My Latest Psychic Predictions (September 2020 Release) Psychic Predictions For September 2020 release

Here are more of my latest psychic predictions for September 2020.


New allegations of inappropriate sexual touch will be brought against a famous celebrity and it will surprise many people.

A famous actor will perish due to the Coronavirus.

A secret circle of elite Hollywood types will be exposed. It will be discovered this is a club where members indulge in dark sexual fetishes.


A well-known political figure will die under very suspicious circumstances.

Russia will get involved again in the US presidential election, in an attempt to sway the next one in a favorable direction for the current president.

People around the world will begin protesting against having to wear masks, leading to an explosive increase in the spread of the Coronavirus.

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A vaccination for the Coronavirus will be announced and thousands of people will rush out to get it, only to find it was not effective and has done potential damage to their internal system.

There will be the talk of self-flying vehicles for consumer use, possibly being a reality in the next 20 years.

Scientists will begin receiving back radio response signals from outer space, moving a big step closer to confirming the existence of life on other planets. 

Health And Medicine


There will be the discovery of a type of Amazonian insect, that when bitten by it, it’s saliva can cure people of certain diseases.

Type 2 diabetes will be curable within the next 10 years.

A new drug will eventually be released that can prevent people with stage 4 leukemia from progressing and further, and allow them to live a normal life. 

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Love And Relationships


A celebrity relationship will end in what some may think was a murder-suicide pact. People will be shocked!

A new illegal drug will become popular. When taken by both people, it will make them feel like they are in love, until the drug wears off.

This is going to be a lucky month for Leos and Capricorns when it comes to relationships and pregnancies.



It will eventually come to light that the current president’s plan for tax deferment will have very negative consequences on the economy.

Tesla stocks are going to reach an all-time high and will remain stable. 

Lots of money will be made, and also lost, by people who have invested in the company that produces the vaccine for the Coronavirus.



As I have been predicting accurately, Texas will once again be hit by severe weather. Texas is on a negative energy grid. Unfortunately, this makes the state kind of “cursed”, if you may, with bad luck.

Another tsunami is going to hit in Asia. Many lives will be lost.

Another major icecap will break off, causing water levels to rise, all around the world. 


There are my psychic predictions for September 2020 and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Alejandra Enriquez says:

    Hi Tana, i look forward to your predictions every month.

    Thank You ,

  2. Irma says:

    Thank you Tana for the emails.
    I think the same thing about Texas and Louisiana!!
    They are always getting hit with bad weather. Someone told me that it’s the spirits of slaves from these areas. I’m afraid to go to Louisiana. Nope not ever! Good news about a cure for type 2 diabetes . Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Tanya Sara Fillbrook says:

    Thank you Tana for your words.
    Have a great weekend.

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