My latest Psychic Predictions June 2020 (plus more!)

Hi there,

The world has been crazy.

Let’s face it, what the planet is going through right now is not the norm!

And let’s hope it never happens again in our lifetime, nor our children’s lifetime, either.

But the truth is, all the fear, worry, and panic have been causing people to think negative thoughts during this pandemic.

And those negative thoughts are is being sent from their mind, out into the universe, creating what is called a Negative Energy Atmosphere.

AND, you are being exposed to this atmosphere everyday…everywhere you go!

Since this is a world pandemic, virtually everyone in the world has been worrying, fearful, or felt panicked, at one point or another. And this Negative Thought Energy (NTE) is being projected out into the atmosphere….

…just floating around out there.

And even though you cannot see this Negative Thought-Energy floating around in the atmosphere, you walk through it every day!

So, therefore, there is literally no one in the entire world who has not been affected by this negative thought-energy atmosphere!

Think Of This Negative Energy Atmosphere Like Invisible Fog

As I mentioned a moment ago, even though you cannot see this negative thought-energy atmosphere, you walk through it every day!

For example:

– Whenever you go outside of your house, you walk through it.

– Whenever you drive anywhere, you drive through it.

– Whenever you open your windows or your door, it blows inside your home or apartment, so you are surrounded by it!

So, unfortunately, no one is untouched by this Negative Thought-Energy Atmosphere (NETA) floating around out there.

People can protect themselves from the virus, but unfortunately, they cannot protect themselves from this Negative Thought Energy that’s floating around!

So, I am about to tell you why there is a need for concern…

This Thought Energy Is Toxic Like Black Mold

The best way to describe how being exposed to this energy on a daily basis affects people, my guides show gave me the example of black mold growing inside of your walls or under your house.

You can’t see it, smell it, or taste it, but in a very short period of time, you will start having breathing problems, chronic coughing, sneezing, rashes, start feeling tired all the time, and even have recurring headaches!

These are some of the common symptoms caused by black mold poisoning.

Yet, because people cannot see it, smell it, or taste it, they have no idea their symptoms are a result of black mold poisoning, which is due to the black mold growing inside their walls or under their house!

But unlike black mold poisoning, this Negative Energy Atmosphere does not affect your physical body directly, but it sure does a number on your soul’s energy!

And the problem is, up to now, since the entire world has been “isolating at home’, feeling fear, worry, and in some cases panic, for the last three months – three months is how long the entire world has been exposed to this Negative Thought-Energy Atmosphere.


…do you know what the big difference is between you and them?

The difference is this: you now know about this Negative Thought Energy Atmosphere! AND, in a moment, you are also going to know how it affects your soul.

And I am also going to tell you what you can do to protect yourself from it!

While they have NO IDEA it even exists…so they will continue being affected by it…

…that’s the big difference!

Get protected so you will never have to worry about this! Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for this protection!

Why This Energy Is Not Good For Your Soul

Your physical body, which includes your bones and skin, protects your internal body, such as your organs.

You also have what is called an energy body, which is an invisible, yet exact replica, of your physical body.

Your energy body is surrounded by your aura (an invisible energy field). Your aura acts like your physical body’s skin and bones because your aura protects your energy body from any harmful energies floating around in the atmosphere.

And at the very center of your energy body, is where your soul is located!

Think of your soul like your physical heart. It is the life force of your energy body. And your psychical body and energy bodywork hand-in-hand together because they are interconnected!

This is what I want earlier when I said your physical body is indirectly affected by this Negative energy Atmosphere because of their inter-connectedness.

How Your Soul Is Affected

Black mold poisoning happens from breathing in the spores of the mold. AND their spores are also floating around in the air where they land on your skin and get absorbed into your skin!

Since your aura is the “skin” around your energy body, and since this toxic energy is floating all around you, it also lands on your aura (energy skin) and gets absorbed into your energy body.

And since you are continuously exposed to this energy every day, you are continuously absorbing it into your energy skin, causing it to seep into your energy arteries (called meridians), and then into your energy body’s “bloodstream”.

From there, this toxic energy gets absorbed into your soul (the “heart” of your energy body) and this is when the problems begin.

The Effects Of Negative Energy Absorption

Within a short time of this “black mold” energy getting absorbed into your soul, the effects start immediately.

