My Psychic Predictions For This Month

With the world in turmoil, and the experiencing of events we have never experienced before, things are just going to continue getting weirder and more bizarre.

Here are my latest psychic predictions




Bad news for the Kardashians. Unexpected drama is going to plague the family with the upcoming months being full of bad luck and bizarre happenings. Some will say they brought it on themselves.

A chilling case of a pedophile ring in Hollywood is going to be exposed and will shock the world. Afterward, several well-known celebrities will come forward and talk about the abuse they received in Hollywood when they were young and starting out!

A well-known celebrity will admit themselves into rehab, leaving many fans shocked! Many people will have had no clue this person even has a substance abuse problem!




UFO in the sky

With the US government admitting they have UFOs and aliens, this “coming clean” is likely to unleash Pandora’s Box.

Instead of helping the people rebuild their land after the fires, the US Government will have other plans, and there will be talks of wanting to use that land to build a military base. Many people will begin questioning if the fires were accidental or part of a more sinister plan!

The US will send troops to Israel in full force. My guides are telling me the most important thing will be how the US moves in and the way they do it. Otherwise, a can of worms may get opened that could be hard to control down the road.

With the US Government acknowledging they are in possession of UFOs and aliens; this “coming clean” is going to open Pandora’s Box. The world is going to be shocked by how much the US Government has been hiding from the world about this!

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A new species of aliens will be revealed. Scientists will reveal they have known about this species for over 50 years, claiming they had to keep it secret from the public! This will be a species many UFO-ologists had shrugged off as fantasy.

It will be revealed that the first cloning of a dinosaur has been successful in a hidden lab outside of the United States. Fear from this news will break out all over the world, especially when the lab announces they are making a second attempt to clone a different species of dinosaur!

Researchers will announce they are working on the invention of war satellites that will look like regular satellites in space, making them undetectable. Except they will be able to shoot powerful laser lights that can cause blackouts, fires, and even destroy buildings – from way up in space!


Health And Medicine


Another new virus will sweep the world, and it’s not related to COVID. If you listen to the news, you will think it could wipe out mankind! But as people get used to hearing about it time and time again, it will then be announced it is now under control just in time!

Robotic surgery will begin to evolve to higher forms, and will begin being used more and more in spine, brain, and heart surgery, eventually replacing the need for a human doctor. Scientists will find robots are more accurate at diagnosing, making better cuts, have a steadier hand, and are not affected by stress, fatigue, or making wrong decisions. They will eventually be viewed as more superior surgeons than their human counterparts.

A major breakthrough will be made with the help of AI in treating certain brain diseases! This will save many lives and be the first real beginning of researchers and AI openly working hand-in-hand and having this kind of collaboration being taken seriously by the medical world.

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Love And Relationships


belly of a pregnant woman

Couples who become pregnant this month will have an increased chance of conceiving twins or even triplets due to the alignment of Venus and Pluto!

Kundalini yoga being used to enhance the sexual aspects of relationships, with sex parties taking place after these classes, will start to become a trend that sweeps the nation. More and more couples will begin speaking openly about their participation in these groups.

Being asexual, having sexless dating, and sexless relationships, will become more of an open thing. There will even be marriages based on emotional connection rather consummation. Religious institutions and people claiming to be “religious” will be the ones who have the most opposition to this. The rest of the world will have a live-and-let-live attitude about it!

Due to the alignment of Venus and Pluto this month, couples getting pregnant this month will have a higher chance of having twins and even triplets! Also, people having trouble getting pregnant may find this is the month it finally happens!




The Mexican Peso is going to drop to some lows it hasn’t seen in the past 5 years or longer. This period will last a few quarters and then climb back up again.

Beware of cryptocurrency scams! If you are not familiar with this market or just beginning, avoid it at all costs for next 6 months. Otherwise, you could get your finances totally wiped out!

Expect major fluctuations in the US Stock Market in the last quarter of this year. Best to play it conservative until the beginning of the new year. Otherwise, expect to experience major losses!




hail storm

Hail storms will impact several southern states, causing extensive damage to houses and vehicles.

Many parts of Europe, along with many parts of the US, are going to experience great weather over the next 6 months. Expect mild winters and warm springs.

Unfortunately, for Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, and Indiana, along with the country of Russia, can expect some of the worst weather in years.

Hail storms are going to hit several southern states, causing major damage to homes and vehicles. It will seem certain areas in some states were spared, while other areas in the same states were hailed upon like Armageddon.

Heat waves will sweep over parts of Africa, Indonesian, and parts of The Middle East. While places like Tibet, India, Taiwan, Japan, and several tropical areas like Fiji, will experience “perfect” weather.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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3 Responses

  1. Nathan Fleischman says:

    “The US will send troops to Israel in full force. My guides are telling me the most important thing will be how the US moves in and the way they do it. Otherwise, a can of worms may get opened that could be hard to control down the road.” I would rather they not send troops at all. The UN just called for a ceasefire. If the United States of America does do what you predict, things could escalate, and an end to the current war will be nearly impossible.

  2. Kaveem K says:

    Baffles me how many PAID Killers there are, with no thought of saving a life with Kidney donation… They are Not allowed to use the word Mercenary for a reason. God speed 🙂

  3. Nathan Fleischman says:

    If the US does send troops to Israel in full force, it will be because of what happened today in Europe. Hamas attempted a terrorist attack in Europe but was thwarted.

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