My New Year Psychic Predictions For 2019

Hi there,

If you’d like to have financial freedom, become debt free, and become like a walking money magnet, so that wherever you go, and I mean a lot of money, not just a little money.

And where money just seems to follow you like a lost puppy, and is drawn to you like a magnet is drawn to steel, then…

…you are going to love what I am about to share with you!

And, if you are already scheduled for the Abundo Flowyo session, then what I am getting ready to tell you about next is going to blow your mind because it will supercharge your money success results in your life, 100x more!

And if you’re not scheduled for the Abundo Flowyo, then you definitely need to read this email!

Now, if you already have all the money you need, and don’t need anymore, then you can save your time and stop reading this email now.

But if you’d like to have more financial wealth than most people ever think is possible, then keep on reading! 

What A Week I Had!

Last week, my last astral travels took me to a very amazing place. I visited the wealthiest planet in the entire universe…

The planet of Shinglebang, home to the Shinglebangerds.

This place was breath taking. So much wealth flowed on this planet, and every single person was wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

So wealthy, they made Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Oprah Winfrey, look like they were living in poverty!

I’m talking the people on this planet are REALLY REALY rich!

And they want to help you become really really rich, too…

…which I am going to explain to you right now! 

The Shinglebangerds

When I arrived on this planet, in some far away galaxy, I was amazed by what I saw.

Everything was made of gold, and there were diamonds the size of bowling balls, which people used to decorate their yards, the same way we use bird fountains and decorative rocks to decorate ours!

It was an incredible sight to see!

Shinglebangerds look a lot like us. Except their features are a little more “stretched” out, and their skin has a slight orangish color to it. Other than that, they look like us.

To make a long story short, I met the leader of the Shinglebangerds, who’s role is more like our president, and he was very happy to meet me. His name was Bakbak and he told me he has never met a real life human before.

And boy oh boy, was I glad we met…

“Wealth Beyond Anyone’s Wildest Dreams Can Be Theirs”

This is what Bakbak told me. He said “Tana, I am going to give you a “gift” to take back to your planet, which will allow any human to have wealth beyond their wildest dreams!” 

I was sure what he was talking about, and then he explained to me how to tap into a high frequency energy, called “Oman Energy”.

Turns out, Oman Energy is part of the earth’s natural energy makeup, yet he explained how humans do not even know about the existence of this energy.

Right then, he said “watch!”, as he reached his hand out, and literally pulled chunks of gold out of thin air! Then he reached out his hand again, and pulled diamonds the size of baseballs out of thin air.

Right then, he looked at me and said “There’s gold and diamonds in the air and they are everywhere all around you!. You just have to know how to work with Oman Energy! And when you know how to do this, wealth beyond your wildest dreams will be yours!” …

…I stood there with my mouth wide open!

I literally thought I was going to faint!

He Taught Me About The Magic Power Of Oman Energy 

Bakbak then taught me all about the magic power needed to literally pull gold and diamonds out thin air!

I was in disbelief by how easy it was to do!

But then, after BakBak instructed me on how to do this, he sat me down in front of him and performed a special ceremony on me, which empowered me to pass this same magical power onto others!

The ceremony was called Oman Energio Manifesto and it lasted over 4 hours, and afterwards, I felt great!

So, once I returned back from my astral travel, I immediately called you know who…my best friend Chuck!

Chuck Was Blown Away By The Results

As you know, Chuck is always the first person on which I perform all of the things I learn, so I can see first-hand, the actual results!

But this time, before I performed the Oman Energio Manifesto on Chuck, I first contacted Bakbak to ask him to join me when I performed this on Chuck because I wanted to make sure Chuck experienced the most powerful results possible.

A few days after I performed the Oman Energio Manifesto on Chuck, almost immediately, things started happening for him.

At first they were little things, then bigger things started to follow.

Money and financial opportunities just seemed to begin coming to him from everywhere, as financial opportunities began presenting themselves to him out of nowhere.

Chuck called me and said as a result of all the amazing he was seeing, his money fears about his future, have all disappeared!

As a matter of fact, shortly after having the Oman Energio Manifesto performed on him, he met a financial investor who told Chuck about a financial investment strategy that changed Chucks entire retirement plan.

As a matter of fact, by meeting this guy, it allowed Chuck to be able to retire 10 years earlier that he expected…

…and if that’s not financial freedom, then I don’t know what is!

The Oman Energio Manifesto

What the Oman Energio Manifesto does is it makes your aura energy sticky like scotch tape, so money, along with amazing money opportunities, begin to “stick” to you.

And the best part of it all is this…all of these things that began happening to Chuck seemed to come out of nowhere, and without any effort on his part!

This means, you literally don’t have to do anything, other than to have the Oman Energio Manifesto performed on you. After that, it just works!

It’s that easy!

Money, financial opportunities, and financial freedom, will seem to follow you around like a lost puppy following its owner.

The Good News And A Free Bonus!

The Oman Energio Manifesto lasts for 6 to 8 months, and after 6 to 8 months, you will need to have it performed on you again.

But, for everyone who takes this opportunity to have the Oman Energio Manifesto performed on them, I am also going to perform the Oman Energio Manifesto on them again in 6 to 8 months – for FREE!

So, not only are you going to be able to enjoy receiving all the blessings and opportunities that come with financial freedom, but you are going to be able to enjoy these things for almost 2 years!

And let’s face it, if you’re like Chuck, after two years, so many things will have already lined up for you, that you’ll be set for life before 2 years, so you probably won’t need to have it performed on you again! 

What The Oman Energio Manifesto Will Do For You

If you’re tired of struggling with money, want to quit worrying about your financial future, and would like to have financial freedom and become debt-free, then you will want to have the Oman Energio Manifesto performed on you!

Trust me, once you see the results people have gotten from this, you will kick yourself later if you miss this one-time chance!

Did you know that people who are financially free have less stress because they know they can do anything they want to do? Because never having to worry about money again brings a lot of peace of mind to the people who are in that position!

So, if you want to be in the position of never having to worry about your financial future again, then this is a no-brainer decision! Click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to grab your opportunity at this BEFORE the spaces are all booked up!

And believe me, just like the Abundo Flowyo, where over 200 people go turned away, this one will become all booked up quickly, too!

Because people who have had these types of sessions performed on them by me in the past, know they get results! So, my clients never miss out on opportunities like this one, when I offer them!

What I’ve Discovered About People Who Struggle!

I’ve discovered that there are many people out there who struggle and they struggle because they always procrastinate. They don’t act on golden opportunities like this one when they are presented to them. So, they ALWAYS miss out.

I’ve discovered that people who financially struggle aren’t action takers. Why? Because they just passively sit by and amazing opportunities like this one pass them by.

Then they act confused and wonder why they struggle.

And the other interesting thing is this – people who struggle never realize that THEY are the cause of their struggles. They don’t realize that by taking action, their struggles will almost instantly end!

And the even better news is this! This type of person doesn’t have to be you!

So, if you’ve ever looked back over your life and realized you let something pass you, wishing you had taking the opportunity when it was available to you, then this is your opportunity to grab on and take advantage of something that can literally change the outcome of your entire life – forever!

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Do You Want Financial Freedom?

This is your chance at financial freedom.

This is your chance to never worry about money again.

This is your golden opportunity in life!

Now, YOU have to make the decision to grab it by clicking here and filling out this form, or just let another golden opportunity pass you by, once again!

The choice is yours…

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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