My Latest Psychic Predictions for November 2020 Psychic Predictions For September 2020 release

My psychic predictions are going to get more and more interesting!

As we are quickly approaching the end of 2020, things are going to become more and more intense in many areas.

We’ve already seen a deadly virus, political corruption, and sadly the deaths of some important people.

Well, here is what I see for the second to last month of 2020!

I hope you enjoy reading them:




A Hollywood actor will be caught at a large party without a mask and not practicing social distancing. It will affect their career.

Several actors will vocally speak out against the US president causing a wave in the entertainment world.

The untimely death of a well-known male actor will leave many of his fans sad.




There will be unexpected events happening after the presidential election. Not only will the winner surprise people but the actions of the current president will be unprecedented.

Ballot boxes will be rigged in the current US election due to ties to Russia.

There is going to be a shift in the US Senate that is going to surprise many.


World Events


Several world leaders will express their joy about the winning president in the upcoming election.

War in the Middle East will break out causing problems with oil and affecting its prices.

A large explosion is going to make international news, costing the lives of several people




Artificial intelligence will begin to take over more and more health care practices, eventually replacing doctors with computer-controlled bots.

A new eye procedure will be discussed that will be able to correct both near and farsightedness in patients at the same time.

New uses for CBD oil will begin to be studied in the medical world.




Energy fields around humans, referred to as the aura, will begin to be recognized and validated by scientists.

A new plant in the Amazon, which grows rapidly, will be found and then studied for its ability to be converted into natural fuel for automobiles.

New strides will be made in communicating with beings from other galaxies. There will be reports of signals being sent back to earth, which appear to be messages for earthlings




The stock market is going to take another major dip before the end of the year but those who don’t panic will find they rebound back quickly from their losses.

A new computer technology will be announced, which will look promising at first, but will turn out to be a bad investment.

The US stock market will remain unstable until after the first of the year. 




Several cities around the world will be hit this winter with heavy snowfall. Snow will come early in some parts of the US.

New advances in solar technology will be made where you will need fewer panels and the charge will last longer.

Certain cities around the world will not have much of winter due to it staying warmer longer than usual, in previous years before. 


Love And Romance


A well-known couple will divorce because of their different political beliefs.

Babies who are born in November will retain their blue eyes, more so than any babies born over the past 10 years.

November will be the month of lovemaking. Many pregnancies will take place this month.

So, there are my psychic predictions for November 2020.

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  1. Errin says:

    “There will be unexpected events happening after the presidential election. Not only will the winner surprise people but the actions of the current president will be unprecedented.”


    I just had a flash about this prediction…considering the current state of the election, maybe Trump will concede? That action will stun his supporters, thus declaring Joe Biden the victor…?

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