My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (May Release) 2019 psychic predictions

Psychic predictions for May 2019

As I had predicted in the past, 2019 is going to be like a political circus. Well, the circus is just beginning. So, get ready for more clowns!

This is going to be an interesting upcoming month in many areas, besides politics.

So, here are my latest psychic predictions for May 2019.

I hope you enjoy them:




Another cult scandal is going to have some Hollywood elite in the spotlight again! We are going to learn this cult was involved in some very unusual and bizarre sex rituals! America is going to be shocked by the details that surface, along with the people involved in it!

A new young actress is going to steal the hearts of people around the world. She will be someone who was never heard of before, then almost overnight, she will become a famous, well-known name.

A Hollywood studio executive is going to rattle some cages in the movie industry. He is going to make some very bold moves to assure female actresses are being paid as much as their male counterparts. Some will call him a hero, while others will try and discredit him.




The US president will be forced to reveal his tax returns, and will only do so reluctantly, so he can campaign in certain states. America is going to be surprised by the truth of his finances.

A Democratic politician is going to be found to be secretly playing both sides. We will discover this person has been acting like a Democrat, while secretly, behind the scenes, trying to discredit the Democratic party for the gain of the Republicans.

Two major politicians will come out of the closet, and one will be a Republican. Several people will be shocked, especially when the Republican reveals they are considering a sex change operation. This will cause the Republican party to turn their backs on this individual.


World Events


Tensions between the US and the Middle East will begin to flare up. Saudi Arabia and the US President are going to have some disagreements, which will cause oil prices to go thru the roof. Americans will be on edge hoping this disagreement gets settled quickly.

China is going to try to take the lead and become the first country to capitalize on self-driving cars. There will be a competitive race between the US and China to see who will be the first country to make these cars available to the general public. China will win if the US allows politics to get in the way.

Marijuana will start becoming legalized in countries around the world that people would never have expected to legalize it. Governments of these countries will realize the tax revenues to be gained, and this will be the major driving force for making it legal.




A cure for Type 1 and type 2 diabetes will be announced as being on the horizon. Researchers will announce they are making strides in the direction of finding a cure.

News will surface of experiments, involving human head transplants, beginning to take place in another country. We will learn that one particular doctor feels he could be successful at it! Experiments will first start with animals, and then they will begin asking for human volunteers.

A new type of flu is going to surface as we have never seen before. Typical medications often used for treating the common flu will not be effective in treating this new one. Medical researchers will scramble to find a cure before more lives are lost. It will appear to only affect the elderly and teenagers.




An upsweep in the US economy is going to make many people happy. Overall, people invested in the US stock market are going to do very well this year! Some investors will do better than they have over the past two years.

A hot new promising company is going to go public, causing investors to go flocking to get the opportunity to invest. All may seem well in the beginning, but millions of dollars will end up being lost.

Commodities will be a good investment this summer. Make sure to do your homework before investing, but with the right research, several commodities will be very profitable this year.




More cold weather is still to come for certain midwestern states. This is going to be a short spring, a short summer, and a long winter for many parts of the Midwest.

Severe weather is going to hit parts of Asia. Countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and parts of Japan will be in for some rough weather. Expect severe flooding and tidal waves.

Indiana is going to experience some very bizarre weather, along with Tennessee and parts of Texas. Also, places like Iowa and Montana will experience some of the same bizarre weather patterns. Buckle up!


Love And Romance


Since this month is going to be one of the most romantic months of the year, May is going to be the best month to propose to that special someone. Proposals made during this month will be less likely to ever end in divorce.

For married couples, this is going to be a good month to resolve any resentments you have been holding onto between the two of you. I also see long-term resentments between certain friends dissolving away, and a reuniting of friendship will occur.

There is going to be the month of testing new relationships. Any doubts you may have had will be answered. You will know for sure if your relationship will or will not work by the end of this month.




There is going to be an increase in the adoption of cats and dogs in animal shelters. I see more and more people opening their hearts and deciding to give an orphaned animal a loving family!

False pregnancy tests will be common this month. More false pregnancies will occur than in the last 10 years. If you test positive for pregnancy, make sure to take a second test to be extra sure.

I see alien walk-ins taking over the bodies of several famous people. Weird, bizarre, and unexplainable behavior is going to be seen in some very famous people. While America is speculating about the reasons these behaviors are occurring, you will know what really happened.

I hope you enjoyed my last psychic predictions for May 2019.


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