And up to this point, people have already had three months of exposure to this toxic energy. And you may notice that even you are already experiencing some, if not all, of these effects:

Here is a list of some of the “symptoms” people are either experiencing, or will be experiencing soon, as a result of long-term exposure to this toxic thought-energy:

– Relationship problems will begin popping up out of nowhere.

Some people will begin to question their relationships. While others will experience block-after-block when it comes to finding love!

– People will start feeling disconnected from loved ones, family members, friends, or others.

Friends, loved ones, work relationships, neighbor relations, and relationships with in-laws, will begin to sour. Taking a turn towards the wrong way.

– Money problems will increase.

Unprotected people will find their finances slow to recover. While others will find it difficult to get them to recover at all.

– Bad luck will follow people around

People will begin feeling like they are constantly walking around with a dark cloud above their heads. No matter what they do or try, things will seem to begin going in the wrong direction.

– Murphy’s Law will become activated for many.

– An underlying feeling of fear, anxiety, worry, or even depression (strong or low-lying) that you can’t seem to shake.

People will feel these negative feelings more than usual and find them hard to get rid of. Walking around with continuous knots in their stomachs, or with a feeling of paranoia or worry inside, that they can’t seem to get rid of.

– Feeling more fatigued, tired, or just worn out more than usual.

People’s energy levels will drop causing people to feel unmotivated, lazy, and hard to get back the energy they once had before this all started.

– Weight gain will happen and weight loss will be difficult

People will find themselves adding on the extra pounds, no matter what they seem to do, or how they try and stop it!  And it will become harder than ever before to lose the extra weight that has been gained.

– Zoning out will become commonplace

People will begin zoning out more, finding it hard to do the things they know they need to get done. Sleeping in more will become common for some while getting out of bed will become hard for others. Yet, some people will find themselves waking up early but still not be as productive as they used to be.

What You’ll Need to Do to Make Sure You Are 100% Protected

The very first thing you need to do is stop ALL of your negative thoughts immediately! Because the more negative thinking you do, the more toxicity you are adding to the atmosphere! You cannot afford to have any more negative thoughts at all. None whatsoever!

The problem is, stopping negative thoughts is difficult unless you are the Buddha. And because people’s “energy blood” has already become saturated from exposure to this Negative-Thought Energy, negative thoughts will be impossible to stop.

You also need to keep a smile on your face – all day long! Smiles counteract this energy, and the more you smile, the more you will counteract it! I recommend smiling at least 50 to 75 times a day, and even more!

But the problem is, smiling that many times a day is almost abnormal. And especially right now. People don’t have the energy to smile that many times a day. So, this will be difficult, too!

You also need to cleanse your aura and balance all of your chakras at least 3 to 4 times a day!

You heard me right.

3 to 4 times a day!

Each cleansing and balancing can be done in 30 minutes if you know what you are doing.

But again, the problem is, most people don’t know how to cleanse their aura and balance their chakras properly. And the people that think they know-how, have not been taught the right way to do it (even though they think they have been taught the right way to do this).

And most people don’t have the time, patience, or discipline to do a thorough job of this 4 times a day for 30 minutes each time.

And the last thing is this. DO NOT leave your home, open your windows or doors, walk or drive anywhere.

The problem is, this is just unrealistic for anyone because we all need to eat, get fresh air, and drive places.

Doing all four of these things consistently AND every day will protect you from this negative energy atmosphere.

But again, sadly, these things are unrealistic for most people!

Luckily, there is another option…

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Why I Dusted Off My Book Of Secrets!

Luckily for everyone (at least those of you who are reading this email), there is another way to make sure you and your family are 100% protected from this toxic Negative Thought Energy Atmosphere!

The other night, I dusted off my old leather-bound notebook, which is over 3,000 pages thick. And it contains all of my hand-written notes I took, during my 15 years of studying and training with my mentor!

You could truly call this book a “Book Of Secrets”!

I also decided to take an astral trip to meet with my mentor on “the Other Side”. And together, we designed the most powerful protection possible to protect you during this time!

We named it Palzo Protection due to the combination of ancient Egyptian Protection Techniques it took to create it.

Palzo Protection will give you and your family 100% protection for this negative “black mold” energy without having to do anything else at all!

