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Psychic predictions for January 2019

It’s hard to believe another year has already passed.  As we get close to closing the door on 2018, we will get prepared for the upcoming New Year. So, what is 2019 going to be like?

After communicating with my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, here are my New Year’s predictions for 2019… 




There will be the announcement of an affair that’s been going on between two married celebrity couples. One of the marriages will end in divorce, while the other couple will try and work things out.

The passing of a famous iconic female actor is going to sadden many of her fans. She will pass peacefully and will be remembered for her personality and special ways.

Another Boy Band is going to hit the scene, taking America by storm. Coming up with several hits, their career will only span a few years, but they will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of young girls – and some young boys, too.




The political situation in the US will become a major embarrassment to our country, all around the world. Sadly, criminal charges will be filed against the US president, and when the truth comes out, USA will lose much of the respect it has earned internationally, over hundreds of years.

Iran will begin releasing a wave of drugs into the USA, as a punishment for US sanctions placed on them. This is going to cause the loss of many lives, and unfortunately, could have been avoided, all together.

Japan will make a major mark in technology, announcing a new development and breakthrough regarding robotics. This discovery will eventually change manufacturing production in the world, as we know it.




There is going to be a major medical breakthrough related to a type of mold or fungus, which will be discovered to have healing properties that are beneficial to the healing of certain cancers.

A new galaxy will be discovered, and scientists will start talking about the possibility of life forms existing in this newly discovered world. Although it will take several years before any progress will made to confirm their speculations.

The use of a robotic police unit will begin to be discussed about in the upcoming year. These Robocops will be looked at for being used in extreme situations, which would normally be life-threatening and dangerous to police.


Health And Medicine


The American Medical Association will change its tune and begin to claim that salt is not bad for you, after all, and will begin telling people using salt is okay.

A new type of exercise will become popular in the upcoming year. Although not totally new, it will combine and incorporate exercise techniques that were practiced as far back as 1930.

It will come to light that eating a high percentage of meat and dairy in one’s diet is dangerous to the health of humans. The medical community will begin recommending no more than eight to twelve ounces of meat to be eaten each week.


Love And Relationships


2019 will be the year of the soulmate! People looking for true love will find their special someone in 2019. The strongest months for meeting your soulmate are going to be February, March, May, June, July, and October.

Relationship difficulties between married couples and significant others will begin clearing up, beginning in the first of the New Year. The energies for 2019 will be “healing for the heart” and many love difficulties will disappear seemingly overnight.

Couples getting pregnant in the first 6 month of the New Year will have a higher chance of conceiving boy. After June, the chances of conceiving a girl will increase.




Investments in the stock market are going to do well in 2019. Expect the third quarter of the year to be slow, but before and after this period, investments will do well.

Gold prices will rise and fall throughout 2019, but you can expect these prices to remain steady throughout the entire year.

Be wary of investing money into any new business you are not familiar with. Any business investments made in 2019 should only be made in businesses you are familiar with.




The Midwestern parts of the United states are going to be heavily affected by negative weather patterns, especially in Indiana. The Midwest will be hit with extreme colds in the winter, and extreme heat in the summer.

Australia is going to be blessed with some of the most pleasant weather patterns they have experienced in a long time. They are going to have a warm and mild summer and a warmer and milder winter, too.

Japan is going to be hit by another major weather occurrence. Possibly an earthquake, or another mini-tsunami, but the fallout will be extreme.




Relations between the US and China are going to worsen in 2019. As political tensions rise, talk of a World War III will be on the mind of people around the world. Only the US president will have the ability to cause this or prevent it by deciding if he wants to de-escalate this tense situation, or fan the flames to take the world into a major war.

Iran will begin taking actions to undermine the United States due to the actions against them directed by the US president The outcome and fallout from it all will not be positive.

While all the craziness is going on in the US political system, a few important countries will begin making alliances between themselves, setting an example that peace can be obtained, if two countries will approach each other with the idea of peace in mind, rather than the idea of bullying and war.


So, those are my New Year psychic predictions for 2019 and I hope you enjoyed reading my first release of psychic predictions for 2019.

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