My New Year’s Predictions For 2021

My New Year Predictions for 2021

New Year Predictions for 2021

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone!  We are just a few days away from the beginning of the New Year.

So, I contacted my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to ask them what was going to happen in 2021 and this is what they told me:


My New Year Predictions for 2021




Another well-known celebrity will come out as transgender.

A sex scandal involving minors and some high-level people in entertainment will rock Hollywood.

An unexpected divorce will take place between a known celebrity couple will catch many people by surprise.

I see a modern and updated version of the Mickey Mouse Club coming back on the air.

A big name in Hollywood will be arrested for their involvement in selling drugs on the side.

A new young star will be on the rise, becoming the next Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise of Hollywood!




Relations between the US and China are going to improve, while relations with Russia will not.

There will be the assassination of a high-profile Middle Eastern figure.

A former US president will face major legal problems and possible jail time.

The age of consent will be lowered in an eastern country causing international outrage.

A US teen visiting overseas will be jailed for committing a crime that was illegal in that country.

A major plane crash will claim the lives of most, if not all, of its passengers.




Advanced studies will be made in the area of Extra Sensory Perception, showing that psychic abilities can be scientifically proven.

Nanochips will be discovered in certain vaccines leaving people wondering why and what they are being used for.

There will be a conversation about using robots in place of humans for crowd control, riots, and policing in certain high-risk areas.

A certain type of mushroom will be found to have medicinal properties that can heal certain diseases.

There is going to be the invention of a robotic dog to help disabled people.

A wealthy billionaire will talk about inventing a personal spaceship for those who can afford it.


Health and Medicine


Another virus will be discovered that is more serious than AIDS and COVID-19 combined but will be stopped before it gets out of control.

New strains of COVID-19 will appear and genetic research will prove to be the answer.

There will be talk about a new drug on the horizon that will prevent hair loss.

It will be discovered that there is a possible link between high blood pressure and dementia.

The COVID-19 vaccine will not be effective on certain types of people.

It will be found that salt is not bad for people after all.


Love and Relationships


Virgo, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces will find true love between April and September of 2021.

There is going to be a rise in the number of sexually transmitted diseases among young people.

The divorce of a well-known political couple is going to surprise many people.

October will be a month where many babies are born.




The stock market will do better than ever, it will have some ups and downs, but will stay strong throughout the entire year.

Japan’s economy will fluctuate, causing the value of other currencies to fluctuate, too.

Gold prices will remain stable but will take a quick dip, and then rise back up again.

The beauty industry is going to remain strong and certain brands will even see their stock prices go up even more.

2021 will be the year the beef industry begins slightly dropping, as more meat alternatives enter the market.




A major hurricane is going to hit Asia, causing the loss of many lives.

Tornados will be on the rise in certain parts of Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Russia is going to have a major weather disaster, which will be slow to recover from.

California, Arizona, and Washington are going to experience some of the best weather in years.

Parts of Indonesia are going to be hit again with some horrible weather conditions.


I hope you enjoyed reading my New Year predictions, which are the first set of predictions I have released for 2021.

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  1. Jo-Ann says:

    Dear Tana,
    Thanks for all of your amazing posts. Would the mushroom you are talking about would be the one known as Magic mushrooms? I have read they are using it in medical research.
    Happy New Years to you and all the best in 2021!!!.🥂

  2. Paris says:

    thank you so much for your wonderful predictions, looking forward to see many of them come to fruition!

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