My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (February Release) 2019 psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for February 2019

The upcoming month is going to have in store some very unusual, interesting, and odd happenings unfold!

Think of this month as a mixed bag!

In 2018, we saw craziness and joy, but the energy of 2019 should bring rebirth and hope to all.

So, here’s my latest psychic predictions for February 2019:




Expect to see some unexpected events in Hollywood this month. There is going to be the unexplainable death of a major hitter in the entertainment world. His death will leave many unanswered questions. Was the mafia involved?

Two celebrities are finally going to admit they have a problem and admit themselves to rehab. One of them will be successful in their recovery, while the other will continue to struggle afterwards!

A famous singer is going to have twins – unexpectedly. The news of two-for-the-price of one will come as a huge surprise to the new mom, but they will both be welcomed with just as much love!




New information that will be damaging to the US president will surface, embarrassing the USA all around the world. Although many people will feel disgusted, including many of his supporters, he will not be forced out of office at this time.

Several politicians and oil executives in Texas will be discovered to be involved in an international conspiracy involving the manipulation of oil prices for years, solely for the purpose of increasing their own personal profits. The roots of this corruption will be discovered to also lead back to Saudi Arabia and the US president, revealing a secret deal made between the president and this country, only motivated by personal financial gain. 

An unexpected war will break out in the middle eastern part of the world. Several lives will be lost, and it will fizzle out as quickly as it started.




The US stock market is going to continue to be like a roller coaster throughout the rest of 2019. Foreign investors are going to lose faith in the financial stability of the USA and begin pulling out their money and investing it elsewhere.

Airbnb is going to be the latest trend for real estate investors to invest their money. Instead of buying and flipping properties for profit, several investors will begin buying and turning the properties into Airbnb’s. This will become the new trend.

Gold prices are going to crash. This will cause a shock wave throughout the entire US economy and the effects of this will be felt around the world!


Medicine and Science


New discoveries will be made in Lasik Surgery! The ability to correct both near and far sightedness will soon be a possibility.

Scientists are going to make major breakthroughs in their understanding of molecules and atoms. A new type of particle is going to be discovered that will change the way the scientific world looks at what objects are really made of.

The worlds of cars, when it comes to self-driving cars, is going to make major advances. The average person will be able to own one of these types of cars sooner than expected, and it is going to change the world as we know it today! 




Unusual weather patterns are going to hit the Midwestern parts of the United States. New York and Pennsylvania are going to begin experiencing a milder winter this year, enjoying more warm days in between the cold ones. Making it an enjoyable winter for them.

Southern states, such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, are going to have some of the worst winters and summers they have ever experienced in years! A chillingly cold winter and extremely humid summer is on the way to these states. Bundle up!

Many parts of Europe are going to have an amazing year when it comes to weather. This will be one of the best years several of these countries have ever had. An amazingly gentle winter and an enjoyable, comfortable summer. Tourists visiting these countries will be in for a real treat!


Love and Romance


If love has been your struggle, this month will be the best month for meeting that special someone. Make sure to get out and about to meet people, putting extra effort into the dating scene this month. The rewards will pay off!

Pregnancy will be difficult to achieve this month, so don’t get discouraged. Next month will bring with it a higher chance of becoming pregnant, and even a higher chance of becoming pregnant with twins, or maybe even triplets!

If you are facing a divorce or possible separation, this month will be a month of emotional healing, causing an opening of your hearts and a reuniting of your souls. Love that may have seemed lost will begin to show hope.


Psychic Occurrences


I see that ghostly sightings are going to be on the rise this month. If you hear a rattle or creak in the floorboards, keep your eyes open. It may be a ghost!

People who have latent psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance (the psychic ability to see visions, angels, and spirit guides) are going to start “seeing” invisible people” all over the place! If you are one these people, expect to see “people and beings” others won’t be able to see!

Flying objects in the sky, such as UFO’s, both large and small, along with alien beings, will be seen more and more by the average person. People who were once skeptical about these things will become true believers after seeing the things they are going to see!


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions for 2019.

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