My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (March Release) 2019 psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for March 2019

It’s hard to believe we are already coming into the third month of the New Year! Many more changes are on the horizon, which will involve some upheavals and surprising turnarounds!

I have a strong feeling 2019 is going to be one of the most interesting years we’ve had in a long time!

So, here are my latest Psychic Predictions for March 2019.

I hope you enjoy them:




There is going to be the announcement of the early retirement of a well-known TV host. This is going to come as a surprise to many of these celebrities’ fans since it will be announced unexpectedly.

A popular TV show will announce this will be ending soon. It will be revealed that after doing the show for several seasons, the cast wants to move on to doing other things. Some of the cast will talk about retirement from acting altogether.

A new reality show will sweep the nation, even causing the Kardashians to lose some of their ratings. This reality show is going to captivate the minds of America and the world! 




The political scenario in the US is going to be like a circus. Both sides will be saying and doing things that will cause waves that will be felt around the world. People in other countries will think the US political system has gone bonkers.

The US president is going to be caught in a very compromising situation. There will be rumors of more damaging information surfacing about his business affairs, but nothing will ever be proven.

A US senator is going to be caught up in a sexual scandal that is going to end his career. His entire family will be affected by this, and he will fall from grace in the eyes of his supporters.


World Events


Africa will experience more political strife that will end in a takeover of a certain government. Several lives will be lost, as renegades overthrow the current political system in that country.

A major illness will pop up in different parts of the world, affecting young women and men. It will be linked to sexual transmission and several people will perish before the roots of this disease are discovered.

Sadly, another major tsunami is going to strike again. This is going to happen unexpectedly, and several lives will be lost. It will hit at a time when people aren’t prepared for it.




New strides will be made in cancer research regarding a type of cancer that affects children. This new discovery will practically eliminate this cancer, giving several children a new chance in life.

Bionic parts are going to make great strides. Advances will be made in the development of artificial limbs that will actually cause a person to have “feeling” in the limb as if it was real.

There will be advancements made in Lasik surgery. They will make great advances in perfecting the ability for a person to have both, far and nearsightedness, after having this surgery performed on them.




Gold prices are going to remain stable, but other fine metals will be good investments throughout 2019. Seeking expert advice about these different medals will reward smart investors, handsomely.

The US stock market is going to remain steady throughout most of 2019. There will be a few dips and drops, but by the end of the year, everything will have balanced out.

There is going to be a major scandal sweeping Wall Street! Several people are going to be arrested, and unfortunately, some investors will end up losing their life savings as a result of it! 




Severe and unusual weather is going to affect the midwestern parts of the US, and also states like Texas, Arkansas, and even Wyoming. Bad weather will last longer than usual this year, causing these places to have a very short summer.

Many parts of Europe will have amazingly nice weather and early spring and summer. These same areas will also experience a very mild winter this year.

China is going to be hit with weird and unusual weather. It will be discovered the cause is from major pollution, and swift action will need to be taken to protect the health of the people living in those areas.


Love And Romance


If you are looking for love, this is your lucky month! Anyone looking to find their soulmate will have a higher chance this month of meeting that someone special!

People in marriages and relationships will find their love growing stronger this month! Expect to feel strong romantic feelings between the two of you, some of which you may not have felt before, or for a very long time.

For any new pregnancies that occur this month, there is going to be a higher chance of having twins. If you already have a child and get pregnant this month, it will be a girl.




More strange and unusual UFO sighting will occur this month. So, keep your eyes open, and you may be surprised to see your first real UFO sighting. Alien sightings will also be on the rise, too.

A new form of spice is going to sweep the nation. Unlike any type of flavor, people have tasted before, it will eventually become as common as salt and pepper and found in every household.

An airplane crash from a major airline is going to occur. Several lives will be lost, and after a thorough investigation, it will be discovered it was due to a mechanical error and had nothing to do with the pilot.


I hope you enjoyed my last psychic predictions for March 2019.

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    Should flying be avoiding for March 2019?? Unsettling prediction about the plane crash, my family and I will be flying towards the end of March! Thank you for your insights

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