My Latest Psychic Predictions for October 2020 Psychic Predictions For September 2020 release

Here are my latest psychic predictions for October 2020.

There are going to be many unexpected surprises, especially as the US election draws near!

I hope you enjoy reading them. 




Several well-known celebrities are going to make their political stances known publicly. With opposing views among Hollywood’s elite, divisions in celebrity relationships and friendships will occur.

A Hollywood celebrity will be called out for attending a large party in the Hollywood Hills where people were not practicing social distancing.

A very disturbing open secret will be exposed to the public, which has been an “open secret” in Hollywood for years!




The current US president’s past relationship with pedophile Jefferey Epstein will come to light, as the election gets closer. Many disgusting details will be revealed that will repulse many people! Yet, some will try to rationalize them and make excuses for the president and Jefferey’s relationship.

An undisclosed source will reveal hidden secrets about how China and how it harvests organs from innocent people. Although China denies it, this will be the first there is will have indisputable proof of it!

An international drug ring will be discovered with ties to high officials in the US government.

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The discovery of a new type of spore, which is released from an exotic plant, will be discovered to have several health benefits for humans.

New revelations will be made in the animal world, causing animal researchers to start taking a different view about what was once believed about animals and their relationships with other species.

There will be the talk of using dinosaur DNA to clone a T. Rex dinosaur. This will cause public outrage and the experiment will quickly go underground – but it will still continue on behind closed doors!


Health And Medicine


Great strides will be made towards curing MS, and a promising cure will be announced, which will be available in the not too far off future.

A new drug will be hailed as a miracle drug. It will be able to cure serious disease, but with its side effects, many will question if it’s even worth taking the drug.

A new type of exercise craze will sweep the nation and many people will jump on this bandwagon! 

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Love And Relationships


A well-known politician will end up in a divorce. His wife will discover he has some sexual fetishes, which are either unusual, or illegal, or both!  So, she will leave him.

This is going to be a good month for finding true love, for Libras, Capricorns, and Taurus’s. It will also be a good month for these signs to see relationship improvements!

Herpes will be on the rise this month. So, if you don’t know everything about your partner’s sexual history, make sure to use protection.




The US Stock Market will drop, once again, during election time, but will rise back up when the election is over.

The construction industry is going to boom for at least 12 more months, all over the US. After that, proceed with caution, especially if you are making real estate investments.

A new type of cryptocurrency is going to hit the market. For the first few years, it will not catch on. Then, it will take off like wildfire.




There will be fires around the country that are going to be some of the worse we have seen. Especially in places like Texas, Arizona, Montana, North Carolina, and Georgia. California wildfires will be lower this year.

Snowfall will come early in some states this year, causing them to have a shorter summer and a longer winter.

Tornados and hurricanes will hit certain areas around the globe later than expected this summer. Places susceptible to either of these should start planning for them now because when they hit, they will hit without much warning. 


There are my psychic predictions for October 2020 and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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  1. mary rose brien says:

    Loved how you get too the point, iam one honest person 2/22/1950 but feel young love working with others…..thanks enjoyed reading this Mary

  2. mary rose brien says:

    thanks again

  3. Irma says:

    TANA thank you for the email. So does this mean that in a year home prices will drop? Refinance now? Good news about MS research! Any research on HPV? Cure?

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