The Power Of Palzo Protection

Over 2,000 years ago, in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, the ancient Masters taught their students how to create a Palzo Shield.

A Palzo Shield is an invisible energy shield that will protect you from practically anything. The ancient Masters even claimed this shield could even stop an arrow!

So, the Palzo Shield was the first technique we decided to use to protect you and your family from this floating energy, preventing this energy from ever touching you or your family’s energy bodies.

Next, as another added layer of protection, we decided to also add in Anto-Cosmo. This is another technique the ancient Masters taught their students because Anto-Cosmo prevents negative thought-energy from penetrating a person’s aura (your energy skin).

Giving protection from these “spores” of negative energy being absorbed into you or your families’ energy skin!

And the third thing we decided was to add is called Calhpo Ram Rama.

This technique summons the protection of the most powerful Egyptian Protectors, who reside in The Land of Ram. (A dimension so advanced, only a Master who has been trained over 30 years, in the ancient Egyptian secrets, can access its power).

This gives you and your family members the “protection of the ancient Egyptian Ascended Masters”.

So, Calhpo Ram Rama. will surround you and your families’ soul with the protection of these Ascended Egyptian Masters. This will keep your soul safe from this destructive energy!

We wanted to make sure that anyone who experiences Palzo Protection, would be guaranteed to have the most powerful protection in the entire universe available to them and their family members. 

What Palzo Protection Does

Once you have Palzo Protection performed on you, it creates multiple layers of protection for you and your family members – all at the same time!

It will…

– Create a shield around your mind, so any negative thoughts will be transformed and purified before they are released into the atmosphere.

Because negative thoughts add toxicity to the atmosphere and we don’t need any more of that!

–  It will automatically cleanse you and your family member’s auras and balance everyone’s chakras at least 4 times a day! This will protect you and your family and also cause everyone to feel a sense of inner peace rarely felt by most people on a daily basis!

– It will make you and your loved ones feel like smiling all day long! Smiles counteract this energy, and the more smiles there are, the more it will help counteract this negative energy!

-Palzo Protection will protect your soul from this toxic “black mold-like” energy. So you and your family will be able to leave your homes, open your windows or doors, and walk or drive anywhere, without a care or worry in the world about your soul being affected!

Plus, it will also do a whole lot more! For example:

– Cause your stocks and other investments to rise back up again!

– Heighten your psychic abilities!

– Draw to you over 100 Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels that will surround everyone’s aura!

– Make you and your family members more “money-magnetic”!

– And it will even improve your relationships with your bosses, family members, in-laws, co-workers, neighbors!

And believe it or not, even a whole lot more than this!

Palzo Protection will not only give you 100% protection against this toxic negative-thought energy floating in the atmosphere…

…it will also improve so many other areas of your life, too!

How You Can Get Palzo Protection!

As the clock keeps ticking, and each day passes, everyone is getting exposed, more and more, to this toxic negative-thought “Black Mold” energy, which has permeated the entire atmosphere!

And because of all the problems, this is creating in people’s lives, this is why I dusted off my Book Of Secrets and had an astral meeting with my mentor!

To make sure you have 100% protection for you and your family, and guarantee you will not be affected by this bad energy, click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for this!

Grabbing a spot will give you peace of mind. Allowing you to rest assured that you and your entire family will be protected, cleansed, and 100% safe.

There may not yet be a vaccine for the virus, but this is a guaranteed “protection vaccination” for your soul. Not only for your soul, but for your family’s soul, too!

Don’t miss out on this chance to get protection from the toxic energy. So, make sure to click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for this!

After experiencing the results of Palzo Protection, while others are frantically running around trying to figure out why they feel the way they do, and why all of these things are happening to their lives…

…you will be taking take a deep breath of relief knowing these things will not happen to you or your family!

Click here to grab your space now!

I’m so glad I was able to inform you about this!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here is my latest Psychic Predictions (June 2020 release)!

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    Tana, you are spot-on! I cannot wait to get a reading from you, soon. I’m also a practitioner of Energy Medicine (via Donna Eden) and I suddenly became fluent in astrology in the last couple of years … I actually found this website by googling “how to summon your guardian angels” LMAO Best wishes, talk later 🙂 !! PS- I have Saturn, Venus, Sun and Chiron in Aries LOL I think the idea of “COVID-19” can be entirely described as Chiron in Aries …

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