How Using A Lucky Charm Can Increase Your Good Luck – by Tana Hoy

Do you keep a four-leaf clover in your wallet? Or do have a pair of fluffy dice hanging in your car? These items can make you feel good, because good luck charms bring good fortune. And they really do work! Read on…

How To Increase Good Luck Using A Lucky Charm

A lucky charm is an item that can change a rather ordinary day into an extraordinary one. In my years as a psychic medium, I’ve seen this happen again and again.

Many clients have told me during our psychic readings that their good luck charms have helped them through some tough situations, like speeches, parties, sports, and the like. But how? Well, a charm is a focal point of positive energy that, surprising as it may seem, comes from your own mind!

For example, when you pick up a coin, or if you wear your lucky shirt to a game, and sincerely believe it will bring you good luck, five things happen:

• First, your morale gets a boost and you look at events in a more positive light.
• Second, with your belief that you’ll be lucky, you subconsciously send out to the universe your intention of having good events happen to you.
• Third, you open yourself up to welcoming these good events.
• Fourth, you already know that you will experience good events, which affirms your belief.
• Finally, the universe responds to your intention and positive vibes, which result in good tidings.

Furthermore, a good luck charm builds your confidence, and allows you to have an undoubting belief that you will achieve your goal. It directs the power of your mind, and helps you gather and focus positive energy into your goal.

What Lucky Charms Work Best

Good luck charms can come in all shapes and forms. You may have a pair of lucky shoes, a lucky pendant, a special figurine, and the like.

There are also special items and good luck symbols that are universally accepted as bringers of good fortune, such as plants (four leaf clovers and bamboo), animals (tigers, tortoises, dolphins), insects (scarabs, ladybugs, crickets), and natural objects (rainbows and acorns). Manmade items like dream catchers, horseshoes, and coins, also bring good luck.

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But a good luck charm is a very personal item, and you can know which charm works best for you by seeing if it makes you feel good. It can be a piece of jewelry, a button, a pen, and even a small note from a loved one. It can even be an item that you accidentally find, an old possession, a gift, or a special trinket from a store.

A good lucky charm’s energy vibrations will resonate with yours, and you will feel good vibes when you have it with you, because it allows you to set your intentions and your trust free. The bottom line is, only you can truly determine the item that brings you good luck.

If you’re down on your luck, there may be negative energies that are blocking your positive energy. During a telephone psychic reading, I often help my clients in determining which items, gemstones, or symbols resonate with them.

Often times your lucky charm is something that you already possess, or it may be something that you still need to find. But once you find it, your energy becomes unblocked, and your luck will change immediately!

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