Nature Spirits: Elementals And How To Get To Know Them Through Psychic Readings elementals

The four kinds of Elementals correspond to Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Elementals are nature spirits that will benefit you, once you get to know them through psychic readings.

Why is it important to know about nature spirits? It’s because elementals have abilities and powers that can help you get through the challenges that you face each day.

Since elementals are strongly connected to nature, they can make use of the powers inherent in nature for your benefit.


The Different Kinds of Elementals


There are four universally recognized groups of elementals.

All four correspond with the four basic elements of the world:

  • Salamanders, which are the spirits of fire
  • Gnomes, which are the spirits of the earth
  • Sylphs, are the spirits of the wind or air
  • Undines, which are the spirits of water

The Relevance of Elementals in Your Life


Elementals cannot be seen by the naked eye, unless one is gifted with the psychic ability to see them.

However, it is possible through the training acquired through a psychic reading, to become sensitive to their presence.

Becoming aware of elementals around you will bring a dynamic change to your life.

If you like gardening, for example, or if you raise plants for food, you may seek the assistance of gnomes, the spirits of the earth, to help assure a bountiful crop of food, flowers, or plants!

If you find yourself uneasy due to the presence of people who may be hotheaded or argumentative, you can call out to sylphs, the spirits of air, to cool down or defuse a potentially troublesome situation.

Some days, you may be feeling tired after working hard, but you cannot rest because there are still other tasks that need your attention. Call on the salamanders, the spirits of fire, to help you regain the fire of energy that will revive your strength, so that you can go on with your responsibilities.

Should you get lost in unfamiliar surroundings while travelling, and there happens to be a body of water nearby, no matter how small it is, you can ask for the aid of undines, the spirits of water to help you regain your bearings.

These guardians of nature give freely of their abilities and ask for nothing in return, except that you help them to safeguard the wellbeing of our planet, and yourself.

There are many other ways by which the elementals are prepared to help you. These guardians of nature give freely of their abilities and ask for nothing in return, except that you help them to safeguard the wellbeing of our planet, and yourself.

Aside from a willingness to help you in times of need, elementals also deliver messages that will lead you to making better decisions in your life.

During some of my psychic readings, an elemental will sometimes suddenly volunteer to reveal hidden information beneficial to the person I am reading for.

Once a relationship is established between you and the elementals, it becomes easier for you to call on them when you need help.

If you need answers and don’t know where to turn, or who you can trust, a psychic reading will give you answers you can trust and rely on. To schedule a psychic reading you can click here!

Have you ever experienced feeling that an elemental is around you? Maybe you’ve even seen one! I’d love to hear your story!

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  1. roger says:

    The Elementals and faye kingdom do indeed exist and many today can develop a relationship with them if they so desire. There is a mirror universe or earth where they reside and folklore recounts many legends and stories of people who have been there and visited and there is probably much more to these accounts than pure myth. They are earth beings existing on another earth plane mainly because many humans aren’t ready to accept them yet and acknowledge their presence but they have been alongside humanity for a long time.

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    Tana, you are simply amazing. Love your posts and continue to learn.

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