My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (April Release) 2019 psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for April 2019

As we move more into 2019, we will be seeing more and more interesting occurrences, both here in the US and internationally, too!

I think you are going to find some of this month’s psychic predictions very interesting, and as we move even more into this year things are going to become even more interesting!

So, here are my latest Psychic Predictions for April 2019.

I hope you enjoy them:




There is going to be a ground-breaking movie coming out of Hollywood! This movie is going to move the hearts and touch the lives of many people. Several awards will be won.

Oprah Winfrey is going to make a major announcement that is going to take many people by surprise. Some of her fans will be very supportive, while her critics will try to use this new revelation to tear her down.

An up and coming female comedian is going to take the country by storm. She will not only catch the attention of the nation with her hilarious comedy, but she will also have a caring heart and use her new-found fame to support causes for underprivileged women and children.




As we begin to move closer to the new elections, politicians from the state of Texas are going to become heavily involved in trying to sway and influence the results in favor of their political viewpoints! It will begin to backfire when a so-called “god-fearing” politician from Texas is discovered to like girls who are minors.

Expect to see a major shift in political power on the capitol. The Democrats are going to make major strides towards shifting the political climate more to the left. Some Republicans will try to prevent this, but it will be to no avail.

There is going to be the softening of views of some one-time rather conservative politicians. This change in their views is going to have a major impact on the passing of some bills related to issues that have long divided the country.


World Events


Certain US government officials will be discovered for trying to make “financial deals” behind the scenes, in order to secure large profits for themselves and benefit of their major financial donors. This will not only be a major scandal, but it will also become a major embarrassment to the US.

An unexpected war is going to break out in Africa. Several lives will be lost, and the country will be left to fend for itself, due to an unwillingness by other governments to get involved and help.

Japan is going to take the electronics industry by storm. Samsung, a Korean company, is going to be in a race to try and prevent Japan from cutting into their financial profits and knocking them off the top of the ladder, in the world of electronics.




There will be talks of developing a robot that can perform major surgeries without the use of a doctor. The inventors will explain how it can be programmed to perform surgeries that would normally take a human doctor, years of study and years of experience to perform. There will be an uproar from the medical community.

Cloning human eyes will be something we will begin to hear about. Once perfected, it will eliminate the need for most eye surgeries and allow the blind to be able to see.

A new form of cancer will be discovered. It will be found to have developed as a result of the preservatives, additives, and other harmful ingredients, food companies have been adding in our food for decades.




Wheat, corn, and oats will be strong, but other commodities will fluctuate as we approach Spring.

Copper is going to be a good investment this month, but make sure to study the market and get in and out at the right time. The time frame for this will be a very short window.

The US stock market is going to crash again but will rebound quickly after. 




Heavy rainfall is going to hit Texas. Major flooding will take place, costing the state millions of dollars in damage. Due to all the bad luck the state has had, some will begin to think it has been cursed or is paying for its bad karma.

Weird weather patterns are going to haunt parts of Africa. From heavy rains to severe droughts, the tolls these weather patterns bring will be a heavy cost to the continent.

Russia is going to experience some of the worst weather in decades. Very heavy snows and longer lasting winters are going to the norm from these days forward. Shorter summers and longer winters can be expected in all parts of the country from now on.


Love And Romance


This month will be the beginning of a new romance for those born under the sign of Leo, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, and Sagittarius. If you are a different sign, this is the best month to start getting out to meet people.

More boys will be born this month to anyone who gets pregnant over the next 30 days. The possibility of twins is also high during this time.

A secret romance between two well-known figures will come to light, and many people will be stunned. They kept it such a secret, very few people will have suspected it.




More psychic children will be born this year than any other time in the past. Children born between May and October will be some of the most psychic children that ever lived.

A new type of bird flu will surface in different parts of the world. Several people will lose their lives before it is discovered what is causing these mysterious deaths.

A major recall on beef is going to plague the US. Several people will become deathly ill from eating this bad meat. An investigation will be underway and it will be discovered to have been caused by several people who were handing the meat, were not washing their hands.


I hope you enjoyed my latest psychic predictions for April 2019.

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  1. Irma says:

    Tana, I was thinking that Texas had bad Karma too with the weather. The beef and chicken thing makes me want to be vegetarian. The eye advances are good news! Thank you Tana!

  2. Alejandra says:

    Hello Tana, I look forward to your predictions every month. Thank you for the predictions above.

  3. Betty says:

    Your monthly predictions are such a treat. Do you have a timeframe for the stock market crash? Thanks Tana ????

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