead directly between your eyebrows. Imagine pressure building in this spot, heralding the activation of your Third Eye.
  5. Visualize yourself being happy and carefree, surrounded by the things you want to have in life. If you want to have a new home, envision living in your dream house. If you want wealth, imagine holding the money in your hands.
  6. In your mind’s eye, see all the things you want and need in your life. Imagine that you are enjoying all these things.
  7. Take a deep breath and visualize these words in your mind’s eye- “Wealth, abundance,
  8. Take 5 deep breaths and then open your eyes.


You can do this for as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day or even longer if you like. Remember, visualize everything you want, make it as detailed as possible, and most importantly, believe in everything that you see.


Claiming These Third Eye Gifts


Aside from receiving pure and actual wealth, there are many gifts, which come naturally with your Third Eye, but it may take an observant eye to see these at work in your life.

Gift of Information

Information is the most expensive thing your Third Eye can give to you.

Some of the things you can learn through your Third Eye are priceless, which will be impossible to discover using your usual physical senses.

You can use the information to your advantage – some information can make you rich and successful and some can make your life better and happier than ever before.

Gift of Opportunities

If you ask me, the Gift of Opportunities is as good as cash. Your Third Eye can attract different kinds of opportunities to your life.

You can have the opportunity to have a good start in a business.

You can have the opportunity for a higher position and a better pay at your work.

You can have the opportunity to find love while enjoying an exciting and lavish lifestyle.

In essence, unlimited wealth presented by your Third Eye doesn’t automatically correspond to suddenly having tons of cash. The Universe might be giving you all the wealth and gifts you need, you’re just not aware of it yet.


Psychic Guidance For Attracting Wealth wealth and abundance

With proper guidance, activating your third eye and using it as a money magnet can make your life free from stress and anxieties of working so hard.

Having the power to attract wealth through your Third Eye is a very exciting ability. Not only will you be able to channel abundance for your needs and wants, but imagine having a life free from the stress and anxieties of working yourself to the ground.

These gifts come naturally to your Third Eye chakra. Needless to say, it would be a shame not to use all these gifts the Universe has handed to you.

I’m not going to lie – it may take a lot of conditioning and meditating. On most occasions, the Third Eye has weakened from the years of not being used and may also take a long time to awaken.

But, one thing’s for certain, once you recognize the impact utilizing your Third Eye money magnet can bring to your finances, you’ll wonder why you never learned to use it to draw wealth sooner!

Not everyone has the determination and the commitment needed to awaken the Third Eye and use it as your personal money-making machine, but you can learn to do it with the right technique and guidance.

A lot of individuals opt to have my guidance in activating their Third Eye to absolutely, 100% ensure, that they are using it correctly to manifest their dreams and desires.

Not only can I guide you in activating and strengthening your Third Eye to magnetize it with wealth, I can also identify any blocks to your abundance via a powerful psychic reading.

If you want to learn how to use your Third Eye to bring wealth into your life, or if you want to know if you have money blocks preventing you from enjoying all the gifts of the Universe, I can help you.

I can also help you remove money blocks, so you can start living the life you’ve always wanted to live!

You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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