Psychic Predictions For October 2023

Many people feel we live in a world of confusion and see a lot of political smoke and mirrors, creating a deep sense of uncertainty and separateness.

This month, we will finally see some changes in a new direction, as you will see in my psychic predictions for this month.




virtual reality glasses

A blockbuster movie or television series will incorporate virtual reality (VR) to offer a heightened and more interactive form of entertainment.

A big film studio will announce a collaboration with a streaming service, strengthening the digital-first age for blockbuster movies. Biographical films or series about people significantly impacted during the pandemic or social justice movements will be approved. A blockbuster film or series will use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), providing a new level of interactive entertainment.




Due to pandemic-related concerns, a prominent international summit slated to be in-person will be switched to a hybrid or wholly virtual format. One country will announce a significant investment in green and renewable technologies to spur economic recovery. Cross-border cooperation will gain traction to address common concerns like climate change and cybersecurity threats.

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There will be a massive development in quantum computing, likely from a large tech corporation, indicating that commercial applications are getting closer. A national space agency or a commercial enterprise will announce a new mission to investigate the Moon or Mars. Deep-sea exploration will uncover a previously unknown species or environment.


Medicine and Medical Research:


a person having a video call for a health consultation with a medical professional

Telemedicine platforms will advance by integrating additional data from wearable technology, enhancing the depth of remote consultations.

AI or machine learning will be used to make a breakthrough in treating or understanding mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Continued COVID-19 research will lead to a more sophisticated knowledge of immunity, revealing the need for a new wave of vaccines or treatments. Telemedicine platforms will evolve, including more wearable tech data to provide more thorough remote consultations.


Love and Relationships


An app or platform will disrupt online dating by utilizing artificial intelligence to provide more personalized matches or experiences. Because of the pandemic’s global influence, there will be an increase in content (books, movies, documentaries) examining long-distance relationships. A study or survey will stress the necessity of digital detoxification in relationships, emphasizing real-world connections in a tech-heavy culture.

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A strong drive toward digital currencies, led by a substantial private firm or a group of countries, will put established financial systems under pressure. Venture capital investment will expand significantly for start-ups in the mental wellness and health tech sectors.

Concerns about inflation or economic recovery will prompt one of the powerful nations to announce drastic fiscal campaigns.




a pick up truck passing a flooded road while there's a hurricane

An intense hurricane or cyclone season is anticipated, highlighting the increasing impacts of climate change.

A mighty hurricane or cyclone season is expected, highlighting the growing effects of climate change. A significant city experiencing rising sea levels or frequent heatwaves will present an ambitious proposal to fight these environmental concerns through urban planning. To respond to extreme drought conditions in afflicted areas, novel cloud seeding or rainmaking technologies or tactics will be tested or proposed.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest psychic predictions!

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