If you feel crazy – it’s not all in your head!

Hey there,

I am wondering if you have been noticing yourself being severely affected by the planetary misalignments as we continue to move closer to the worst part of The Energy Tidal Wave that will hit in December of this year?

According to my newest calculations, things will continue to intensify until the middle of November, and then once it hits in December, it will be too late!

I have been receiving more and more emails from people saying how they are being affected by all of this energy madness! I am so glad that I already let warned people about this ahead of time! I hope you have one of the spaces reserved for the protection session in November and are still holding up okay during this crazy period!

Just look at these emails as they continue to pour in!!!!!

Dear Tana, 

My boyfriend just walked out and left me in the middle of the night – when I was sleeping! I kept putting off getting protected from the upcoming Energy Tidal Wave and

now I am paying the price! I am calling you first thing in the morning to get your help! I hope there is still space available for me and that it’s not too late! 

Nancy B.


Dear Tana, 

My husband just told me he has been seeing his coworker and that he no longer wants to be married to me anymore! I put off scheduling protection from the Energy Tidal Wave and now look! I should have listened to your warnings Tana because you have always been right! 

Carol S.



My coworker has been secretly trying to get me fired behind my back! I just called your office to get your help! Help Tana!!! 

Amanda C.


I have received almost 500 emails just like this! So I wanted to email you again and see how you are doing during this crazy energy time?

Again, don’t worry! I am still here for you whenever you need me and I WILL be able to get you through this!!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

Website: www.TanaHoy.com

Call: 614-444-6334

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  1. Vincent Moore says:

    Wow! I feel bad for those who are experiencing fallout, but im Glad i always make sure im one of the first to grab those spaces when there availiable i almost never take a chance of goin unprotected when there is a warning . i havent experience any fallout, im excelling in every aspect of my life Thanks to Tana session an training! Thankyou Tana for everything you do i dont kno what i would do without you. Love Light an Peace.

  2. Irms says:

    Hi TANA , thank you for the emails . I’ve noticed people behaving impulsive. Gossiping about one person then being nice to their face. You were right about herpes too, I see people breaking out with lesions on their lips too! I trust no one right now.

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