Why Knowing About The Opening Of The Cosmic Portal Is Very Important For You!

Hello there,

I am busting at the seams to share something with you!

I was never permitted to talk about this until now…

…and finally, the time has arrived where I can reveal this very important information to you and the rest of world!

What I am about to share with you has been so secretly guarded that no one has ever heard about this before – until now…

…and what I going to divulge to you are is about some very spiritually evolved angelic beings called Himms.

Himms are the highest and most spiritually evolved angels in the Angelic Hierarchy and they come from the 399th Dimension.

One of the things that make them so unique is Himms have a powerful protective and magnetic aura that radiates over two miles away, and it is so bright, even an Ascended Master cannot look at it directly.

And it’s their bright aura that gives them their special powers (which I will talk about in a minute), making them the most powerful angelic beings in the universe.

The Himms Were Hidden For 2,200 Years


The only known image of a suspected Himm. Notice the man bowing to him!

In the ancient Egyptian Mystery School where my mentor taught, students were forbidden from even saying the word “Himm” anywhere – except inside of the school.

This is because any knowledge about Himms was so highly guarded that not even their names or their existence, was known about by writers of the Christian Bible or other religious books.

So, THIS EMAIL is the first time in over 2,200 years the word “Himms” has ever been publicly revealed to anyone outside of the secret Egyptian Mystery schools!

Why This Knowledge Has Been Hidden

The reason this knowledge about the Himms has been veiled in secrecy for so long is that They are the guardian angels of the Ascended Masters.

And in case you’re not sure what an Ascended Master is, Ascended Masters are individuals who had once lived on the earth in physical bodies. And during their life on earth, they underwent a series of spiritual initiations where they acquired the mastery and wisdom to free themselves from the cycle of rebirth and become immortal.

When these Masters came to the earth, they devoted their entire lives to this helping mankind overcome their pain and suffering.

Some well-known Ascended Masters are Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Confucius, Lord Lanto, Quan Yin, and many others.

They Protected The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters

These Ascended Masters needed protection from the Dark Forces Of The Universe, which tried to stop them on their spiritual mission, which was to bring their light into a world of darkness.

So during their lifetime on earth they needed protection, too! And since Himms are the highest and most spiritually developed angels in the Angelic Hierarchy, they were the only White Light Forces who were powerful enough to protect the Ascended Masters from these dark forces!

Then once an Ascended Master leaves their physical body on earth, they return “home” to the 6th Dimension and are accompanied there by the same Himm who was protecting from these Dark Forces, while they were living on earth.

As you can see, Himms are some of the most spiritually evolved and ascended light beings in the entire universe, and it’s the power of their auras that makes them so powerful!

Himms And Their Powerful Auras 

In a nutshell, an aura is a vibrating, magnetic, protective energy field that surrounds all beings, and being magnetic, an aura has attraction power contained within it. You and every other human being have an aura, but the difference between human auras and the aura of a Himm is the frequency at which Their aura vibrates, which is 2,000,000x.

For comparison, a human aura vibrates at a frequency of 600x, an Ascended Master’s aura vibrates at 500,000x, and a Himm’s aura vibrates at 2,000,000x! So, it’s this vibrational power, which makes Their aura so powerful!

And it’s Their powerful vibrational aura is why the Himms were chosen to protect the Ascended Masters.

With a 2,000,000x vibrational aura frequency, not only does this make Them the most powerful protectors In the Earth’s galaxy, but Their auras are also the most powerful attraction magnets known to humans!

And up until now, there has NEVER been an opportunity for Himm’s and humans to meet!

Let me explain what I mean… 

…An Important Celestial Event Is Happening Soon

For the first time in human history, On March 9th, 2022, an incredible celestial event will occur!

Stairway to heaven

A Cosmic Energy Portal will be opening in the sky, and on the day it opens, the Himms, along with the  Ascended Masters, will descend down to the earth, and remain here for a seven-day period! And anyone who is lucky enough to be there to greet them will have a life-changing experience!

Anyone who is there to greet them will be assigned a Himm of their own who will watch over them, and protect them, for the rest of their life AND then be showered with special blessings from the Himms AND the Ascended Masters, and also get to experience the power of aura of the Himm’s!

