Love Psychic Reading Tells How Not to Fall for the Wrong Person

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. And meeting your soulmate is one of the greatest things anyone can experience. But sometimes, you meet someone you thought was your soulmate, only to discover they were the wrong one!

Let me explain how a love psychic reading can explain some of the reasons why you may fall for someone who isn’t the right one for you, and some advice on how not to fall in love with the wrong person.


Karma: A Reason Why You Fall For The Wrong Person


Falling in love with the wrong person is something that many people have experienced. Most of the time, this becomes a cycle that happens not only once, but several times in a person’s lifetime.

The challenge is that new relationships often feel right at the beginning, so it’s hard to know if you have met the right person at the early stage of your relationship. And it often takes a heartbreak to realize that your partner is not Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Unpleasant situations, like falling in love with the wrong person and getting your heart broken may be caused by karma.

Karma can be compared to a baggage that your soul carries from lifetime to lifetime. It is not a punishment, but meant to teach your soul lessons, which can help you grow spiritually. Karma can be good or bad, depending on your actions in your past lives.

If you treated others badly in your past life, other people will treat you the same way in your next life. But if you were kind and loving to others, you will be loved and treated kindly in this one.

Another thing about karma is that the people you encounter in this present life are here for a reason. Each person in your current life has a role to play – some have a soulmate connection with you, while others may have a karmic debt connection.

If you happen to fall for the wrong person in this lifetime, it may be because of karmic debt.

This is what happened to a woman named “Kelly”.

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How A Past Life Love Can Be A Wrong Partner In This Life


Kelly fell in love with Pete, at first sight. And she thought it was the same for him. In the early part of their relationship, Kelly thought Pete was her soulmate.

Pete was everything she wanted. He was caring, patient, and understanding and her family and friends liked him.

Kelly loved Pete very much. She supported Pete when he decided to resign from his work, and even helped him financially when he opened his own business.

Pete was always there for her. He listened to her when she complained about her job. He comforted her when she was sad or frustrated. Everything about their relationship seemed perfect.

Until one day, Pete suddenly told her he didn’t love her anymore. Then she found out that he had started seeing someone else even before they broke up.

She was shocked and heartbroken, and she felt betrayed. She started asking herself what went wrong because she hadn’t seen anything wrong in their relationship. She thought she also did her part to make it work.

Because of the sudden change in Pete’s feelings, she started to think that she was lacking in many ways and began doubting herself.

When she had a reading with me, it turned out that she had a relationship with Pete in one of her past lives, and in that lifetime, Pete was one of her closest friends who secretly loved her in that lifetime.

And in their past life together, Pete did everything for her and sacrificed a lot of things. And it turned out, she never returned his feelings, but still kept him beside her because she knew Pete was useful for her. She used him for her own gains and treated him badly.

Kelly didn’t know it, and neither did Pete, but he came back into her life in this lifetime as a lover who would hurt her the same way in this life that she hurt him in their past one.


Move On From The Past


After our reading, Kelly realized a lot of things about her past life and she was able to use this insight to make sure she won’t fall for the wrong person again. She also felt better about herself and started feeling more positive about finding the right partner.

Just like Kelly, what you should know about past lives is that you can move beyond them.

You don’t need to be stuck with a past life love from the past who would not be the right one in this lifetime.

To discover what happened in your past lives, a love psychic reading can help. The insights that you get can shed light on the issues that you are experiencing, such as falling in love with the wrong person.

There are many reasons why you may have fallen for the wrong person. For example, you may have fallen for the wrong person because you need to learn a life lesson or resolve a past life issue with them. A reading can help you look deeper and understand the lessons you have to learn and the issues you have to settle in this lifetime.

By knowing what happened in your past, you’ll also learn how to break this cycle, so that you can move on, and finally find the right person for you.


Bonus Love Psychic Reading Tip: Learn To Love And Accept Yourself More


Your past lives are part of who you are in this current lifetime.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to carry your past with you and let it affect you in your present life. What happened in the past, and the events that are happening in the present, are life lessons that your soul needs in order to develop spiritually.

One of the most important things that you can do to avoid falling for the wrong person is to learn to love and accept yourself more. Always know that you are worthy of love and create a deeper awareness around yourself.

Before looking for your soulmate, you need to love yourself and realize you deserve all the love in this world.

Don’t let past life karmic debt hold you back! Find the answers you need by visiting here and scheduling a psychic reading with me!

Loving the wrong person can cause a broken heart, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end. A love psychic reading can show you the great new opportunities in your love life, so you can enjoy life even more!


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