How The Auric Protection Of A Himm Will Change Your Life Forever!

Why makes being assigned your own Himm and having Their auric protection so incredible?

Because you will be protected by the same highly-evolved being as an Ascended Master and benefit from the powerful protection and magnetic attraction energy of Their aura!

And here are just a few of the MANY blessings that will be bestowed upon you from being under the protection of your own personal Himm:

Protection From Negative Energy

– First of all, your Himm will help you, protect you, and assist you through all the negative backlash we are currently experiencing, and will continue to experience, until the middle of 2023.

COVID-19, The Presidential Elections, all the police brutality, the continuous school shootings, and random acts of violence we have been reading about in the news, are only the beginning of what else is about to come! 

But if you’ve been assigned you won’t have to worry about any of it, because your Himm will protect you and your entire family from all of the negativity that still lies ahead! 

Help With Love

– If you are looking for the truest, deepest, love relationship possible, then you looking for your twin flame! Because your Twin Flame is your true love, and a Himm has the power to make these rarest or rare meetings come true by using Their powerful aura to magnetically attract your real Twin Flame into your life!

Most people often attract people who are not their perfect fit! Therefore. your Himm will help you cut out the difficult, and sometimes painful process of “dating and getting to know you” by bringing your real Twin Flame into your life!

– A Himm will instantly heal a broken heart, along with any left-over pain from failed relationships of the past. Healing past pain is very important because It’s the pain we carry from our past that holds us back from being fully open to meeting our Twin Flame!.

– And if you are already with your Twin Flame, your Himm will strengthen the love bond between the two of you even more!

Help With Money

– If you’ve ever lost money due to bad investments, crooked deals, or dishonest people, your Himm will bring any lost monies back into your life 10-fold, in the most unexpected ways!

– I was told by my mentor that being in the presence of a Himm increases your chances of winning the lottery by 200%!

– Himms have powerful magnetic auras and because money energy is magnetic, wealth and prosperity opportunities will constantly flow into your life!

Help With Career 

– Himms are able to read minds! Therefore, your Himm will give you Verbal Mind Guidance (VMG) that will lead you to your greatest career desires and aspirations!

– If you are taking any tests for licensing, or studying for any exams or boards, your Himm will help you remember everything you learned, making it easy for you to pass the very first time!

Protection From Curses

– Curses are more common than most people may think! But with the protective aura of a Himm, no curse will ever be able to harm you!

– If you suspect you’ve been cursed, or have been cursed, the moment you connect with your Himm, any and all curses will be instantly removed!

EFT Protection

The powerful aura of a Himm will also protect you from EFT’s, electronic waves from computers, cell phones,  wall outlets, and all other electrical devices!

PLUS a whole lot more, which will be explained to you if you are one of the lucky people who get to be there on the day when the Cosmic Energy Portal opens!

A powerful aura extending over a mile!

A powerful aura extending over a mile!


How To Join The Opening Of The Cosmic Energy Portal

Since the Cosmic Energy Portal is opening on Wednesday, March 9th, this will be the day this special event takes place!

Sadly, I was clearly instructed that this special day will be limited to a small number of people.

Since the spaces for this are EXTREMELY LIMITED, so in order not to miss out I HIGHLY RECOMMEND clicking here now and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to quickly grab one of these limited spaces!

I can honestly say this is going to be an extremely life-changing event, and this is a VERY SPECIAL session that will be held LIVE on Zoom.

The Opening Of The Cosmic Energy Portal will last approximately 90 minutes and I was informed by my mentor that many people will experience strong feelings of joy and happiness, during this event and afterwards, and they will also begin seeing results from their Himm very quickly!

So, make sure you don’t lose out! Grab one of these very limited spaces by clicking here now and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to quickly grab one of these limited spaces!

I was also informed this event will never take place again during the existence of all humans on earth.

So this means the Opening Of The Cosmic Energy Portal will never happen again. In this lifetime or any future lifetimes…

So this literally is a one-time opportunity. Period!

Thank you for letting me share this amazing information with you and thank you also for taking the time to read my emails!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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